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  1. You not realizing you’re on my SC team 



    1. Layout


      Go max btw :trickie:

    2. Travis



    3. Layout


      We all maxed except you and one other guy dbsnsn. Come collect your rewards. 

  2. so we just gonna act like rosa did like some puss-c also? she came out on total divas, sonya came out on the poor man's tough enough 
  3. Tom Holland to play Nathan Drake in ‘Uncharted’ film

    is there only like 4 male actors in the world? you see one white boy in one movie and then you cant escape him anywhere for the next 6 years
  4. Pro Wrestling Eve holding Super She Down today

    nobody is watching this shit
  5. Alexa And Natalya Flying to Saudi Arabia

    nattie is about to put someone in a double sharpshooter 
  6. Alexa And Natalya Flying to Saudi Arabia

    Vince saying NO tits or ass, yall can get Nattie and Nia running into each other  
  7. Fantasy Booking

    Give Charlotte a Roman Holiday. Sis needs a break Actually build up the IIconics as cowards but actual competitors who can win matches Keep bitches on RAW if they're from RAW, and bitches on SD if they're on SD Ember/Mickie title involvement, Dana underdog story 
  8. Shayna Baszler To The Main Roster?

    Hope Nattie is ready to lose to her
  9. Michelle Mccool on Chasing Glory

    THIS ALSO made me so sad! really hope she can have another successful birth. she's so strong.  -- i'm a little confused as to why lillian's cock eye didn't mention layla? the word "laycool" wasn't mentioned ONCE
  10. Michelle Mccool on Chasing Glory

    I was angry listening to this. So sad that she's kinda just done with wrestling, she seems grateful for the friends and that's it. Sis can't remember shit  but I'm happy she's content and at peace now, cause being a mom is very important to her it seems. I was always a big McCool fan and I hated when she always won at ppvs or whatever, but seeing how she left the industry cause of the "Undertaker's girlfriend" title following her around is so sad. Shame the locker room got so catty, but it's expected. Beth's roblox built ass is now married to Edge and Maryse lost all her talent on the surgeon's table when she fixed that broken leg, I KNOW IT WAS THEM
  11. Summer Rae Ring the Belle Interview

    her gm fcw era? whew, the girls were shaking
  12. Summer Rae Ring the Belle Interview

    I didn't watch but this is also sweet. She's so likeable it seems. A shame something about her annoys me so much. Maybe it's the swoop bang.