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  1. NXT Superstar injured?

    Ugh, mawma knows she's about to SNAP.....literally. Responsible Queen.  
  2. NXT Superstar injured?

    I guess carrying and snatching HBRR seemingly without a sweat actually did take a toll on her. Get well soon, soldier.
  3. Oh that reminds me, if I roll San**** on the RR game, I'm retiring.
  4. Unless they make Becky do it, which they will.
  5. Well there's no such thing as a Women's Royal Rumble anyway.   
  6. These women could never rep such a title. That word holds weight these girls can't carry
  7. Straight like that. Hit my line when Sasha and Carmella (and maybe Enber) are headlining for the SD division they should be running, and Naomi, the Kabukis, and Ruby are getting their due.   There is no reason for Bayley to be holding the title, when Lacey is in the title feud with basically Sasha, who's carrying the feud from their end. And for Becky to have been in a fucking Tag feud for Tag Team titles after not defending HER title in forever. I stg Asuka better whoop her ass. Grand Slam Ms Empress please! 
  8. So what exactly is the problem now? Before they weren't taken seriously "because they're divas", now it's just unfortunate that they're viewed as women?  In a general sense they're called Superstars all the same. The cruiserweights were the ones in their own bubble if anything. But go on Bertha.
  9. Bad Robot Developing Projects Based On Justice League Dark

    Another Queen, how could I?
  10. Bad Robot Developing Projects Based On Justice League Dark

    And that's just that. (If she's done right for once)  
  11. Omfg what is wrong with people??? I'm so glad she made it safely. I hope nobody at all was harmed. 
  12. 2020 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    It doesn't count that I sent it 30 minutes ago?
  13. 2020 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    May I take part?
  14. HB Drag Race - Sign Up Now!

    Oh wow, this should be exciting!
  15. CW Orders “Superman & Lois” to Series

    Erica Durance she wont be.