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  1. This week we are throwing it back to a match from the golden age of Smackdown featuring Maryse vs Cherry. Cherry is so underrated in the wrestling world she was a true babyface, and it's also great hearing the original version of Pourquoi again. To think it took almost 9 years to finally hear V1 in full for the first time that didn't include a million different match recordings. Deuce and Domino accompanying Maryse almost ruined her aesthetic, but thankfully the paring was short lived. Maryse serving up these weak ass kicks as well as me forgetting Mick Foley used to do commentary. The diva
  2. It won’t hit the same at all, and at this point I’m tired of revivals ruining the originals.
  3. Not a Wendy William's movie. :cooksie:

  4. Finally watched I don't know how I feel about the premier. Something is missing from the US franchise these days that the UK queens delivered from their short season. Drag Race just seems off, and it's a shame for me considering I have watched since the first season.
  5. Let’s kick things off with a match headlined by Alicia Fox an official LEGEND that can’t be denied. Random observations rewatching this back the divas may not have had much tv time, but the character energy they served is unmatched especially compared to today’s women. Also rip to Shake Yo Tail, and Alicia’s skirt era she was low key serving during her divas title run. Jillian and Natalya refusing to match for their team whatsoever sent me for some reason. I legit screamed at the way Gail flew into the ring post as if she had just got tossed into a damn semi truck. Melina returning in her Mi
  6. Things are a little slow here, and the hot topic conversation of legends has me feeling nostalgic for some strolls down memory lane. So I figured a weekly topic of an underrated moment, match, or ppv from the vault would be pretty fun to talk about to spice things up. However if this flops consider this never existed like the Green Lantern movie, or the year 2020 when they ask us about it 10 years from now.
  7. I see she finally agreed to peg him.
  8. Top 4 really being my peak every competition. It was a great game though.
  9. The movie was entertaining, but also boring at the same time for me. Some of the special effects where pretty messy, and almost felt lazy in execution. Cheetah was a bad bitch, and didn’t get as much screen time as I would have hoped. However Kristen definitely helped carry the movie she was phenomenal in her role. A good 30-40 minutes could have been cut, but it was a cute movie to view from my bed.
  10. This is just so sad my condolences to his family.
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