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  1. that's a good man. glad he kept it professional cause they would've just done her dirtier in spite of his comments. hopefully the weekly table spots end. they're very stupid and not even funny anymore.
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Nattie is apart of the illuminati or something. her YouTube is very strange and cryptic. TJ and her are definitely in an open relationship and I think he's fucked her sister.
  3. Alicia Fox was Nearly a Member of New Day

    if it was like 2018 new day x alicia fox, then i'd be here for it. i realized he was walking about 2014, when they first debuted and alicia fox was in her tantrum era kjfnjkvnjfk i guess that was when they were desperate for tv time/members and kinda scared it would flop
  4. AEW is extremely sloppy, it's kinda scary. this literally made my stomach drop. everybody rushing to get their spots in and make themselves look GOOD while this man laid on the canvas like a dead corpse. pls.
  5. wait, mickie has beef with a writer? this lowkey makes sense cause they've been sabotaging aunty since day 1 I don't know why the hell she resigned that contract, her match with oscar at NXT was enough & her rumble moment with trish could've topped it all off 
  6. Renee Young Reportedly Leaving WWE

    Owen Hart? I ain't forget #FuckVince #ExposingVince
  7. Renee Young Reportedly Leaving WWE

    everyone but natalya leaving  
  8. and people got mad at Sasha Banks when she asked fans to stop following her in the airport glad sonya got the hell out of that house when she did
  9. WWE Fancast

    Zendaya as Naomi ^_^
  10. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Pleaseee  won’t even give my sis a proper farewell? I’m sick of her being a prop
  11. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    RAW has been amazing lately. Asuka's reign is good, Kairi is finally being taken serious again, and Sasha Banks ft. Bayley have been carrying. Charlotte couldn't do it. Becky couldn't do it. Happy to see Bianca + Shayna get tossed back into the mix, and I've really been enjoying The IIconics lately, finally being booked properly and actually being taken serious.  On RAW Talk, Kairi Sane challenged Asuka if she retains at Extreme Rules, so I think Summerslam will actually be her farewell sendoff since there's been reports about her leaving for sometime now. I will miss her. I'm a Kairidashian forever, that's my sister. 
  12. Rusev Confirms He Has COVID-19

    I will nurse him back to normal  
  13. Tegan Nox Comes Out

    aww cute girl  
  14. they easily could've had Bianca Belair and Shayna Baszler feud, since they have history from NXT. I don't like Shayna and agree her push was forced, but now you had her run through the entire division at Elimination Chamber and made everyone look like shit for no reason. Finish what you started, sir! I hate how disposable the women are whenever Vince or management is "over them"