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  1. Superstar Photo Booth

    The bad bitch energy jumped out. 
  2. Y’all sleeping on Nikki number 2.
  3. Even if it’s a one off brawl please make it happen.
  4. If they give us the women’s wrestlers vs the divas like this I’ll be shook.  
  5. Endgame surpasses Avatar as all time highest-grossing film

    The way they are going to win in the end with this bullshit is the irony of it all.
  6. Liv Morgan set for makeover and push.

    I like her current look they better just give her an actual character for it.
  7. "Halloween Kills" and "Halloween Ends" Officially Announced

    The last one was so boring they should have kept the storyline from H20, so keep this.
  8. The eliminations so far we love to see it.
  9. You picking a time I can't be live for.
  10. Mattel previews Chyna action figure + other SDCC reveals

    Some of these faces they really need a new toy company to produce these.
  11. "CATS" Official Trailer

    This was a choice.
  12. Melina and Kelly in the same building, if only Layla picked up their calls. Watch it be a MOB segment for the women.
  13. I wasn’t expecting that damn scene at all, this movie looks so good I’m going to have to see it in theaters.
  14. We are going to get fed this week, I can’t believe she’s really returning. 
  15. Oh my god 1:20 It looks so good the darker tone of the movie is a welcome sight to see.