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  1. Nia Jax quit?

    Start with changing that avi! 
  2. TNA Now Sells Pizza!

    Liv has been spotted at live tapings.
  3. At first because it’s new, but we’d get used to it. Like Nikki and her mid 2015 Horse mane. Alicia and Sasha have 8-heads too, they still switch it up. 
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    As much as she (and her delusional stans) annoys me and as much as I kii at her draggings, I’m not feeling that all the news about Sasha recently is pretty negative. I’m not here for how this could cause her career to spiral down quick, whether it’s because she’s aggy af or not. Probably because the hardcore Sasha stan in me still lives somewhere, but something’s gotta give. Either she manages her annoying ass ways or someone disprove these stories. Because..
  5. Overcoming self-image issues? So when she returns she’s not bringing the swoop with her?
  6. Nia Jax quit?

    Idc, but I’d hate to see her leave. But a return feud (and win) against Asuka’s imminent tyranny would be amazing tbh.
  7. NXT October 11, 2017: Results

    Liv’s moveset nor her execution of it, isn’t the issue. She just seems like she’s doing the textbook version of the move. Like how you would do every task when you start a new job. I don’t feel Liv in her moveset or when she executes moves. It definitely doesn’t help that she has yet to really connect to the Universe. And her moveset is too active and agile for her to move and do the moves so slow. Once she becomes more comfortable and finds her true footing, it’s a wrap.
  8. Alicia Fox gets merch!

    It took them a decade to come up with something pretty much everyone brainstormed in 2 months for her? Then have the nerve to just make it as just something to open up a new demographic?             Let me add to cart. ALegend deserves my coin. The fact that I’m buying Alicia Fox mercy, and before my Queen Carmella 
  9. So, I met Dolph Ziggler yesterday. The event was a Guns n Roses concert. Funny thing is, I was grilling him the entire night because he looked a mess, didn’t even realize it was him until a coworker pointed out that a customer pointed it out. They took pictures with him but I wouldn’t be caught committing such a crime.

    Heard his conversation with one of the customers, yup he is a dick. Watched the way he carried himself, yeah he’s a dick. Then he came to my register eventually and yes, he is a dick. 


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    2. Kara Zor-El

      Kara Zor-El

      As gross as Dolph is, if I met him I'd try fuck him. :gaycry:

    3. Angelic


      4-5 years ago maybe, but 4 years ago, I was a minor. He just looks dirty now. And it was a rock concert, so it’s not like he had to try to clean up or anything. It was not a look. He had on red white and blue star briefs, TIGHT ass jeans that couldn’t even go up all the way, so it was on full display. :uhh:

    4. Kara Zor-El

      Kara Zor-El

      Hahaha he’s worn that underwear on TV before.


  10. I just noticed..

    Smiley was always so gorg to me. I can see her being Candice-like with nothing being too raunchy for her. But I feel like her acting would’ve been beyond cringy. Queen Kristal though. Nobody else matters 
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    That’s Jacqueline video...the shit that guy had to do, and people have the nerve to complain about their favs jobbing after losing 2 matches in a row.
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    That’s Jacqueline video...the shit that guy had to do, and people have the nerve to complain about their favs jobbing after losing 2 matches in a row.
  13. A PROFESSIONAL!  Going from not knowing how she’s gonna survive one taping without Enzo and Cass, to keeping not only one career, but two afloat, and earning her a huge accolade in the process because of it. While your favs are pitching ideas for tired ass “first ever”s, and making history, Princess was pitching ideas for longevity and a future. And still made history in the process anyway, twice. Poor the rest of your favs, the closest they’d get to pitching is a food fight. 
  14. A women's talk show. Thoughts?

    Becky has tons of personality, and her positivity is infectious. Her quirky, adorable, corny ass could have a talk show for sure. If boring ass Dean can do it based on a plant, Becky absolutely can. It won’t be Wendy teas, more like Ellen. 
  15. A women's talk show. Thoughts?

    But fuck all that. Bring me back Tio Mauro and bring me back Talking Shit
  16. A women's talk show. Thoughts?

    I could see Becky, Maryse, Mickie or Summer tbh
  17. I was crossing my fingers SO hard that it was that dabbing idiot. Idr his name, but that dabbing shit is enough, good riddance. I wasn’t ready for it to be the #1 in the division 😫
  18. Not 35! I knew this day would come 
  19. Hi I'm MikuSakura

    I’m a huge fighting game fan before anything else so I appreciate your MUGEN love, though it’s not my thing. I’m also sorta looking for a new anime to watch, hook me up sis! Welcome and enjoy your stay 
  20. I want to see what Alicia can do with everyone! FUCK! 
  21. Hell in a Cell 2017: Live Chat

    Charlotte’s attire being a throwback/upgrade of the attire she faced Nattie for the Raw title in (with some of the Blue from Payback mixed in).
  22. Total Bellas Referenced on SNL

    I will never understand how it outlived MadTV. Maybe the celebrity pushes because MadTV was infinitely funnier  
  23. An accolade for Brie to snatch. Poor non established tag teams.  I would die to have seen how a heel, reunited Naomi/Cameron would’ve been as Tag champs though. #GirlI’mAmazing #AllYouGottaDoIsBringItToTheFloor