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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Though I agree with it all, I had to bold the part that seems to be a lost concept for most. I really, really, really appreciate you. 
  2. This bitch has nerve. Imagine a porn star not having respect for someone else’s occupation.    And them calling her “Maria” confusing tf out of me and having me think of Kelly’s Tag partner.  
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    V3 > Unused > (Pop Energia) > V2 > V1
  4. And still contributing with more receipts 
  5. WWE announces Mixed Tag Tournament

    Keep all 3! Unless they’re giving Joe to Bayley like she wanted. 
  6. She’s gonna look so good with a belt around her waist. 
  7. WWE announces Mixed Tag Tournament

    I just realized he named 6 women and 8 men. Elias, JJ, and Joe aren’t in the OP. And why are the numbers uneven?
  8. (Me posting this thinking I’m Rosa, but realizing I’m Alicia)
  9. Good shit sis. I have to peep a little bit of it one of these days.    Kharma* btw.
  10. Sasha, Alexa, Nattie, and Naomi being the only women this year to compete in all Big 4s. Slay :clap:

  11. WWE announces Mixed Tag Tournament

    -Bayley/Finn are getting voted in because of their NXT relationship. -Asuka/Goldust would be funny. When they swap entrances. -Alexa/Braun is adorable. -Nia/Enzo being the genderswap version of Alexa/Braun is cute (and the fact that they’re pretty much guaranteed to get voted in because of a recent RAWs.) -Sasha/Miz is attitude galore. And with their opposing alignments, Sasha keeping Miz in check would be cute to watch. -Alicia could have chemistry with anyone. She’s just infectious.   -Charlotte/Bobbay -Becky/Sami -Nay/Jimmy -Lana/Rusev -I don’t know who to put Shinsuke with besides Becky. Becky is just like Alicia in that she can serve chemistry and a good time with anybody. She’s just that amazing. -Nattie would serve a kii with anyone. Nay/Sami could be cute. Lana/Bobby could definitely work, and they would look AMAZING together. Carmella/Bobby Becky/Rusev would be funny.
  12. WWE announces Mixed Tag Tournament

    Carmella/Corbin is the only one I can see. Though I lowkey don’t like the pairing. Nay/Jimmy and Charlotte/Roode would definitely be the frontrunners. Alexa/Miz if character work is factored in like it’s a storyline.
  13. WWE announces Mixed Tag Tournament

    Could this be the beginning??  Torrie/Rikishi vs Dawn/Matt are proud 
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. Which Superstar Took 2017?

    Bayley is more 50/50 imo. She started strong like Naomi. -Walked in AND out of WM as champ in a match against effing Sasha (who was the favorite to win), Charlotte, and Nia. -Had a pretty lengthy program with Charlotte solo. -Ended Charlotte’s PPV streak. (Though it wasn’t memorable) -A big chunk of Alexa’s RAW reign of terror, Bayley played main supporting role to. So she was in the spotlight for a good minute. -Had a (or 2 idr) “big” returns. -Was scheduled to go against Alexa at Summerslam after beating Sasha. She’s had a pretty good year when you take the Universe out of the equation, and her lack of growth character wise.
  16. I wasn’t given anything to apologize for, like I said, I could’ve just been approached with what it was that I said that was problematic. That warrants an apology. Not a subliminal. That corny “Trump supporter” shit literally has nothing to do with anything sis. A video was posted of him doing a move, the women I named did the same move and I said they did it better. That’s it. Again, like I said, I thirst over them regularly. If my comment wasn’t taken the right way or my delivery or timing was misguided, that wasn’t my intention. What’s difficult about just telling me that so I could know what was wrong. I’m grown and so are the others that may have had an issue with it.
  17. Which Superstar Took 2017?

    Nay won it at Elimination Chamber lmao.  What even was the Fastlane match? Probably some multi-woman shit.
  18. I thirst over the Usos and Rusev all the time. If I said something that offended someone, or that was clearly taken in a different way than I intended in my delivery, I would figure they’d be able to let me know so. That wasn’t my intention at all, but I don’t care enough to decipher subs or likes or do any sleuthing for answers. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  19. Which Superstar Took 2017?

      I was already clocked for this. Carmella, Zelina and Mickie are all right at the top. 
  20. Which Superstar Took 2017?

    Alexa. Whether you like her or not, she’s done the most and accomplished the most this year. Issa fact. She’s been the WWE it girl (closely followed by Sasha) all year. Period. Bayley, Naomi, Carmella are good runner ups. Nikki Cross has been involved in quite a bit as well. Next year can easily be Carmella’s, Paige’s, Brie’s, Nikki’s or Sasha’s. But Mandy, Ruby, Liv, Becky, Peyton/Billie (if they treat them how they should be treated) or even Tamina are ones to keep your eye on.
  21. Oh. ‘preciate the assertiveness though.      But oh. 
  22. First of all, Momchelle and Torriesus are NOT shook at that neckbreaker. Secondly, to this this dude would be someone that’d be thirsted over in WSM. Y’all like murderers? (It’s okay, Rusev and Uso can stab this 🐱 as many times as they like)
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. Eve’s Heel then being flawless because Vincent Kennedy had no time to ruin it! Idc what anyone says, Brie v Nikki will always be remembered and brought up for years to come. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s gonna be remembered. I’m not here for people trying to Summer/Layla it when we know that ain’t right. Brie deserved her payoff at WM! Fight me! The way Vince viewed and treated Kaitlyn will never cease to sadden me. And the thing about NXT gimmicks and the MR is only tea. Peyton can possibly do a lot with her Poison Ivy stuff, especially with Alexa and her Harley Quinn stuff. But it can only go so far. Beyond the flower themed parts of her gimmick, her character is no different than any other heel. Billie can be a little more flexible because “Femme Fatale” can be taken anywhere. Face or Heel.