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  1. Omg so they're really inducting them this year? Ugh   And I find it really disrespectful for them to  have Nikki's render looking like that with her "partner" serving that right next to her.
  2. Whew Queen answering her phone the right time this time. My compact is ready. One step closer to Eva.    
  3. Also, I feel shes underrated AND underutilized and you will never stop hearing me say it. Deal with it.   She gives everyone's favs classics constantly, and while she normally gets her credit from the CONSUMERS, she gets shafted by the people who should be giving her more. I'll be the first to say I fell off of her when they were starting her face turn and she was undefeated for no reason. But the FACT of the matter is she's that girl. Queen works hard and her ring psychology is undeniable. I swear if only she spoke English, these mortals wouldn't have shiT to say about her. She's had an attitude a few times, but i dare someone to say they weren't in their feelings, being the best employee at their job but still getting passed over and treated like shit. WWE isn't gonna realize what they got until she's gone. I would even go so far as to say she's very likely this gen's Natalya. I'm open to telling anyone they're wrong by suggesting otherwise.
  4. Period. Mawma was a natural, and especially once she turned heel. Acting came natural to her, she owned the mic, and she wasn't terrible in the ring but still had the drive to improve. All things that are hard to find, especially given who's on top right now.   (Except Bayley, I feel like she actually is often in the PC wanting to do better, whether or not she accomplishes it is a different story.)
  5. Lord I will never forget how bad the Bellas makeup used to be. I'm glad they learned the difference between stage makeup and regular glam makeup.
  6. ! And I REFUSE to have this full circle moment for them soiled by ANYTHING. Especially the lingering feeling that this isn't as genuine as it could be. And that it's mediocre because they're not doing it for the Bellas and them to realize how much they impacted us and how much they mean to us, but for their benefit and to feed their egos. As fucking usual. Not with MY legends.
  7. The happy ending keeps getting happier. They most definitely can, and should wait a bit though.  
  8. Sorry, but no HW elevated the Bellas' in-ring performances. Nikki just came off a fresh year of showing her ass and giving Paige the best matches of her career consistently. And Brie was just over it at that point. Charlotte is welcome for Nikki giving her HIAC. And unfortunately Sasha never got a chance to show out with her. And AJ didn't start any trend of being a distinct unique character. But her services are appreciated.
  9. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    Ugh, this is how I know she has an even brighter future ahead of her. Love ya!
  10. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    Also, is it bad that I want Mella to be the Mania feud? She hasn't really had a notable feud since her face turn being that she was tied to Truth for 90% of it. This could be that feud for her. I don't want another half-assed 20 day Mania build up either. These two have history, let's take advantage of it.
  11. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    Girl what signs? They haven't been doing or serving shit except the same repeat 2 minute matches against Mandy and Sonya for months now. And out of the two teams, it's MANDY (and Sonya) that have an actual storyline going. 
  12. Ruby Riott’s Return to RAW – Behind The Scenes

    I thought we were gonna get another iconic picture of her sitting on the stairs.
  13. Kelly Kelly may work a part-time WWE schedule

    So she finally decided to give in and stop playing games? Proud of her. You watching, Eva?
  14. Taynara Conti Walks Out of WWE

  15. Alexa Bliss dating ‘famous’ singer

    I'm used to the thread title not specifying, but not the news source itself, that's mad work.  
  16. Its deadass her gimmick, what all of her merch is based on sfrdd. Somehow skeleton hands came in along the way. 
  17. Total Bellas Trailer

    Premiering on my birthday? Maybe I'll give it a watch.
  18. Um @Samier. already disproved that. With facts and evidence!
  19. Maria Kanellis gives birth

    Mom giving us another sibling. Queen of generosity. So happy for her and Mike  
  20. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    And OMFG I missed Ruby so much! I deadass thought about her randomly throughout the days and I don't even stan. She looks so good!! Maybe I stan. Do I stan @Rainbow Heart?
  21. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Because they're trying to shove it down our throats that they want NXT to be considered not "developmental" as much as they can. The same reason why they had NXT damn near sweep Survivor Series and the weeks leading up to it.
  22. Superstar Photo Booth

    Mandy's light face and her dark ass body are creeping me out. As far as I know, Mella hasn't had work done, but sometimes her boobs look much bigger than a push up can do for her. Lacey's multiple shades of green are throwing me off. She should've gotten a new gear too.
  23. Superstar Photo Booth

    Her eyebrows are dark af. She's so pretty, but there's always been something about her attire template I just don't like. I love when a girl finds a template and sticks to it with different colors, but hers always fell flat to me, and I don't know why.
  24. Honestly, I wouldn't have minded if they got to the MR and got a WM program off of this. But the production quality definitely wouldn't have been the same.    Actually cheering Dakota, Tegan hasn't even gotten a chance to actually grow before the audience to really have had them as invested as they should be.
  25. HB Drag Race - Week 2

    Sure I'll fill it out. Could be fun