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  1. Wait? I won?? Thank y'all! Even though I don't even use or am aware of half of this site's features and benefits yet.    Let me coincidentally perch in this specific outfit to win @Mariah. over for my next match. 
  2. Wait, what is this? Lol
  3. Clocked every one of them hags. Them acting like he wasn't finished by the top woman in the company. Actually fuck a top woman in the company, one of the top superstars in the company. She's definitely considered as being above just another female superstar. I'm weak because they're all seething at Breezaddy reflecting the salt they thought he would have right back on them, with reinforced RECEIPTS.   Would this have been such a big deal if it were James Ellsworth that did it to him? Matter of a fact, was it as big of a deal when Chinmander was getting upsets over AJ and Dean? People are so ugly.
  4. It's Nia's fault.   Becky's impact tbh. See @Layout?
  5. You mean like Naomi's February 2016/Fastlane Team B.A.D breakup feud era do? I adored it on Nay, my #1 look of all time from her. It's not bad at all but I can't picture Sasha with it lol 
  6. I would like to know how the women feel about this. I mean, I'm sure they're happy to even be at WM, as would I, but it has to bother them a little.
  7. This is so ugly and I'm over it. Can they at least be subtle about how differently they view the divisions?   But on the bright side, this is even more of a chance for the girls to prove themselves. I mean, it won't change their minds, but still. These girls better show out. Please... but as long as Naomi makes it.
  8. Omf. Black was the furthest thing from my mind. I don't know why, but I automatically wrote Sasha as somebody who never cared to do natural colors, she likes experimenting with her hair, which isn't bad. I don't know why she ever changed the bundles she had. Color yeah, but buy the same ones. She was laid.   But let Sis swerve my whole function and gag me. Pulling a Nicki and serving B.A.D bitch with jet black without even trying..! (A Navy Blue would look good too)
  9. I miss Sasha's good's coming back soon..   Unless she goes another new color 
  10. All I needed to see. 
  11. Sara, behind the scenes Queen.  A true coach. Nattie wishes.   Charlotte is the first woman to do a moonsault? She just won't let Lita's wig go, and now Eve has something to talk about. I'd say this all was a success. 
  12. Felt a bit dramatic, just slightly. But very well spoken. It's a shame she and her loved ones are getting the shit, but the literal other participant(s) are probably getting commended for it. People are so fucking disgusting.   Keep your chin up sis! Those fat sweaty pieces of shit are about to seethe anyway, sis is getting married. She gets the last laugh (even if it is with Albert ).
  13. When Eve and Maryse reminisce over their iconic feud and the moments it brought like the legendary photo shoot.  
  14. I wasn't prepared for this! When they start sharing stories about the division like they were the only two present at the time.