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  1. NXT Woman Gets New Ring Name

    "Ruby Riot"....sounds very "old school". If that makes sense. Like she's the main attraction wrestling at a carnival. It's really cute. I like it.
  2. Despite being a Naomi fan, I don't want Alexis to get any type of heat for this, she's just doing her job, and she handled it damn well in character.    As for the flick, slay. She's really the future. Get into it hens 
  3. SmackDown February 21, 2017: Results

    I don't want to believe that shit is real. I truly don't. My heart drops everytime I think about it. 
  4. Ofhddhsf she's not even allowed in the building? 
  5. Ivory's breasts were not giving that. They tried it. A whole lot of effort on her breasts and none on her face. Jackie looks good. I wish she gyrated though. 
  6. That Thea costume is trash, but I love it because the top is a slutty version of Eve's. It couldn't have been that hard to find her some denim batty riders and a black t-shirt to roll up. I get there could be legal issues with her wearing AJ's merch, but AJ didn't copyright her Hollister shorts.   She sounds just like AJ though it's scary. She's so damn talented, why isn't she on the MR? She so does have the star quality.
  7. Guess I should've refreshed the page before posting that...sorry 
  8. Some notes I took. God I love this woman even more now.    -Feels like she's finally starting to get her groove. -Feels she still has a lot of work to do. -Her own worst critic, "knows she's good but doesn't think she's great". -Doubted herself due to the competitive environment and social media. -Has way more confidence now than she did a few years ago. -Took WWE 2 years to finally hear her out on her Glow idea. -She's finally found herself, after going through so many different ideas and characters, she's finally found "it". -Doesn't regret going through her struggles in the business, feels they all contributed to the person and entertainer she is now. -Lillian called her out on "when something great happens, she waits for the other shoe to drop". -Naomi responded that it comes from being let down at times throughout her life, and that it's a defense mechanism, "you can't be brought down if you're already expecting it or down." -NXT Season 3 was "terrifying" for her. It was her first time on the road, on TV, etc. -Kelly Kelly was "awesome". Really helped her out and looked out for her on the show.  -Mentioned Natalya and Lana as "her girls" and always being there as great girl friends and helping her on the road and being the same since day 1. -Also listed Tamina. "That's her sister", they're extremely close. -The fun side Team BAD videos were a result of "the struggle". Just an outlet for finding something to give the fans due to them not always being on TV. -They were sad when they found out they were being broken up. -Seeing Sasha move on and be on the Road to Wrestlemania, as well as seeing others move ahead of her made her question herself on what she needs to change and do different. -When she realized she wasn't the problem (yas bitch), she was okay. -She wasn't leaving until she knew she had given WWE everything she had. -Never got a straight answer as to why she wasn't consistently starring on Total Divas. -No one in particular she can site as their mentor, but she's absolutely open to helping anyone. -Says the Smackdown Live locker room is "incredible". -Everyone tries to keep the "beef" to a minimum. -No negativity since the draft. -Carmella and Alexa are loved by the other girls, so talented and respectful, very hard working. -Worked with Jojo on musical ventures in the past, but not working on anything musical at the moment, working on having a great title run. But wants to return to it someday.
  9. I'll sit through it, since it's my fav,.......and poor Lillian got caught in my wrath when she had to suffer through Bayley.
  10. Happy Birthday, Dawit!

    In my heart anyway 
  11. Happy Birthday, Dawit!

    Happy Birthday fellow Torriesus stan sista ✊🏾✊🏾
  12. Poll about past Women

    Icon Wilson in top 5. Poor everyone else. 
  13. Asuka to reach milestones

    Despite fucking them up and dropping them with flawless strikes the ENTIRE match. 
  14. Asuka to reach milestones

    Was it really? Why? They're exotic ass talents.