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  1. I'm ready for the messssss  Edit: So no Laygend or Cameron?? I see the mess starts with me as it's first victim!  
  2. Alexa Bliss

  3. Alexa Bliss

    Becky couldn't have lasted 3 more days to round out an iconic top 5?  Also, being that it should counting everyone's combined days, does Nay have the longest single reign?! Edit: Or is it Alexa's second Raw reign? Now that I think about it.  
  4. Jim Ross gives opinion on Carmella

    Tea. With all of the history between them and how angry Becky should be, this shit better get personal and hit hard.
  5. Jim Ross gives opinion on Carmella

    Shes always been over the top, and she has habits that I find kinda weird. Like shes 50% prissy 50% goofy. And there are times I would prefer that she wouldn't play clown and just flip her hair and assert her dominance and superior status, but I adore everything she does regardless. Example: When she entered the lumberjack match, perfect time to strut past all them bitches, flip her hair in their face etc. But I didn't have a problem with what she did because at the end of the day, she's still better than you.
  6. Former Diva open to WWE Return

    And who made it a rule that you have to be a ring general to be a legitimate competitor? That's the most tired of it all. All kinds of women have held the championships back then this isnt a pre-2016 thing. This aint Japan, it's WWE, and guess what the E stands for? Probably even more important than the letter before it. They're just as "legitimate" as Natalya, Charlotte, Sasha, etc.  You have Bayley, a great wrestler, a "legitimate competitor", who flopped and is consistently doing so. Why? Because she ain't entertaining. 
  7. And her dumbass probably ruined it.
  8. Oop I thought it was just me. Stan Daddy Kimmel   Queens of mainstream promotion. We live inaugural champions 
  9. Alexa Bliss

    She or Emma should've been the one to take it off Bayley 
  10. Paige, Nia, Mandy, and Nikki look really good. Liv is cute. Charlotte and Becky's faces... "Basic - Ronda Rousey"
  11. HB GIF-cionary

    Name: Grief Goddess/Dawn of a New Day Definition: When  shit doesn't go how it's supposed to and you need a moment to recoup, you're still not about to let anybody see you(r makeup run) sweat, and you gotta beat somebody's ass anyway as a result. Ejemplo:  Me:
  12. Superstar Photo Booth

    Wow she has a necklace that actually says Charlotte? I don't know why but I find that endearing and kinda cute
  13. Lacey Evans gets Merch

    It's cute though. And her gimmick is definitely marketable, I hope she becomes a bigger force in NXT with Dakota, and of course Bianca.
  14. HB GIF-cionary

    I didn't click that, I just read what you said. 
  15. HB GIF-cionary

    I was under the impression that it was for whenever someone tells a blatant lie but they really think that they slick about it.  
  16. HB GIF-cionary

    Can someone post that Layla Knee gif? Because I have yet to know what it means. 
  17. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I have no hole to worry about. HE made this about looks when he started calling Mella ugly first. And literally posted comparison pictures. That was also only one part of my entire dragged out response. So I'm not sure how I would be making anything solely about looks anyhow. Mella's entrance and look is evocative of hundreds of years of bad bitchism and the divas aren't nearing extinction to get treated this way.  
  18. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    /end threadT
  19. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Somebody said it before, we gotta stay invested in this shit somehow.
  20. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    @Slayla If we're pulling receipts, then make them current. I respect you more than that. Meanwhile Asuka looks like an unlockable from Tony Hawk's pro skater. And Lana is gorgeous, but she's another blonde with big boobs, we have plenty of those on the roster. There are more than enough sets on this forum to prove my point that she's a bad bitch, that's besides the point.   There are other women that deserve reigns too, but I don't see what that has to do with the fact that in Becky's case, they have been involuntarily writing the perfect story for both of them, where they would both be built perfect to their characters and development, and Becky would get the perfect payoff that we all know she and her character deserves. To answer your question about SD being "poppin", it was for the first month of her reign. Then Billie/Peyton stopped appearing, and Carmella's challengers became mediocre, and she's given no storyline to work with. So all she was really able to do is cut promos, and she still nails that every time. "A failure that stalled the women's division" Like Asuka's reign did on NXT? And as if her running a train on everyone while holding that title on SD would be any better.
  21. WWE showed it's true colors today

    Sorry sis, Char outsold on that day too. 
  22. WWE showed it's true colors today

    I will never understand why anybody has the nerve to say Asuka is getting dealt the short end of the stick in any way shape or form. She had a whole fucking 1 1/2 year reign, 2 year undefeated streak, a Royal Rumble win and accolade that she didn't need, and is still booked as a bigger monster than Nia would ever be. She hasn't even been on the MR for a year, how the fuck is she obligated to any championships? So we can have another tyrannical reign like we didn't just have Charlotte? Carmella is giving us the best reign we've had since Naomi's (or Alexa's first Raw one). People wanna go back to having a champ that is only champ because they win matches? A champ that barely talks and barely shows up on TV and does anything noteworthy.  Carmella is that bitch. And NOBODY deserves to dethrone her more than Becky. Period.
  23. We love stanning a Queen, truly.