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  1. Got my Smackdown Live tickets i cant wait to see Carmella live.

  2. Whose cooking would you rather eat?

    Alexa literally putting no effort into her promotion Nikki is my choice because she is going to pair it with expensive wine and champagne. 
  3. WWE Barbies releasing soon

    Vince was against giving her a barbie because he knew it wouldn't sell so she changed the design of Nikki's doll so she could purchase it for her children and tell them it's her. She already printed off a new background and has her hot glue gun ready to finish the job. 
  4. Brie Bella Return Update

    Ugh Carmella and James feuding with Daniel all leading up to Brie's shocking return the continuation only smackdown live can deliver. 
  5. WWE Barbies releasing soon

    How long until she shades Wwe for making her into a barbie? 
  6. Today in History

    The day we should have realized where the future of women's wrestling was going. Love me some Michelle McCool and Nattie they deserved so much better this match should have been a showcase of their talent. Instead we got a 5 minute match and her celebration was given no thought I was so disappointed because I had convinced my mother to pay for this PPV just for the women. 
  7. What would you think about a seperate show for the women?

    Looking at the cruiserweights use on raw with one title and a smaller division this would be a bad idea. Unless they add them to 1.99 live which would defeat the purpose they would have to tape after raw with a crowd that has used all its energy for the night.  The women's division would feel like a step backwards so I'm going to say no. 
  8. Brie Bella Return Update

    Brie vs Carmella is going to have the wrestling world shook I'm hoping she is back by September I want to see her live so bad. 
  9. нєу нєαятвяєαкєяѕ! (^_^)/

    Welcome a sister with taste. 
  10. The Bella Twins

    I can't wait for beautiful life to hit the speakers and see her walk through the curtain again. 
  11. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I looked so hard the fact that we still didn't get a peak 
  12. Paige Could Be Charged With Battery Over Airport Incident

    I mean it's not about Sasha  and I would hate for anyone to go through this. 
  13. Good for him he got very lucky.