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  1. HB Drag Race - Week 2

    Im in the shower y’all, gimmie like 6:10  
  2. Quizantine

    I actually work in Manhattan, right on 34th street. I personally chose to only search jobs in Manhattan to be as far from home as I can comfortably be. Also a good shopping session before or after work is so good, although with this job I don’t get the time to. I should consider taking one, hopefully if this mess blows over by summer.
  3. Quizantine

    Never gotten a passport, and my cousin invites me to go to Miami with her every September, but I’m working. My father wants me to go to DR so bad to meet family, but it’s just never happened. And I’m also kinda scared to.
  4. Eve Torres Ring the Belle interview

    So come back then Queen! We need you! At least she gave me hope talking about how much of a fan she is and how she does consider coming back. I need her to raise the bar higher on her dream match though. She could shut shit down with Sasha, stop playing mom.
  5. Quizantine I didn’t like some of these questions
  6. Quizantine

    3. this bitch and that last question 
  7. Quizantine

    5 too somehow I knew what pet it was.
  8. Quizantine

    I love a Sisterhood (I cant find a photo with our favs together Katy gotta be Trish shsg)
  9. Quizantine

    How did you and Katy get the “my number” question right? I thought that would’ve been the hardest.  
  10. Quizantine

  11. Quizantine Heres mine
  12. Quizantine

    Got 3 for Mariah (I chose Jeff Hardy Heaux! I thought Lita was Shoaib!) 4 for Katy (me getting the thirsty bitch question with HASTE dhsg)  
  13. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    You show up once a year, just to ask for a punch. Dana has won the crowd over! I’ll oblige! 
  14. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    I read she was on quarantine, not too much sister.
  15. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    Id love that, but I want her to have the benefit and atmosphere of hearing the crowd cheer her name and telling her she deserves it. She deserves the full experience.
  16. HB Drag Race - Week 2

    Negativity will not get between us! Mariah and I have a bond you can’t even dream of breaking! Yes, Mariah has done hurtful things to me in the past, but I have forgiven her. I will always forgive her, because we are SISTERS.
  17. HB Drag Race - Week 2

    Not everyone can be a HOF-er. Poor that @Mariah.
  18. 20 Years of Trish Stratus

    Whew, and I said thank you  
  19. 20 Years of Trish Stratus

    @Qwan™   An Era. They walked so these heffas nowadays can go back to crawling. Hardoce ICON! Taking Chair shots like the champ she was.
  20. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    “Two of my best friends are” I suggest they watch their backs. He’s chopped.
  21. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    That does NOT look like Billie omg. I know the hair color would make a lot of difference, but did she touch her face again?
  22. "Bleach" Anime Returning in 2021

    God I used to be such a fan of Bleach, had the video games and all. I just stopped caring along the way. I have friends that still kept up and we’re dying for the return and even losing hope, so I can’t wait to tell them.
  23. First Images from Steven Spielberg's "West Side Story"

    I thought that was Vanessa Hudgens, until I saw it’s not. There goes my interest.
  24. WrestleMania Officially Moved to the PC

    There wouldn’t have been any. Im gagged though, I don’t want Naomi getting her third reign at Aliyah’s house 
  25. The Comic Book Character Mount Rushmore?

    Slightly off topic, but I wish they would bring Sage back in a prominent role @Captain Fox