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  1. Ugh why to I have to go to workkkkkkk 
  2. Whose cooking would you rather eat?

    Nikki as long as it's not breakfast.     Final answer though 🤤
  3. Brie Bella Return Update

    *looks over my shoulder for Natalie* Paige who?! ¿Quièn?  
  4. Brie Bella Return Update

    That's honestly the same feud as Bellas v. Paige/AJ with how Becky SHOULD be hesitating to trust Charlotte with how she has betrayed her and how it's clear the bitch is only out for herself and used to getting everything her way.  Fab 4 lives ON 
  5. omg so I just clocked that you like k pop! YASSS

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Angelic


      If you have any recommendations at all, I'm 100% open to them. This is for every HeartBreaker into K-Pop. I only know of Shoob though.

    3. bxllabusterforlife


      My sister loves Girls Generation and (although she thinks they don't have much talent) Twice for their catchy songs... I can't remember the rest. I'll ask her tommorow though. 

    4. Angelic


      Keep me posted sis! Welcome to HB again  :hug:

  6. Brie Bella Return Update

    I'm gagging let me blast Beautiful Life daily  I'm cutting rips in ALL of my pants bitch! That's how I'M livin! 
  7. What would you think about a seperate show for the women?

    Believe it or not, I feel it'd be easier for them to shit on the women if they grouped all of them together. I'm highly skeptical of something like that. What's weird is one of the most exciting things to happen with the women, especially nowadays, is interacting with the men. Like when Sasha and Charlotte were having segments with Rusev and Roman, and when they opened the show with Jericho and Enzo I think it was, it felt like an EVENT. It was so refreshing and fun to watch. Or like Dana when she was with that bald Tag Team, it just felt right. We need more of that.
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Ryback is fucking nauseating. I'm mad I watched both of those videos. Because now I'm irritated. He legitimately makes me sick. And the person interviewing him is a piece of shit too, he ain't off the hook. The women do what his dangerous ass couldn't do without hurting someone, botching, or looking stupid, and they're still more over and entertaining than his bald headed bitter unemployed bitch ass. I'm SO pressed that Cameron sacrificed herself to back his lame ass up.
  9. NXT July 19, 2017: Results

    She should take the title from them too.
  10. нєу нєαятвяєαкєяѕ! (^_^)/

    And the Army expands  Nay too? You're a good sis welcome and enjoy your stay    Your thoughts on Carmella?
  11. WWE also credited the Gauntlet as the first ever, thinks Bayley is the female John Cena, calls Mickie a 6 time women's champion, and Beth a 4 time, and credits Naomi as "danced for Flo Rida". Now they worth sumthin? 
  12. She won it twice heifer! About face! 
  13. Superstar Photo Booth

    Mandy is such a natural beauty and Daria seems so cool and chill. Like someone I could hang with on the reg 
  14. Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is that it's toxic. Whatever the truth is (that he's fucking trash), them together is not okay. It's not a good thing. They need to be away from each other. Because god forbid it goes really wrong to where there's no coming back, then fucking what? "Oops"? "We should've known"? "We should've" "We should've" "We should've" None of that shit is gonna bring her back. Something needs to be done, it's not right.
  15. Carmella without a doubt is the most shocking. I always knew she had it because she is dedicated to her character 100% and has so much fun with it so it comes across so fluid and genuine. Then watching her interview with Lillian, it all came full circle. She works extra hard because she refuses to have anything handed to her and take any shortcuts. I'm extremely proud of my fav. She has shown she can hang with the best of them, outshine everyone with a microphone in her hand (even if she's just standing there tbh, Queen exhales charisma) and she's just that bitch. She has yet to disappoint so I don't see them souring on her anytime soon, she's sweet, intelligent, and super hard working. The best part is, her come up was organic. When coming to the MR, we actually got a chance to see her grow, we actually got the chance to doubt her and gave her the chance to prove us wrong. She earned the opportunities she got and blew them out of the park, does it get better?   Alexa, like @Shoaib. said, we all knew she was gonna do great. She got a much bigger push than Carmella and was pretty much on top or in the spotlight with being a valet for a successful tag team. We knew she was that bitch, so it's not really shocking that she's fucking shit up.   Nia, I'm not even sure if she's to blame. WWE just doesn't get her. They don't get that she's just not cut out for the character they're giving her. I don't want to completely discredit her talent, because she can probably slay another role. It's just unfortunate that she was immediately typecast into one role because of how she looked. It also doesn't help that they pushed her to the moon when she clearly wasn't ready and portrayed to be something she can't deliver. She was wrongly dealt the right hand. And continues to.