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  1. I stopped reading after the first sentence  her promos have improved lately but take an acting class
  2. Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande - ‘Rain on Me’

    the song was kinda boring when I first listened to it but the video saved it. one of the most visually appealing videos i've seen in awhile. i'm glad she stopped that eco-friendly bullshit cause Stupid Love was literally filmed on someone's iPhone taped to a harness.  the "RAIN. ON. ME." god mod voice she does has me screaming
  3. RAIN. ON. ME.

    fan base] Lana Del Rey - Page 361 - Base - ATRL 

  4. Dark Side of the Ring: Owen Hart. Can we start this conversation? Because I 100% believe the WWE should've gotten punished for how they handled that. Somebody needs jail time.


    1. Layout


      The way Vince was defensive at the reporters question just shows you how vile he is because he couldn’t own up to his and the companies negligence of the situation.  He chooses to just blacklist everything and pretend they never happened like with Benoit. No wonder he’s probably batshit crazy cause he has to live with all of this in his conscious :draglina:

    2. Layout


      Like he’ll never own up to Chyna... :smh2: 

    3. Travis


      It made me sick to my stomach.

      No empathy at all. No care for a human life. I feel so dumb because all these years of watching WWE, I never knew the extent and details of what happened aside from "he passed in an entrance tragedy" but they fucking had that man up in the sky hanging from A KEYCHAIN, THEN TRIED SUING HIS WIFE? Vince is sick. They literally told commentary "yeah he died.. 3, 2, 1 you're back on air!"

      The whole thing is so eerie, it truly makes me sick. The Hart family is so fucked up, now I'm looking at Natalya, Bret and ALL of them weird for staying with a company that has put their family through such hell.

      fan base] Lana Del Rey - Page 361 - Base - ATRL

  5. Entertainment Weekly covers LGBTQ industry takeover

    I just finished watching Hollywood on Netflix, I still have some pent up aggression 
  6. Entertainment Weekly covers LGBTQ industry takeover

    hollywood is filled with weird discreet gay creeps, cover that instead E!
  7. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    NXT sucks and AEW is a circus. this war is a joke
  8. she's literally so irritating 
  9. My stomach literally dropped. This is so sad. I am keeping his family in my thoughts and hoping for a miracle. 
  10. wasn't that the match everyone was out of breath in?  
  11. not him dragging the fuck out of eddie's dawter
  12. Asuka in line for a push?

  13. New MITB Ladder Match?

    so they get declared as an essential business in Florida just to host a PPV in Connecticut  I get they're trying to be creative and I'm so excited to watch but this is so unsafe. The amount of germs that are gonna get spread in that building. If someone doesn't die from corona, they will die from taking a bump off the Titan Tower