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  1. HBW '18 | Online

    HBW EXCLUSIVE: Who stole Jasmine's Gear?! Last night, HBW's favorite Sensual Latina, Jasmine, debuted an interesting new look!   Footage from Jasmine's entrance Above are the final moments of the Best 2/3 Falls Triple Threat match featuring Jasmine, Violet, and Chloe. The camera opens up to the backstage area where Jasmine is seen, fresh off her hard earned victory. Stomping through the backstage in her robe and flip flops, Jasmine isn't sporting her usual smile; mumbling under her breath in frustration as she walks towards the locker room. HBW Interviewer Renee Young quickly approaches Jasmine, stopping her for a quick interview! renee young / Jasmine! Congratulations on a hard-fought victory tonight, but the HBW Universe has been dying to know.. what's with the new outfit?! Jasmine sighs, folding her arms over her chest as Renee raises the microphone towards her. jasmine garcia / Chica, tu dime! Esto es tan malditamente embarazoso. Renee, if I knew, I'd tell you! Ugh, dios mio! One of the girls in the back thought it would be funny to steal my gear, and I don't know who it was, but as soon as I find out - they're going to get what they deserve. But, as I showed out there tonight; nothing will throw me off my game, because every time I step foot into that ring, I get better and stronger. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go find out who took my gear. I already have a few suspects in mind! Upset, Jasmine storms off, leaving Renee to say her final concluding message. The camera fades to a black. ~~
  2. HBW '18 | Roster

    bio  / Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Boricuan Brat, Jasmine, has set HBW ablaze in just a small time-- but her headline-making stint did not manifest overnight. A former exotic dancer, Jasmine always sought to be something more than just an object for the affections of an audience unconcerned with her personal well-being-- so, after a great night out in the club, Jasmine raked up her earnings and applied for wrestling school the next day. Though faced with ridicule and disrespect throughout her training, Jasmine always persevered, hoping to become a bigger role model for young Latinas world over, much like her inspiration Rosa Mendes. After years of struggle, her hard work paid off when agents signed Jasmine to a HBW developmental deal in 2016, before finally premiering as a member of the main roster in 2017. With the possibilities endless for this determined debutante with a taste for the titillating, el cielo es el limite por Jasmine!. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x alignment / babyface. traits / sassy. bold. firecracker.  billed from / san juan, puerto rico. nicknames / "the brat" ~ "the luscious latina" theme music / "shining star" ~ hbw productions. x signature move / "the brat bash" ~ rapid forearms & kick combo "boobs 2 bust" ~ throw-over belly 2 belly suplex finishing move / "the push-up bra" ~ chokebomb  "fatal fantasy" ~ pop-up codebreaker "the slut drop" ~ spinning leg drop (w/ theatrics) allies / ivy - current chloe chanel - current weslee brooks - current mercedes benson - cousin rivals / holly west - former  photo gallery /  hbw shop / © HEARTBREAKERS WRESTLING '17
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I didn’t say it tho. Don’t put words on my keyboard cause you wanna support problematic entertainers who want you OPRRESSED 
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    Who said you did potato bug 
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    Alexa and her twink fans ready to draw blood over this girl and her 3 moves and Disney mean girl template promos dnjfhfhf 
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    Your fave also shares the same views as Donald Trump. This really isn’t anything to brag about my dear. just say you sympathize/support trump and go  
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    She was born in Ohio. Why y’all acting fake shocked? Stalking her/posting her personal was a biT too much, but it’s WWE twitter. The truth was bound to come out eventually. 
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    The best version of Holla. The Nokia ringtone song in the background SLAYS   Anybody gonna fight me? @Raja @Jake @Wilifred.
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    I think I was one of the only Eve stans who used this BOP
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  12. Net Neutrality Discussion

    Melina can barely pay her fucking rent, now they wanna take away her internet?
  13. Net Neutrality Discussion

    They got fed up with some of you gays on HB and decided to pull the plug I see. Sorry Americans