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  1. Plans for Paige's return?

    She needs to go to RAW. She's the only woman besides a Bella, Alexa, or maybe Nattie that could thrive and actually be used/get spotlight on the HW/Asuka show. We don't really need her on SD. Of all people that need to come to SD from RAW, they choose the woman with enough pull and popularity that can be successful anywhere? The fuck?   Edit: the thought of them forcing PCB storylines down our throat. Keep it.
  2. Alexa is a given. Ugh so is Nia. Alicia is seat filler, she'll be in, she should be the captain. Mickie, exact same as Alicia. She should also be captain. Emma is slightly more relevant than the others minus Nia and Alexa right now. Guess Dana is sitting this one out.   Edit: Actually, Asuka is definitely gonna be captain and that means Alicia will be sitting out as well. I'm so TIRED!
  3. If RAW takes 2 of their HW away for a separate match, do they even have 5 women left to use? Would Paige be back by then? 
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  5. Dana Brooke Wins Bodybuilding Award

    Queen of F.U.N 
  6. Shayna Baszler Signs With WWE

    Not you bitches unfolding these long ass lists of women to be signed like y'all weren't complaining about them signing these women in abundance as is.  And y'all don't understand how rage inducing it is for me to read that title, then open it to that fucking picture.
  7. Charlotte and Sasha not friends anymore?

    I wonder how, you would think with so much experience in that field, she'd be used to it.
  8. Dana Brooke Wins Bodybuilding Award

    Queeeeeeeeeeenn! Ugh I love seeing good news about her. Whatever happened to that Terminator competition she took time off for or whatever?
  9. Happy Birthday, Logan!

    Happy Birthday 
  10. Should WWE give up the "Diva" search?

    The next Sable is never going to happen. Why? Because the things that made the crowd crazy over her and the things that she was allowed to do could never be thought of nowadays. The crowd is not even nearly as active and into the product as they were. The true illusion and the magic is gone. Eva was her own beast. She's stunning as well, so she's immediately going to have the crowd's attention. She also had a "distinct" look going for her, so she was immediately memorable. And the heat bitch, the heat. I don't think Eva's magic can be replicated again either.
  11. All of the tbh (excluding Charlotte, Sasha, and Bayley).  Alexa and Carmella could've really really established themselves and made a name for themselves from before. But that's not a benefit imo, the benefit is that they DIDN'T establish themselves completely in NXT (although Carmella possibly wouldn't have flopped as a face, at least immediately). They didn't have any overrated statuses to come up from the MR and have immediate success and being shoved down our throats. They still got to grow before us and the crowd didn't immediately sour on them because we got to see them chase and establish themselves on the MR before they saw actual success. SDL took took the time to see what does and doesn't work from their NXT counterparts and mold their characters accordingly for the best possible outcomes for them and us. Something they refused to do for Bayley and Sasha. Charlotte got off lucky. Nia could've gotten better and safer in the ring before having Wrestlemania title matches. Dana....ugh Dana 💔 Becky is a special case, because she could've clearly been champ and had huge things put on her resume, and would've been seen as big as the other 3 HW. But that's not really a benefit because her draw is that she wasn't as decorated and catered to as the other 3. One of those amazing cases where the reality of the situation is beautifully parallel to her character and what she portrays. She's a fighter, and she really had to fight. Would her Backlash win have been as special and memorable had she already had an NXT title to her name?
  12. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    Honestly though, Charlotte got a much needed new entrance, it looks like Becky and Bayley did too, when theirs were honestly fine. But if Sasha didn't when hers was the worst? 
  13. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    -Nikki's entrance is DEFINITELY new  she better tear that toP! @Vinaro no, last year she had a literal shirt for whatever reason. -Becky's hair is perfection. Her attire is a hell no. -Nay's entrance looks better than I could've hoped for so I won't complain yet. Her shoes don't light up during gameplay, but her Flashing Lights is in. -Them using Sasha's Clash of Champions attire, my lest favorite of her new ones, I always hate when she brings it back. It also looks like her Fastlane 2016 hair. They should've used her Fastlane 2017 attire . I would've used her Survivor Series attire and hair too, she looked her best there. But Lord God if her shitty entrance is the same! -I KNEW Peyton was gonna look Flawless  -Charlotte, they picked my favorite attire/color, I'm gagging. I need to see more of her though. -As elaborate as Natalya's hairstyles be, and they pick the laziest one, AGAIN, and give her the ugliest of her recent attires.
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  15. It was from that shoot they knew they weren't having Renee return.