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  1. Triple H Confirms Women's Tournament Still Happening

    Just wait until Alicia snatches. Everyone's wig is gonna 180 and people will see it. 
  2. NXT January 18, 2017: Results

    Not the Paige Turner mixed with the Heartbreaker. Cross is embarrassing to watch. Her whole "insane" gimmick seems so fucking forced, she's trying too hard, she looks dumb and it makes me cringe. And the stable is called Insanity? Lmfao cliche much? Let's rename Emmalina "Bombshell". Ember's hair confuses the fuck out of me, and even though Liv is annoying af, she sounded cute.   Peyton's render is flawless. 
  3. Marti Bell is gone from TNA

    Didn't someone predict this? Anyhow, last time I saw her she was clicking Jade with a golf club or some shit. She seemed to be getting way better. Poor that. Never cared about her though. I felt something when Rebel left though. If only she could wrestle.
  4. Triple H Confirms Women's Tournament Still Happening

    As if I DON'T want to see Bugley get Superman PunchedT or Pedigreed. He needs to gather himself.
  5. Who is Cesaro's best partner?

    Me. His one and only.   (Tyson though no doubt. I feel like this Sheamus thing has gone way too far than it should've, and I'm afraid that I might start taking it seriously.) 
  6. Update on Mickie James' Smackdown Return

    Oh sh*t, I remember that! I'm leakinggggg 
  7. Haven't met or seen you before, but hi! Welcome! And I'm glad you enjoyed 
  8. Post Your Pictures

      To think I was about to punch you. I'm shook. Bad bitches gotta stick together 
  9. Raw January 16, 2017: Results

    Wouldn't be surprised a bit. I called it out. It gets boring at the top, even more so when you ain't competing with anybody. Charlotte's been at the top for over a year now and has squashed everyone in her path, and was handed accolades that people wait their careers for. WWE done goofed....again.   ....or it could just be the fact that she has to entertain and give relevance to Bayley's rash-inducing ass. I'd be the complete opposite of interested and enthusiastic my damn self. We'll see how Queen is acting after WM.
  10. NXT Year End Awards

    "Female of the Year" is doomed. "Competitor of the Year" is doomed. Slay at Ember, Billie/Peyton (step it the fuck up), and Mickie's match. 
  11. Spot the delusion sis. Fall all the way back, you don't want this work, feo 
  12. Update on Mickie James' Smackdown Return

    fjsieof bitch You're so goodT to me
  13. Update on Mickie James' Smackdown Return

    Smackdown keeping their January 2017 debut word? How many more months until Glamorous bops on my Televi-, Phone? 
  14. Female WWE Hall of Fame Inductee REVEALED?

    2K18 push? Her entrances and attires were always on POINT! Okay sis..
  15. Update on Mickie James' Smackdown Return

    But imagine the GAG if Mickie never got her NXT match, but still got her contract and nobody knew, and she still unmasked herself? We would've been seething at thinking Donna was getting signed. Just for Momckie to stop all of our hearts!