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  1. 🎶 Now Playing...

    Ugh I was let down tbh? I hate when this happens to me because I am in LOVE with her old album and now I'm already sour on the new era
  2. Shadia Bseiso released from NXT

    Aliyah was right there
  3. 🎶 Now Playing...

    I love afrobeats and have been bumping this all day. Ye by Burna Boy  
  4. 🎶 Now Playing...

    Share what you're currently listening to with the HB Community and discover some new bops!
  5. I'll beat up the next person that makes a thread about a movie... that's on period

    1. Mariah.


      shut up bitch!

    2. Gavin


      i'm sick of these nerds

    3. Mariah.


      @Gavin you watch fake wrestling?

  6. IMPORTANT: Staff Shake-Up

    A moment that's most PLEASING to me in my career Thanks girlies for the welcome and congrats to the new mods. x
  7. The Evolution of Heartbreakers Community

    Then donate broke boy. 
  8. Hey y'all

    oop, welcome my fellow nigerian we love queen hemme
  9. Raw April 22, 2019: Live Chat

    goodbye, becky didn't swing off properly and alicia awkwardly stumbled, half blind maybe becky should stop trying to lucha and stick to what she knows.. suplex, forearm, back kick, dis-arm-her
  10. Raw April 22, 2019: Live Chat

    are you dumb? alicia got thumbed in the eye AND becky randomly flopped like deadweight mid-headscissors
  11. Raw April 22, 2019: Live Chat

    becky trying a new move and botching.. baby leave the headscissors takedown to in-ring professional kelly kelly
  12. Raw April 22, 2019: Live Chat

    They should've given Becky Lynch the win via DQ. Alicia didn't need to tap. The entire match was trash.
  13. Raw April 22, 2019: Live Chat

    "She looks.. healthy"  
  14. Raw April 22, 2019: Live Chat

    Lacey literally just debuted and Becky's already calling her Charlotte and alluding to slut shaming. I'm so sick of her.