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  1. Woman Alleges Enzo Amore Raped Her

    And wasn't something already mentioned about TJPieceofShit in another thread with him liking underage girls and dating a pornstar or something? What the actual fuck is going on? I'm glad they took some immediate action, but Enzo just seems like the type too protected by his ego that it's not likely that he'd feel bad or see himself in the wrong. 
  2. Woman Alleges Enzo Amore Raped Her

    Because he's one of them.
  3. Raw 25: Live Chat

    You make it so hard to stan Momria, leave Princess Bella ouT 
  4. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Gahhhh I don't know if I want them to all enter to their own themes or come out collectively to Feelin me 
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Why is Queen giving me Billie Kay?  
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Just her putting "#Flawless" giving me chills ..somebody collect Layla!  
  7. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Gfdsjk no beatings here when Assker is already worn down from retaining against Nia/Alexa etc. All it takes is a roll up! #TheDivaWay  
  8. Sunny Says Candice LeRae Too Ugly for Main Roster

    Why is this bitch still getting articles on HB. We're mainstream now henz, this only makes us look bad. We're above her bs.
  9. Raw 25 Diva Guest Confirmed to Wrestle

    Fair point but I don't think the Bellas, Trish, or Lita would be wrestling anyway. At least this isn't how I would want it to happen. I want a story or buildup of some sort. Same with Duo
  10. Raw 25 Diva Guest Confirmed to Wrestle

    I'm not even pressed that my fav isn't in yet. Other legends aren't in either and some that should've been in first may never get in (Chyna). While they sucked Moolah dry. It doesn't mean much anymore, at least not as much as it used to to me. I'd love to see her finally get the recognition she deserves from them, but I'm not pressed for a HOF induction.  
  11. Stephanie saving our girls?

    If they give her the fucking ME of Wrestlemania against Charlotte....Sasha would SEETHE. (As would I)   I DARE them. Act up if you bad WWE 
  12. Favorite Raw Moments?

    Jillian always thinking of the fans no matter the circumstance. A queen for the people  
  13. Raw 25 Diva Guest Confirmed to Wrestle

    Maybe she meant Fearless night?   Either way, this is worst possible scenario for the Brie return I've been looking so forward to for years. Not only is it not a surprise, she's next to Nikki and it's not even for anything benefitting her (like a storyline), and worst of all, I don't think I'm getting Beautiful Life 
  14. Raw 25 Diva Guest Confirmed to Wrestle

    Who needs knee pads for a proper DIVA brawl?   Fall baCK 
  15. Favorite Raw Moments?

    Fdhsgsg I know that match! It was vs Ashley on Smackdown. It was also one of Ashley's better matches imo let me find it real quick  Edit: definitely one of my favorite Ashley matches that reverse DDT