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  1. Mella could use an impact finisher. I don’t count the superkick because.....exactly. What would it be? I could see her using the Stratusfaction or a modified neck breaker.

    And what would Brie’s new finisher be? I’m not here for her using the Yes Lock exclusively. I’m over all of these submissions.

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    2. Qwan™


      nn Eva's was ugly I was thinking more along the lines of a R-Truth/Shelton Benjamin feel.

    3. YouAreAThot


      Bries finisher should be the top rope Bella Buster IMO. 

      Carmella would suit the unprettier or a swinging reverse ddt.

    4. Angelic


      Top Rope Buster is one of my top 5 favorite finishers of all time. I like that she rarely uses it because it feels like an EVENT. Like, she’ll use it when she wins her next title for that ultimate babyface run.

      I pictured so many moves for Carmella that others have used. (Eve’s Heartbreaker, Melina’s Extreme Makeover, a Sliced Red (that’s probably too big s hump for her n), some kind of Modifed Bulldog, a K2) so many. I really want her to use something original, I know she can. Jumping reverse STO is a great thing she started, she should continue it.