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  1. Happy 7th Birthday, Heartbreakers!

    Happy 7th Birthday HB. My forever home!  
  2. seth slander? you love to see it
  3. trish spending most of her career on RAW (A show) now she's returning on smackdown live (B show) in a jerry the king predator segment..
  4. trish coming to whisper like janet jackson only to get interrupted by // charlotte //'s loud ass yelling i'm already annoyed
  5. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

  6. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

  7. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

    kelly kelly is literally fucking an icon. won a title before everyone else in 2019, made history, and literally looked amazing doing it
  8. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

    melina should have won the title. candice's oatmeal shaped body looked like a mess
  9. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

    THE returns have been shitty, but it's wwe.  i wish we just got melina's split entrance tho
  10. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

    why the fuck is kelly kelly so damn gorgeous? i literally marked out
  11. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

    Not too much, she's a bad bitch. I love how she's always returning in a position of power. Announcing the Slammy after dipping or Beside ERIC. She got a nice pop.
  12. natalya better not try to talk to melina. her fake ass didnt acknowledge her since, and she's still mad that bret hart likes melina more