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  1. Oh I thought that was the list of people who haven't sent in nn
  2. All those tags, well damn, was I the only one who sent in a list?
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Did she? Sis just came back angrier, but fell right back to where she was before she left. Queen just can't catch a break.
  4. Trash? Who's surprised? Not I! , said the cat.
  5. I just finished watching Moment 4 Life and was in my "King Nicki" bag. No disrespect sista  
  6. Kings of staying out of the fight to sneak and win it all. AJ's impact for the Bellas' win? We love Legends. 
  7. Shsysh the girls are PUNCHing 
  8. Oh, they're covered. That part wasn't an issue.
  9. Literally just pmed mine to you..
  10. Disney-Pixar's "Soul" Official Teaser Trailer

    I'm interested, and I don't say that often!
  11. Knockout legend gave birth

    Roxxxi who? The uber dark edgy goth bad bitch?    congrats  
  12. Is this the part where we make our 1-36 list? Because at this point, I'm running out of Tequila.