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  1. HBW '19 | Online

       MARCH 22ND, 2019 POSTED BY TRAVIS ROUCKA HBW Exclusive: The Brat is Back   The HBW Universe was in for a shock at the Fastlane PPV when the Boricuan Brat, Jasmine Garcia, returned to her normal self, after 4 months of being caught under Celestia's evil spell, and successfully defeated Roxanne. Later that evening, Jasmine laid to waste her former tag team partner and possessor Celestia after she defeated Teresa for the Heartcore Title, and declared that at HBMania, she will be walking out as a three time Heartcore Champion and punishing Celestia for torture she's put her through. HBW caught up with the fan favourite to get some insight heading into this match - and to dig deeper in the troubled saga between her and Celestia!  HB: Thank you for joining us Jasmine. It's great to see you back as your normal self! Tell us, what made you snap back into reality and realize that you weren't acting normal? When did you realize that something wasn't right? JASMINE: Hm, honestly - if it wasn't for my cousin Mercedes Benson, I'd still by at Celestia's side. I always knew something wasn't right deep down. I just didn't have the confidence to break free. It goes beyond all that green mist mierda that little evil chica spews from her mouth - she's manipulative. I think she's one of the most sneaky people in this division. Celestia trots around backstage and lingers in the shadows - she knew exactly what to say to me and how to convince me to get on her side. I was her puppet and did all her dirty work because she knew the power and potential I had, but wanted that glory for herself.. WATCH: Celestia takes control of Jasmine HB: People considered you two the dark horses of the tag team division. You two competed and even beat up some of the top names in the division - Team MAC, The NYC Vixens, and even the inaugural HB Women's Tag Team Champions, Team IV. Were those moments genuine?  JASMINE: I honestly don't know at this point. Did she really care about me or did she just want to control me? Losing someone that you considered your best friend - your tag team partner.. it's hard to look back at these memories, even though we did kick some ass.. Celestia only continued to grow into an evil person, an I will admit, I played into her actions and I did become a little demonic these past months. But that mean girl act isn't what I want - and it isn't who Jasmine Garcia - la mejor LATINA aquí en la comunidad de HBW - represents. WATCH: Jasmine & Celestia's Best Moments   HB: What makes Celestia different from the rest of your rivals? You've faced off against the likes of Kimberly Storm, Holly West, Selina.. the list goes on. What do you need to do to prepare yourself to beat someone who knows you so well? JASMINE: That's where you're wrong. Celestia doesn't know me well. She thinks she does. I've evolved. Everything is a learning experience for me - and now that I've left that treacherous experience in the past: I'm better, faster, and stronger than before. She made me into a beast - and now she's going to regret it. WATCH: Jasmine's Most Intense Rivals. HB: Well it's official. You announced that at HBMania, you will be taking on your former tag team partner Celestia for the Heartcore Championship, a title you're very familiar with. If you win at HBMania, you'll officially have the most reigns. Is there anything you'd like to say to Celestia? JASMINE: The only thing I'd like to say to Celestia is that I am not the woman that she use to know. Celestia, do not underestimate me. You've been painting me off as weak and dependant, but I'm neither of those things - and will prove that to you at HBMania. You're no longer my master. You aren't my leader. You're no longer my tag team partner. You're just a PUTA - who's going to be on the receiving end of a very caliente beatdown!  - - - - - - -
  2. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    me stomping on his roach yall keep posting in this thread
  3. Send in your lists! | HB's Top 20 Favorite Champions

    you arent getting my list baby, it don't matter
  4. She's such an ugly musty liar, I don't trust her Summer Rae dragged her in that match btw
  5. You aren't Canadian anymore bitch, I've revoked your passport @Mattycakes87

    stinking bitch

    1. Mattycakes87


      I'm not against trans people. I'm just saying theirs an ethical grey area when it comes to fairness in real competitive sports. They deserve the same human rights that anyone does. What I said came off insensitive, and I acknowledge that and apologize. Why does gender need to be so god damn complex and so touchy. Jeeze, if I reacted to every time I got gay bashed I'd be in prison.

  6. Impact Wrestling March 15, 2019: Results

    girl is gail retired or not? and tessa's head shape pisses me off every time i look at her
  7. hopefully ronda serves becky/emma and forgets to kick out playtime is OVER
  8. Send in your lists! | HB's Top 20 Favorite Champions

    these numbers should be swapped.. I can list you 40 bitches who could've and should've been champ and 20 bitches who've had good reigns
  9. Send in your lists! | HB's Top 20 Favorite Champions

  10. Send in your lists! | HB's Top 20 Favorite Champions

    yall should know I only read my thread title and post my statement by now gimme attitude again and ill bust a bottle over your head
  11. Send in your lists! | HB's Top 20 Favorite Champions

    !! andrew trying to serve billboard hot 100 when i'm going to get bored after the first fucking 15. can someone shorten this list?
  12. Send in your lists! | HB's Top 20 Favorite Champions

    let them know
  13. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    Alexa Bliss hosting Wrestlemania will actually be entertaining. Whew, the Golden Girl has fallen off but is still being protected and kept relevant without beating the other women in random matches. That's how it's done.
  14. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat