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  1. Deonna looks great here. The jet black and voluminous hair fits her.
  2. I feel like we should implement a “who would win/a vs b” type threads or even a section. Basically comic book, video game etc matchups. Like a Black Canary vs Black Widow, Storm vs Sindel type of gig. Maybe even mix both halves of  this site with which Divas are most like which characters/would be best cast. It would make for great discussion and I know I’d learn a lot since I don’t read comics, but often look up and read up on my favs.

    1. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      I’m here for this.

  3. I’onno man. She’s giving me Mortal Kombat.
  4. Me stumbling into this thread I forgot about: So I have 24 hours to scratch up some moments? But tonight has all the potential to make the top 5, maybe even top it.
  5. Alexa’s been pissing me off for a minute now so I been had the time. I ain’t even done until she gets it together. And Ms Interviewer was bamboozled. Baby she didn’t have a response on her cards prepared for THAT answer dhsysy
  6. DeGeneres Queen. Forcing Alexa to be at practice at 7AM everyday so sis can learn how to wrestle and work a match, an entertaining match. And Alexa teaching her how to speak in return.
  7. Me thinking and then speaking this into existence. Mom’s power knows no limits.
  8. Omg this is HER? I saw this on reddit weeks ago, then my friend sent it to me randomly and we fangirled over it for a minute. Queeeeeen
  9. Her Bayley feud wasn’t epic. The matches were, but after an epic start, they had the nerve to rush it. If Bayley was gonna stay on the roster and still manage to pester her weeks after she won it, they could’ve gotten a feud longer than this. I get they probably wanted to give her her moment at the HIAC PPV, which I respect and agree with, but then they should’ve pulled the trigger earlier. Bayley held that shit for over a year to lose it in a month long feud.
  10. Baby she is FIT. That body? She looks like a painting. Vanessa Lewis from Virtua Fighter teas
  11. Which will never not be funny to me. Naomi’s hair, both weave and especially natural are always laid. Sasha has had her shaky moments, but Naomom always has her shit together. They better keep that energy for Michelle.
  12. Ugh gross. She was finally coming into her own and was gonna have her time after being drafted. This company is so gross, they want people to sit on the sidelines playing with their fingers even while they give these talents Jack shit to do?
  13. Omg I was so worried when I checked the site and saw random code. :( Checking this shit multiple times every day was depressing, but I’m glad the dolls are constantly upgrading and progressing! 

  14. I want to tug a bit but I know I’m not in any position to talk and @Mariah. is waiting in the cut to remind me of that.
  15. Omg no she didn’t! ....Did she really??
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