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  1. Update on Kairi Sane

    Oh my god...I’m not ready for this   But her happiness comes first
  2. She had something good with Becky until their boring ass match at EC. Then that boring 2/3 falls the following Smackdown. The story and the mic work were there easily.
  3. Not Moderated: Backlot

    I don’t know if it’s been covered here, but how do you guys feel about the controversy with Joss Whedon and his script?
  4. She absolutely deserves this and more. She deserves at least one more long, serious reign and headlining feuds/matches. And if she is gonna be a Tag Champ (ugh) I wish Alicia were around, their chemistry was great. Besides Alicia: I think she can make Dana look good (Dana has the charisma to carry herself), Naomi, or evening Ruby would work.
  5. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    Sasha and Io did great for what they were given. I know on a bigger stage, and with more time and freedom, they’re gonna bring it even harder. Which is why I didn’t mind the finish that protected them both, they know this match is money. Aliyah has always been an exceptional wrestler and I always liked watching her in the ring. I just don’t care for anything about her as a “character” because there’s nothing to care for. Since stanning, Dakota has yet to let me down. I still wish she got her baby face glo up because the crowd was completely behind her, however she’s been making gold out of the little she’s given. The Fatal 4 Way was hard to watch because I only cared about 1 of the women in it, and when Mia did that Candice Michelle move where she laid on the ropes and said “what’s up?” I had to fast forward. I honestly didn’t want Dakota to win because I want Io to have a long reign worthy of her talent and genius, so if Dakota got a chance this early, I wouldn’t have wanted her to lose. Tegan was the next best option because she needs some kind of development BADLY. The match was boring asf though.
  6. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    Oh I assumed it was for the title for some reason. But just a random NXT match? This is WM main event worthy. Way more than when they wasted Asuka’s time with Charlotte. I’m hype!
  7. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    Say what?! When did this come along? Doesn’t she have a match with Asuka?
  8. Surely it won’t be an Arkham game right? They said it was only a  trilogy iirc. But Mariah said what I’ve been begging for for centuries, I wanna play as Huntress and Catwoman as I please, even Barbara to shake shit up. Zatanna counts as bat family right? I wanna see my fav as a playable character!
  9. That would be the DAY!  
  10. Oop fuck me up with Queen Lauren  
  11. This is foolish and it won’t even happen. But imagine she even attempted anything with the sisterhood of the WWE girls? Exclusive backstage footage:
  12. WWE just can’t take anything seriously. Maury? They wanna recreate the magic of the Bellas Jerry episode so bad. They could’ve done the recovery angle well with Mike. It’s kinda like Andrade’s glo up in NXT just less hardcore.
  13. Best Music Moment from a Movie or TV Show

    Cheetah Girls-Step Up (S/O to Cinderella, Together We Can, and Cheetah Sisters)
  14. Post Your Pictures

    After a quick google search, he fine asf  
  15. Is this where we go to discuss AS5