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  1. I wonder who the next 5 girl to enter will be. Emma Beth Rosa Lacey Asuka to ruffle some feathers. 
  2. ........Tamother goes without saying.
  3. Miss Kai better be treated with respect! And that's my only warning to you bitches!
  4. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    I just watched the 4 way and the highlights were Carmella and Naomi. Nattie definitely held her own.  As much as I love Alexa, she did JACK SHIT. I found myself rolling my eyes every time she interrupted Nattie and Naomi because they were putting on a good match. Sis wasn't in action the whole match, then runs in to do a rest hold?  If not a rest hold then her 3rd and 4th corner stomps of the match? Bitchhh. This match did her no favors, if anything it made it clear as day that she needs to step her shit up compared to the other women. Alicia should've been in the match instead. I hope they recognized that Naomi worked that entire match nonstop until her elimination and she gets some kind of credit for that. She kept that match watchable, and Nattie took it home as we know she can. Side Note: Was I the only one touched by how crazy those kids went for Mella during her entrance? My heartstrings were definitely tugged, I love her so much.   Again, Alicia should've been in that match from the start, Alexa just came off of 2 straight title chases.
  5. Liv Morgan set for makeover and push.

    Side note, Liv would look GREAT with red hair! She has the face that can pull anything off, but red would kill, if I had to choose. I want her to keep the pink for now though.
  6. Liv Morgan set for makeover and push.

    I didn't see those. All I have to go off of were the multiple matches they had on RAW when Ruby was injured, and they weren't the most exciting. However, I have no doubt that if anybody on the roster can give any girl their best matches, it's Ember along with Sasha and Charlotte. But I didn't see any of those matches, the only time I've seen of her on NXT was the era where she was getting bullied by the "Iconic Duo" and when she'd get thrown into those 6 women tags with Mandy, Alexa, "Daria", Aliyah etc. 
  7. Liv Morgan set for makeover and push.

    I agree that she definitely doesn't need a makeover, she has a very marketable look, the same way Alexa did with her pigtails and tips in 2016. If anything she could use an updated attire, but I don't know what to imagine for her, because her current one does fit her so well. She never got a chance to rise with what she's currently using. Which is a shame, because I'm dying to see her with the Smackdown title around her waist and over her shoulder with her current look. She has the look, the decent enough mic skills, and definitely the talent to rise very quickly.  Which brings me to my third point, what if Ember does win at Summerslam? How would a Liv vs Ember feud work? I'm here for it simply because it's FRESH. However their 15,000 matches when Ruby was injured weren't great. Maybe they'll get it right the second time around, because Nikki and Natalya weren't putting on clinics back then in the Divas title era, but they snapped in 2017! 
  8. Also not Godrie being namedropped in a BAD light to defend some next heffa, this is exactly why the clown came back to bite. Don't come for legends, set your goals a little more realistically!
  9. Peyton and Billie are flawless!
  10.   Somebody get himmmmmmmm put him back where they found his sad ass!
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I didn't know the image didn't send, I done forgot where it was too  
  12. It's what you deserve sis! This is your MOMENT