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  1. Can they have a separate list for NXT, because I'm itching. Nattie/Nikki, Torrie/Dawn, Nikki/Paige, Nikki/Charlotte, Naomi, Melina, Michelle, Beth, Alicia, Victoria, Jazz, Molly, and Maryse were snubbed and I'm not featuring that. Also lock and hide this thread before @Rahgeme sees it. 
  2. Nikki Bella returns to MSG

    I was screaming. She's such a star Also, I don't know if it's the lighting, but it looks like she went back to her natural hair color.
  3. Christy St. Cloud Released from WWE

    I only know one Christy 
  4. RuPaul's Drag Race

    He just needs to show more of what we love the show for like untucked, workroom banter, runways, and more challenges like there were before. It was all just so rushed. Maybe it wouldn't feel as agg if it were a regular season, but it's all stars. As much as nobody claims All Stars 1, it still had moments.  Season 10 is meh to me. I'm not excited really, but I'll tune in and still watch my Fashion Photo Ruviews. It's just that every Queen looks the same for the most part lol, a bunch of trendy instagram queens is what it seems like. This cast doesn't look very diverse to me. But I'm reserving my judgements.
  5. RuPaul's Drag Race

    I've been saying this tbh. But I felt like I may be bugging because this is the first season that I've sat through and watched episode for episode. But it really felt like less than All Stars 2. 2 was just eventful, so many events and moments to look back and gag on, good or bad. With 3, there was no drama, there were no workroom shenanigans, damn near every week was an acting challenge, and the runways were rushed as f. Overall this season just felt flat and rushed. Which is sad to say because it started so strong with episode 1.
  6. RuPaul's Drag Race

    Every season, there's that one fuck up that we Drag Race fans recall all the time and rant about because "if it wasn't done, this wouldn't have happened/this would've happened for sure". This season, it's Ru having the eliminated queens make the decision.  Kennedy should've left like 4 episodes ago. I don't think she had one standout amazing exceptional performance this season, same for runways.  Trixie is one of the queens I was rooting for from the time the cast was announced, so I'm over the moon and she's a believable winner to me, but tea is tea and Shangela was done dirty. The look on her face when she wasn't picked, my heart broke. Idgaf what anybody says, there wasn't a soul in that building that didn't believe Shangela shouldn't have been top 2 at least. Even Ru knows it's blasphemy that she wasn't picked. I feel so bad for Shangie. She brought it all season and she got done filthy.
  7. Who's in HOF 2019?

    If they can't dig up Laygend with Momchelle, keep it. Don't @ me 
  8. Happy Birthday, Cordelia!

    Happy Cumpleaños legend    Here's to many many more years of (not so) Straight Fire!  
  9. WWE Changing Moolah Battle Royal Name

    We prevailed anyhow.  
  10. WWE Changing Moolah Battle Royal Name

    So is it because the petition worked? Because I just got the email that we reached! Work bitch!!  
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    You really thinking something like that'll stop Nikki from collecting a check and being the amazing professional she is and always was? Do you know your (our) fav sis?  
  12. WWE disables comments on Mooloser video

    Now they can't act like they didn't know how people felt about it. I wouldn't be shocked if they kept it, but why would they even? What point are they proving by going against pretty much the entire woke universe and still honoring Mooloaf?
  13. WWE disables comments on Mooloser video

    They've changed and made decisions based on backstage shenanigans and gave us no explanation many times.
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Nah as stubborn as Momria is, she'll make it a point to make sure she wipes her ass spotless then shows out in the match(es). Just so she can tweet "nothing can slow you down" "motherhood gave me power not took it away" "for those of you who thought I wouldn't be able to pull it off because I'm a mother now". Mom is gonna be too caught up in proving the uglies wrong that she won't allow herself to not want to do both full throttle. (Wrestle and momhood) Queen is a HUSTLER
  15. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I'm ready for all these hos to start Seeing Stars 
  16. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    Here for it. And I notice you're new, welcome and enjoy your stay.   Also PS: you can quote multiple people in one post. It doesn't have to be one seperate post per person.  
  17. RuPaul's Drag Race

    As much as I like Kennedy, Morgan should've definitely stayed over her. Besides episode 1, Kennedy has been serving the same gorgeous but predictable pageant gowns and this past episode solidified that. Like come on sis. Shangela pulled an Alaska to Kennedy's Roxxxy so I probably shouldn't even be mad. I really wish I could've seen what Morgan was capable of this season. That runway look proved that I was right to have faith that she would've brought it.
  18. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    But I just fail to understand how that would stop them from honoring her. Is it really that big of an issue, or just yet another instance of WWE being insufferably petty? Everyone knows what Chyna has accomplished, and even the marks and straights would gag at the sight of them actually acknowledging her for once. PS: I've been trying to figure out who's your profile picture, it's driving me crazy. Brooke? Kaitlyn?
  19. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    Wow the fact that we joked about them naming it after Moolah because we didn't think they were that stupid this time. However as usual, they outdo themselves in this department. Whats stopping them from honoring Chyna? Are Mae and Moolah the only women they can't remember during their early history? Rockin Robin has a better ring to it as well. I wouldn't want this name attached to my fav as the "first ever Fabulous Moolah etc etc".    The fact that if WWE didn't go into denial about the divas, we would've had the Sablicious battle royal.   
  20. Sonya Deville On Chasing Glory

    @Rainbow Heart Shit I think I stan.  Exactly what I'm going through currently. I hope I find the same result.   I hope she makes it far. Her in ring work is pretty close to solid, just her mic work seems a bit misplaced. I hope she works with Mickie more in an actual feud. Their match was cute and they served chemistry.   
  21. Mainstream divas. Poor superstars Nikki B and Briezzy are ready for their comeback mini album. The cheques just don't stop
  22. Hi Everyone!

    I've decided to start LIVing  
  23. Abbey Laith & Sage Beckett Released from NXT

    Girl that's different asf. 
  24. Abbey Laith & Sage Beckett Released from NXT

    Where are you from then? Or what is your nationality if it's different than where you live? 
  25. Hi Everyone!

    How do you feel about Brie, Carmella, and Naomi?