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  1. And can STILL go with the rest of them like no time passed at all. 
  2. Whoever nicknamed her Gail Knowles was correct. She deserves the pedestal she’s put on. Who’s honestly above her?
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Still counts for me.
  4. Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Moniece is the Queen slapping, and Amanda is the bitch getting slapped by Queen
  5. LMFAOOOOO  1, So then everybody should’ve shut the fuck up about him tossing Carmella the briefcase. 2, The uglies would’ve had a FIT. I feel this would’ve been another excuse to bring in that trans MMA woman eventually though. 3, Is Charlotte still holding it until WM? And in all seriousness: 4, why Charlotte? This would’ve only made sense with Becky. One of her many potential storylines that done written itself.
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Wait, does Lita have children? I honestly don’t recall. 
  7. The Rock's daughter wants to wrestle

    Charlotte can’t be in WWE by the time she’s 35, 36, 37? Especially if it’s a comeback one-offmatch? Queen is the standard sis, WWE won’t give a damn, her name is enough to sell it as a WM-worthy event.
  8. The Rock's daughter wants to wrestle

    Here goes her championship match against Charlotte at WM. N/A better rethink them demands she had, they not finna need sis if she keep acting up
  9. I thought they been got married!
  10. Alexa Bliss to appear on Disney show

    Sasha and Alexa really this gen’s mainstream Kweens  But if this bitch is on the show to not have any lines and only give one of her ““ and dip, I’m not with it. Or if she’s only there to give a “I know right”? I’m not with it.
  11. Charlotte Flair: "Letter to My Dad"

    This could’ve been a promo. What she thought this was? 
  12. I wanted Peyton the most, back when she and Billie were getting the push against Asuka for San Antonio. It would’ve been the best time to give it to them because they were being pushed, had huge momentum going, and all eyes were on them. The win would’ve had a bigger impact and would’ve meant much more. Her reign would’ve started with a much bigger bang and wouldn’t feel like filler.
  13. But where does this mean they’re taking Mella?  Charlotte’s days are NUMBERED (Does this mean Nikki’s coming sooner than we thought too? )
  14. I wanted this so so bad a year ago. But he really did turn me around. He entertained me and did his job in bringing depth and eyes to Carmella’s character. Bringing Princess’s idea to LIFE. He really had a legitimate Wrestlemania-worthy feud (vs Becky). They could’ve went so far and opened so many doors with that. I really do respect him as an entertainer and a person and I appreciate what he’s done for my fav. I hope he finds something soon where he’s treated “better”. #DUH
  15. So many of my absolute favs of all time in one pic  I’m LIVIdhdshah God is Good! None of them knowing what aging is. I never thought I’d see this happen