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  1. SummerSlam 2016: Live Chat

    Just watched the Sasha/Charlotte match.   CHARLOTTE. IS. A.  FUCKING.  LEGEND!   Yo, idk who the leader of the Char-my is, but sign me the fuck up, I can't deny it any longer. Waive the card fee and bust me a stamp and let's get this shit over with. 
  2. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    The good sis finally CaughT gushing at Legend Stratus and Icon Amy.  Not at her laughing at the thought of her holding the Divas Championship though.    Side Note: But did they even confirm Eddie to be in the game? 
  3. Post Your Pictures

    Thank you kindly . And thank you, but I don't see an it because I'm on mobile?
  4. Post Your Pictures

     Forgive me, I don't know how to add Spoiler Tags and I couldn't find it under the "Questions/Concerns" section. But here I be! (Don't gag me y'all )  
  5. Naomi accused of stealing

    Y'all can't be trying my heart rate like this. I'm too vulnerable after the past couple of days. The way I'm paranoid and on edge, I just might get called in for a wellness test myself..!
  6. SD Women's Champion to be decided at Backlash?

    Not Becky losing the crowd support already!!! . All she needs is a sensible storyline with a vile heel and she'll get it back..   And I definitely agree at there being more deserving candidates. In fact, my main fear of the horses coming up was that the women who even has a glimmer of hope to snatch the title would lose all hope since the Horses would be getting all of that shine and them opportunities. I prayed for Brie to get at least one more face Beautiful Life run (Fastlane was the PERFECT time. I will always pray for Foxy to get a legitimate reign. But she's damn near a lost cause at this point which is fucked up beyond measure. I pray for Natalya to get another reign that she truly, truly deserves. I pray that Summer will grow to be more relevant than just the man she's storyline fucking at the moment. Naomi goes without saying.   My fears are coming true because Char got it, then passed it to Sasha which we all predicted, and it's a pretty good bet that Nia is the next contender. Alicia and Summer deserve so much better. I have hope now with SD having its own title. As much as I love Nikki, Naomi definitely deserves to have the accolade as the Inaugural champ. If not her, than Nattie. But of course I'm dying to see an Alexa, Eva, or even a Carmella reign when they truly come into their own. Becky is just a very legitimate contender to hold the new belt. My heart is with Naomi though.
  7. SD Women's Champion to be decided at Backlash?

    If you purely mean Nikki's last run as a face, she had huge crowd support partly because she was constantly getting beat up in handicap matches and bullied by Stephanie. There's no more clean cut definition for an underdog.   I'd say Becky rivals that pretty well seeing as she's super over and definitely has the crowd behind her, with her role as an underdog not being as obvious. Becky isn't an underdog because of how she's getting treated in storylines, she's an underdog because of how she's being treated in general. The fans and viewers see the big picture with her and honestly that's deeper than seeing a storyline play out. It's not that what they're doing with her isn't working, because everybody wants to see her win and they know she deserves it. It's that whatever they do with her they refuse to follow through and make anything significant of it. She should've held the title at least once by now. Either the NXT, Divas, or Women's she should've had some kind of reign with.
  8. Will Anyone Replace Eva Marie At SummerSlam?

    Possibilities in my (1/2 dramatic, 1/2 panicking) head   1. They manage to film a backstage segment where one of the heels attacks one of the faces backstage, evening the odds. Probably Becky, since she wouldn't have to lose and has a legit reason to chase the title after Nay wins. Natalya has a fetish for attacking people from behind, ironic seeing as what happened to her last year.    2. They find a replacement.   3. (My fav): Stephanie comes out (despite it not being her brand) and changes the match to a 5 way for the new belt, thinking she created another historic moment, Bryan comes out and says it's a 6 way, *silence* . . . "You Can Look But You Can't Touch!" (Then Naomi wins) 
  9. SD Women's Champion to be decided at Backlash?

    Isn't that Becky's exact role right now? What will she do then?
  10. She looks so happy in that picture. I'm so here for my girl being the true wild card of the division. Everybody has their eyes on her comeback, Stans and Stans in denial. Everyone knows she could go to either brand and will be top girl/champ on either brand. What kinda QueeN? I love her so much!  UGH! You Can Look is gonna bump SO HARD in my headphones, I'm fucking SHOOK! I'm not ready at all...  
  11. SD Women's Champion to be decided at Backlash?

    I feel like at the end of the tag match, D Bry or Shane would have came out and told them they have something to fight each other for and introduces it. Then leaving us in suspense for what's gonna happen come next Tuesday. Now idk what to think or believe with Queen's fate.    We know Nay, Becky, and even Alexa and Eva will hold it. But I feel Carmella is the dark horse kinda of the 6 SD girls, the one counted out. Her reign will be so cute! I just hope her intro is over with the crowd by then. 
  12. Eva Marie Suspended

    WWE just let her explain herself and forgive her            .........Then again this might mean.... 
  13. Post Your Pictures

    Gag I didn't know this was here...I have butterflies in my stomach and shit.  I'm jobbing to mobile right now, am I still able to do post from my Library?
  14. Brandi Rhodes Training To Wrestle Again

    Why exactly was she hated so much again? Was it something she said? Only thing I watched of her was some special on YouTube where she was advertising some ugly Christmas sweaters...
  15. 6 Women Tag Match added to Summerslam

    It wasn't believable to me. The beat down was everything and more, but when she stopped acting like "good girl trying to be bad", and went full bad bitch I got into her gig. Also, I was waiting for her to find a consistent entrance and attire for me to fully get into it. I had the same problem with Emma, but worse.
  16. Paige SUSPENDED

    I mean, I wish her vagina the best.   But if they plan on being fake and taking her out of 2K17, at least pull an AJ and leave her materials in? I already have plans for it (if it's her WM attire or the blue variation). Her theme song included.
  17. WWE 24: women's revolution

    (I'm gonna watch anyway, I ain't shit)   I'm excited for the Alicia and Nay moments and recognition. However, did Torriesus Killson get any mention or clips? Please GodT.  
  18. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    GodT please let them change Char's attire. Seth got his, why can't she?   Sasha looks good though, shocked they made her hair as bright as they did, what's good with Becky then? The most important part is that Sasha doesn't look like she has diaper butt. I'm so excitedT for Nikki (and Alexa) now 
  19. 6 Women Tag Match added to Summerslam

    I'm so excited and happy for them. But I'm so salty that Naomi is face. It took a minute for me to take her seriously as a heel, it's gonna take a minute for me to get over her turning back. I'm peeing at seeing her in action again though. If she doesn't take the win, Eva better.
  20. Kristal Marshall

    Queen. She personified Bad Bitch.   And that Gold Digger Halloween costume doesn't get enough credit. One of the most simple, yet original (and fitting) choices ever. When will any other bitch?
  21. Is this real? Despite all of the bullshit, it makes my heart warm and all that that they would really "cater" to Daddy Rio just so he doesn't leave, just so Paige doesn't. They really care about and value Queen.    That should be proof enough that they have plans for her to still be big(ger) should she choose to stick around and stop fucking up.
  22. WWE 24: women's revolution

    I'll never admit that I'd have to drag Nikki!    But seriously, don't Nikki and Brie still give credit to Black Widow Queen to this day? I doubt Nikki would snub her when they shared a whole era of the division to themselves. Among the 4 of them, they ran the division and all brought something different, I'd be genuinely disappointed if she did that.
  23. Dawn is so fucking legendary. Underrated Sex Empress. I honestly feel that Candice's heel run was at least slightly inspired by her.
  24. WWE 24: women's revolution

    I'm shocked at all of the GODrie Wilson love. But I'm living, I love y'all so fucking much.    Down to business:  I'm SO here for the Bellas being in the literal center of the group shot. Minor, but I'm here for it. They better not snub the icons of the past that aren't Trish and Lita. I will NOT have it. I'm not Leegion, but I wanna see this bum bitch even attempt to not include AJ in a subject like this.    The way I rolled my eyes and CLUTCHED my gun? I'm not playing, I will fuck this bitch up. I'm already heated.
  25. Twelve more women announced for WWE 2K17

    I gagged because that's damn near the rest of the a Women's roster. This roster is so on point, who else is there left to reveal? Besides Carmella and Becky, there are only surprise reveals left. I want Cam so bad. Hope Queen Jacqueline makes it.   Becky's attire I can't complain, that's one of her more consistent ones. But they're all so damn abstract so I can't really have a fav. Maybe Royal Rumble and WM. Love that she has her cape and they didn't snub her smoke. Her fucking hair color. Her face is on point though. I'm just rejoicing that she's not wearing her fucking merch. Her fucking hair color. Her face is on point though.   Alexa looks gorgeous, but she looks like an evil doll with that head tilt. Can't complain about her attire either, she's definitely had worse that I prayed she wouldn't get.    We finally get Bad Bitch Emma!!!! I can't wait to see her entrance!   Naomi and Brie have my favorite renders! PERCHED to see Nay.