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  1. I want to say next month is too early for her to return tbh. I would’ve loved it if time went by and Sasha returned when we least expected it like AJ when she saved Paige or Melina against Foxy. Then clock her. The only issue with that is Bayley’s reign is already long as fuck.
  2. Also these girls won’t let Trish breathe. Challenge Victoria, Layla, or EVESUS. Shake it up a bit 
  3. Honestly, it’s hard to say for me. The “effort” in her booking didn’t come until Becky was involved (because when Charlotte whooped her ass at Survivor Series, they did nothing with it). Her vs Nikki had effort media wise, but that’s mostly because they wanted to promote Evolution more. Shonda was an era where the entire division was in a chokehold for her and her only, and they weren’t even subtle about it, and they let us know from her debut when she took Asuka’s moment. There’s no way they will ever not talk about that year in the division. Especially because the progress the division made in that time, they (Vince, HHH, Steph, dumb fans) love attributing that to HER and her only.   And the effort, once it came, was terribly utilized. That storyline was a hot ass mess. Becky punching everyone. Them both getting suspended but showing up a week later and still talking shit in the ring. That infamous scene with the cop cars  . I’d say effort still goes into the women, just the same women every time. Bayley, Charlotte, sometimes Alexa and Asuka are all unbothered.
  4. Omg I posted this in the wrong thread. It was supposed to be in the 2K thread  
  5. I’m honestly happy for her. She deserves the success, because she’s wanted this for so long and has worked so hard. She’s aggy but not flat out problematic to my knowledge, just her outfits are. Good for her. I’d love for her to become a key player in the women’s division and have managing be a priority, but just second priority, like Melina did. There are fans out there that actually think she can’t wrestle due to the roles they’ve given her. She has yet to show what she can really do.
  6. SPOILER: Former Diva Re-Signs With WWE

    Mawma is getting the title faster than Roman got his current one
  7. SPOILER: Former Diva Re-Signs With WWE

    I’m so excited for this heffa I can’t stand! What’s wrong with me?   Sashas wig really just lost a few Bobby pins
  8.  The entrances for all of the women that are in (not counting the DLC women) I still think Nattie, Beth, and Cross have the best models. But they SNAPPED with Mandy and Foxy. Especially Foxy getting her RR entrance.
  9. It sucks that she’s going through this, as nobody that isn’t flat out toxic and disgusting should ever have to. But it’s hard to take her seriously when a lot of the shit she does conveys the message that she loves attention. That she does a lot of questionable shit just for attention.
  10. I already decided they weren’t getting my money day 1, but this is cute news I guess. I have yet to see a game I’m excited for, but that open world Harry Potter game looks cute. Good luck to everyone here that’s pre-ordering theirs!  
  11. Imagine being so great at your job that they can’t believe it.
  12. Superstar Photo Booth

    It was always there. The girls chose to sleep
  13. Chris Evans leaks his nudes

    Typical f**s
  14. Chris Evans leaks his nudes

    The way these people are reacting, I better see a beast and not some 7 inch bs.