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  1. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade

    Travis Mendes shook this forum. My legacy could never be UNDONE.
  2. I seriously think Ariana used payola to get on everyone’s list 
  3. I literally thought she was a CAW up until 2011  
  4. AEW Suspends Nyla Rose

    AEW is like a fucking circus show  
  5. WWE Legend Announces Pregnancy

    She couldn't wait until after the Rumble?
  6. I can still slang this DICK on you, so what now? post your list honey, I wanna see Amerie song you streamed this year
  7. Spoiler: it’s all Nicki and Saweetie
  8. !!! Spotify WORKS for their money, A+ customer service. I felt so nostalgic and excited getting this recap.
  9. me serving VERS while you twinks are about to post up with charli xcx and kim petras, I always win
  10. Share your 2019 Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay list here!
  11. Don’t care! Jajajajajajaja
  12. Shadow Fleet

  13. good, now I don't need to buy a ps5