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  1. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Alexa has quite honestly been boring the fuck out of me. Boring in-ring goes without saying, but if she’s gonna be a show host permanently where every segment has the same monotone flavor, they need to say that. She needs a lot more than just being face. I still stan but she’s making it hard to because I’m tired of keeping hope based on hypotheticals, she needs to get it together.
  2. He’s in there forever basically, but he deserved to be locked up with the mindset that he’d never be free. He doesn’t deserve any kind of peace.
  3. WWE finalizing deal with Rob Gronkowski

    Jokes on you, I don’t have an Instagram account. 0/2 I DO have an alternate reddit with my ass all over it though, if you want a name, all you gotta do is speak up babes. Or I can just post a picture here wherever it’s safe (and allowed to). More than enough ass to share here Ms. Latte.
  4. WWE finalizing deal with Rob Gronkowski

    whoops. Zelete 
  5. WWE finalizing deal with Rob Gronkowski

    BUT I have posted myself in that thread where people do that mulTiple times.    I said Hank Hill because I see Hank Hill and I ain’t changin!
  6. I’m not laughing because I find the sound funny, I’m laughing because these people are actually fucking insane. Like homeboy is really off his rocker! Has somebody beat his ass yet?
  7. WWE finalizing deal with Rob Gronkowski

    If you’re a Hank Hill stan, sure.
  8. WWE finalizing deal with Rob Gronkowski

    His hype is still a thing? People still think he’s cute?    Whatever tho, just keep him away from the women since that’s all I watch anyway.  
  9. Elimination Chamber 2020: Live Chat

    Exactly how I felt too. She was going on and on and delivering heartfelt promos about how Asuka has been the one thing that haunted her despite her success growing by the month. Then she just beats her clean and 24 hours later she’s cocky asf. Then she beat Asukas ass AGAIN in an effort that didn’t even look difficult, that’s what got me. Your booking is how I thought it was gonna go down, and how it should’ve if they wanted Becky to be at WM. And to give her the WM win she deserves, because that Triple Threat was ugly.
  10. Elimination Chamber 2020: Live Chat

    Like someone else said, Ruby could’ve easily been built as a contender, Ruby can turn a promo, and if they were gonna plan on making Liv look like shit and not give her a chance, they could’ve had Ruby win their feud (they should’ve gotten a full one), then have Ruby move on to Becky and Mania with the intention on proving why she was the leader and what held the Riott Squad together. Hell, I would take Kairi, a surprise Io, or even a fucking IIconic over Shayna. Of course not all of it is Becky’s fault, but I find it hard to sympathize for her with the writing she’s given when she’s clearly enjoying the shenanigans and playing into it. She shouldn’t have beat Sasha, and she definitely shouldn’t have beat Asuka. Her wrestling is still boring, but she still cuts a good promo when she’s not repeating one. 
  11. Elimination Chamber 2020: Live Chat

    Just when I thought I successfully blocked that out.
  12. Elimination Chamber 2020: Live Chat

    It’s funny because those images are exactly what I had in my head when I typed what I said. And the moment she officially lost it in my head is when she did that interview that was posted on here where she said what she said about the term women, even when she posted her follow up for the semantics. I still like her a little bit, but it seems like she got stuck between saying how she feels and saying it how the company’s top star wants her to. It doesn’t feel genuine and it doesn’t feel how Becky used to come across when she was clearly hungry for the platform. I don’t know if she calmed down on Twitter, but sis. Crystal also referred to herself as a former Lass Kicker.
  13. Elimination Chamber 2020: Live Chat

    Nobody? Okay I’ll say it, you Just described Becky. Shayna is far from fine in every aspect, because that heffa can’t wrestle. She’s better than R*nda, but she’s slow and just limb picks. Becky excels at talking, but she lost that star quality she had imo when she lost her genuineness. 
  14. Su Yung leaves Impact Wrestling

    “Knockout Champion Su Yung is no longer contracted...” So we have another girlie that dipped while she was champ?
  15. Elimination Chamber 2020: Live Chat

    I don’t feel bad then. This is a joke.
  16. Elimination Chamber 2020: Live Chat

    I want whoever booked this shit fired. Now. I stopped paying attention after what she did to Sarah and Ruby, I closed stream after how they did Liv. Sorry if Asuka showed out, but I couldn’t do it anymore. I’m over it.
  17. Elimination Chamber 2020: Live Chat

    The fact that God has sown Vincent sign after sign that Shayna is not it. Not even close, and it’s not too late to change his decision. But he won’t. She just doesn’t possess the vernacular that he thinks she possesses.  
  18. Elimination Chamber 2020: Live Chat

    I’m sitting patiently for Naomi to hurry up and snatch. Edit: or Sasha.   And as far as I’m concerned, Carmella is still in the SD title picture. There are no other women in the entire MR divisions besides them two and Kabukis.
  19. Should WWE stop trying to make Tegan Nox happen?

    This is where character and charisma come in. Not everybody has it, some manage to find a little along the way, some are born with it.    Bianca oozes it. She’s charisma incarnate, a true star. Io is what happens when everything is there except a character. She was over as a face because she’s untouchable in the ring, but when she turned, not only did she get an amazing makeover, entrance, and theme, but it really gave her the opportunity to let even looser in the ring.    Tegan and Candice have no character. Smiling and being happy to be there isn’t a character, and even if it was, K2 has been had that trademarked. We don’t know who Tegan is or what makes her her. Candice nowadays just seems to be the reliable face that’s always there to even the odds or insert herself in other people’s business. That says nothing about her as a character herself though. Rhea is a special case because she has a look that could be taken as her character. A look that heavily contrasts everyone else on the roster. And even more conveniently, a look that lends itself to the monster booking they gave her up to her title win. She kinda had it all laid out for her. But somehow Bianca and Io have to work even harder.
  20. Should WWE stop trying to make Tegan Nox happen?

    She was only ever built in relation to Dakota. Even when they were feuding, we hardly got to see the girl do anything on her own. I personally don’t care for her, but I’m sure all it takes is one breakout feud for people to see if she really has it. Dakota had her whole thing with Shayna and was the perfect underdog. Tegan hasn’t had anything besides her injury. There are bigger issues to take care of than focusing on this girl, like whoever keeps stopping Bianca’s bag. Tegan isn't any worse than Mia.   Edit: Her hair is ugly, and I don’t get it.
  21. Hey Guys

    Welcome babe! Are you here for the wrestling side or the poo culture side?   If wrestling, who are your favs? If pop culture, who/what are your favs?     
  22. Superstar Photo Booth

    My god she is so f*cking gorgeous. Like really stunning. Probably a stupid question, but is her body natural?   And I don’t get the cat gloves, does this mean they already found a gimmick for her?
  23. Jillian Hall gives birth

    Congrats Mom!!  
  24. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I’m not gonna say Michelle got where she did because of her man.    However they definitely WERE shoving her down our throats and weren’t even subtle about it with her winning every contest in the 08-09 era and pretty much winning every match predictably. The tea is that the crowd didn’t give a single fuck about her, especially as a face, but she picked up the craft quick and ate that ring up. She wrestled circles around majority of the women her era. She may not have been getting top pops, but she had the talent, that’s 1/2.