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  1. Cherry was good. She sold her timid underdog babyface character perfectly, and her wresting was great too. She doesn’t get enough credit and unfortunately is overlooked when people mention Divas of the past. I loved the entire aesthetic with the trio and her roller skates. That being said, as much as I wanted Cherry to get her retribution, I stanned Maryse from day 1 and I wanted her to win too. Peep her comical selling when Cherry was barely putting force behind her forearms. Maryse did well too but I’m glad she switched her attire up quick. And then added dope moves to her moveset like
  2. A part of the collection in fact. But thank you sis #SayYesToLove. Your day will come twin
  3. Who do you girlies think should win the RR? 

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    2. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      :perched:let me fix that prescription for you.

    3. Michael Psyches

      Michael Psyches

      Yeah, Bianca would be a cute choice, especially after her showing last year

    4. Angelic


      Oh wait, we’re rooting for Billiesus in this house too!

  4. This wasn’t my favorite Foxy era, but I loved the intensity and passion she had. It felt like she was still still finding who she was as a character, but she was still letting us all know that she’s coming and she means business. Her finally getting a chance to put the Women’s division on notice and declare her spot on top, as a CHAMPION is supposed to, and she couldn’t even enjoy it because sis got cancelled immediately. Shout out to Jillian because her wrestling was so good and she got so little credit. The intensity she had was crazy, she was legitimately wrestling like she was be
  5. First of all, change that graphic or photoshop R**da out. Secondly, why is your name in the title?
  6. Current mood:


    1. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      It loading slow, and me thinking this was Avril’s complicated at first. :culture:

    2. Angelic


      No ma’am, this Complicated is about me being the toxic one.

  7. Omgg wtf. His poor family, I’m so sorry
  8. Welcome lovely! Enjoy your stay!
  9. Charlotte looked so good. But chile leave it to Charlotte to leave then come back to becoming a Grand Slam champion the same night. I mean girl.... Mella snapped. Her wrestling still leaves a lot to be desired and her attire was better on SD, but she did what she had to do. She needs to ditch the rest holds. I just don’t know what they could have for her now, she has such momentum going and there’s no way to go but down from here. Also, who the fuck is gonna reasonably dethrone a team of Charlotte and fucking Asuka?
  10. Looks like I’m finally learning how to use discord after procrastinating for so long. Stephen Jake Don Draper Kat Mariah Gavin Eric Kemare Leigh Katy LIVin The Riott Michael Erin Angie
  11. I wasn’t okay with her returning feud to be a title one to begin with. They should’ve had her return and have other feuds to build her up to the title, so by the time she reaches Sasha, she could snatch. I don’t want Sasha to lose so soon and it’s obvious she won’t. Because I’m still banking on Bianca vs Sasha being the WM feud, and if Bianca didn’t win, this should’ve been a Summerslam feud. They could’ve had Sasha waste time with Natalya or something first since they love shoving her in shit anyway. She’s not gonna have many possibilities for challengers since the SD roster is small
  12. We’re all human Queen. The realization and control is what makes us #Untouchable (Queen Ashley Tisdale yas)
  13. We love Women Not her shouting you out subliminally.
  14. Carmella is that bitch and the girls better eat it up! Channeling Torriesus’s Judgement Day 2003 entrance! My favs just can’t lose! (Thank God she changed that hair though.) We also Stan Bianca and Bille Kay in this casa! Catch up or catch the bus!
  15. But weren’t people saying in the comics that Shuri took over the title? So why can’t they do that (despite her making herself look crazy in recent events)?
  16. Well Mickie can kill any role she’s given, and I have faith Chelsea would’ve delivered after her delusional bride gimmick. I just don’t know if I would’ve been okay with Mickie losing another feud, veteran putting another girl over or NOT, I’m tired of Mickie losing. Also Trish was champ, that added something to fight over.
  17. Who the fuck is going to buy a Rowdy Roddy Piper ugly sweater?
  18. It’s what they deserve. I knew this game was gonna be mediocre as soon as I saw what it looked like. This could’ve been a PS3 or even PS2 game and I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s also what they deserve because I’m tired of the whack ass Avengers being shoved down my throat. They’re not interesting. And can’t carry their own game the way X-Men can. My 2 cents.
  19. Deonna looks great here. The jet black and voluminous hair fits her.
  20. I feel like we should implement a “who would win/a vs b” type threads or even a section. Basically comic book, video game etc matchups. Like a Black Canary vs Black Widow, Storm vs Sindel type of gig. Maybe even mix both halves of  this site with which Divas are most like which characters/would be best cast. It would make for great discussion and I know I’d learn a lot since I don’t read comics, but often look up and read up on my favs.

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