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  1. WrestleMania 36: Live Chat

    Ffshtf you’re so annoying 
  2. WrestleMania 36: Live Chat

    Because it’d be the same conversation being had since 2018.
  3. WrestleMania 36: Live Chat

    Wow Alexa is impossible to watch. She doesn’t do shit. She doesn’t even have any character right now since her alignment change took away whatever edge she had. MoB is the best thing she has going right now. Because her matches are unbearable, but yet I still stan. I kept fast forwarding Becky’s match. Went to make cereal and I saw an advertisement was on. Yikes. Incorrect. Mandy, Sasha, Lacey, and definitely Bayley have received character development and effort. Alexa just has and gives zero of each. Even Nikki is serving character with her quirky weirdo-ness.
  4. HB Drag Race - Untucked

    I was expecting y’all to pull out crazy numbers so I kept pushing myself 
  5. HB Drag Race - Untucked

    She said it became the main challenge because two people didn’t do it at all.  
  6. HB Drag Race - Untucked

    Thank you sis, I definitely was getting blurry, but I thought I was gonna see some crazy scores so I pushed myself 
  7. HB Drag Race - Week 2

  8. HB Drag Race - Untucked

    Well can I get some congrats mawma? I actually won a challenge! And if you must know, video games have always been my specialty and passion. I had to snap on what may be the one chance I get to show out.
  9. HB Drag Race - Week 2

    Thank you so much. Does this mean I get immunity?
  10. Stream “Missed A Spot” thank chu! Queen Dinah deserves everything and more


    1. LIVin the Riott

      LIVin the Riott

      Song is a certified bop. BUT bish needs to release I Don't Mind ASAP because I ain't staying in quarantine to get dust!

    2. Angelic


      What mama should’ve did was release it alongside Retrograde! We BEEN waiting. But I love her so much so I can’t even be mad 😭 I don’t mind would’ve definitely got a lot of radio play.

    3. LIVin the Riott

      LIVin the Riott

      I'd even be ok with a Rap remix for it to get charted properly. Dinah's been on fire with the music, but promotion has been soooooo bad

  11. HB Drag Race - Week 2

    I just googled the game and found another page to play it on. Thanks though  
  12. HB Drag Race - Week 2

    Girl my Spacebar aint starting the game on desktop and I cant duck on mobile.
  13. General Gaming

    The Gauntlets are the only thing I haven’t touched yet. For the Reed’s rewards, there’s two ways to cheese it. There’s the Asgard one and Beating Doom over and over on Ultimate (gives you one full tier every time). Crystal and Elsa are my #1, but I use a lot of Captain Marvel, Cyclops, Jean, and Iceman because they’re just flat out better characters. Star-Lord if I get bored too. Ms Marvel and now Reed if I don’t feel like putting in any effort.
  14. General Gaming

    Girl I got to like 22 for that one, it was too much. I did this one in two days by cheesing it tho. 
  15. General Gaming

    Also, I don’t know if you guys know but Arms is doing a free trial until the 6th for Switch online members.