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  1. Since I like Charlotte the most in this feud, I'd say her. And also because I just can't see Becky leaving Smackdown, that's just her home like Trish to RAW (despite the fact that she's been a RAW superstar since January). The heat Charlotte would have coming off of that win would be perfect for putting over a face. Ember (forgot she was employed) vs Charlotte should snap, Ruby, a callup, or in a perfect world, Foxy. On the other hand, Becky winning may be perfect to put a heel over like Riott Squad (Ruby), Foxy, or turned Sasha after losing the belts to IIconics at WM. Either way, there are only 1 1/2 options come Sunday.
  2. Come THROUGH IIconics and Tamother!
  3. Torrie keeping HOF speech under 10 minutes

    She's always had great stories to tell and is a treat to listen to so I don't mind her going longer. But as long as Mom gets her plugs in for Victoria and Stacy I'm goodT. Her being inducted is enough of a birthday gift for me. (Now just let Naomi/Mella/Sonya/Mandy win Sunday, and my birthday is complete. 
  4. Nikki Bella Announces Retirement

    @Mariah. From me picking at you and your fav to win x, y, and z contests, to trying extra hard to counter your brujeria to get one of our alumni favs in. Ugh we're gonna bring RATINGS!  Unless they just get canceled out completely for not being active at all, in that case, it's been fun sista   
  5. Dana Brooke on Chasing Glory

    Ugh I love her. She just got a really unfortunate start to her call up, which was completely out of her hands, and it just hasn't changed for her since.
  6. Becky Lynch Revealed As WWE's Number 1 Merchandise Seller

    Mariah: Poor Charlotte
  7. Women's Match Graphics

    The iconic video package beforehand? Can you say BUILD? The "main event of WM" can't even relate!
  8. The price I pay for being on time.  Enjoy your vacation!
  9. I didn't read any of that. I'm just here to say that Vince's stupid ass would and will still take this trash back, and he knows it. But Godtoria and Melina can't even get a mention as respect for everything they've done?  TRASH. Period.
  10. Allie is heading to AEW

    Speak iT. Allie was OVER and talented. They're refreshing by adding whom?! They're dumb and that's just that.
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    And while I'm on the subject of characters. Who did we have as a character back then? Trish was an epic bully/troll, while being a top notch bitch. Torrie was just #1 babyface and sex personified. Lita/Stacy? Ms. Hancock sure. Jazz was just the bad bitch that would snap your neck by squeezing it. Layla, Kelly, Michelle, Christy? No. Molly and Victoria had characters I'd say. Candice as a heel yeah. Beth, sure. Mickie before she went to true babyface yeah. Maria as the ditzy girl for sure. Cherry I would say. AJ? No if someone quotes me saying "crazy", eat my ass. Kaitl- Eve before her heel turn? I wouldn't say so, but she was trying to serve wholesome Wonder Woman, but sis was flat! The point is, it's not like the women had distinct characters like that in the past anyway, so this isn't anything new or anything the new women should get extra heat for.
  12. Marina Shafir Rumored to be Joining The Undisputed Era

    9th Wonder? The only wonder she is, is why is she still here.
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Tea. Becky isn't your stereotypical face thank goodness.   Charlotte is probably the closest we have to a character, although she's clearly good and comfortable where she's at. But if she turnt up the Queen and snobby act, I would live. Carmella could easily turn up the Prissy "Mob" Princess act, and I said it a long time ago, she could serve bad bitch so hard, but she seems to care to go the comedy route more than that, which is still a hit because she's just that talented.  Lacey I appreciate 100% because she's dedicated to her character no matter what. We need more of that. Nikki Cross, even though I'm not here for, is another example of an actual "character", though it's rather lost in translation, because she has no direction. IIconics are halfway there, they just need the spotlight and consistent direction to get it across. Billie is fucking genius. Bottom line is, we need Eva back.   Did I miss anyone?
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    But can we take a moment to just appreciate how far Maryse has come? From "welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown" in her iconic tub, to becoming an actual legend.  I stan a legend!