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  1. is this the thanks that I get for putting you bitches on? 

  2. Period POOH. Don't even have energy to argue with smarks about it, if it happens, it happens. Kiss the ring and shut up.
  3. please speak on it. this is why I get irritated at the same names being mentioned during this shitty ass Divas Revolution. I need WWE Backstage to bring a stan on the show for a segment and have Renee or Paige go 1v1 with a diva stan to remind them of some other fucking names aside from AK47 Lee
  4. no cuz last time you geighs got something trending they took away the divas title and the bella twins you will deal with Shayna biting Becky 
  5. ! it's black history month also this is somehow aj and paige's fault. 2014 all over again, girl bye
  6. AJ Lee blah blah blah Divas Revolution blah blah blah Horsewomen blah blah blah. I'm tired of hearing the same NAMES and shit on loop. anyways gurl bai
  7. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    I agree but sis biting her and Becky no-selling it and cutting a promo 1 hour later with an infected bite in her neck made me blink. They should've had sis pull up and beat her up with a chair or something. Make her miss a few weeks of RAW or something and taunT the division she "built" or something I DON'T KNOW, I just don't need to see Shayna's baby shark teeth biting Becky's bulky neck
  8. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    she gonna hate shayna for biting her like coyote in the woods? chile i'll take the random title chase over this cannablism  
  9. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Shayna taking a bite of Becky's neck like a medium rare steak and Becky coming back from the "ambulance" an hour later to cut a promo. Ok. 
  10. Kelly Kelly may work a part-time WWE schedule

    no  not a single live event  
  11. Kelly Kelly may work a part-time WWE schedule

    I want this to happen, I really do, but I hope she isn't in the ring fulltime unless she's in there with someone trusted to make her look good like Natalya, Alicia Fox (questionable with her current status), and maybe even Sasha Banks if she works with the new girls. Chile I just don't have the energy to defend her from smarks dragging her outdated moveset. I'm fine with the little battle royal matches they give her.
  12. The Rockette is coming. We need a Kill Bill version with someone wiping out generational wrestlers cause I'm sick of them 
  13. 'Birds of Prey' opening tracking numbers revealed

    are these like the charts for movie stans?
  14. I play tag & you #IT for life. You a 🤡 you do it for likes. #Yikes @shumiley

    1. Travis



    2. shumiley


      oomf using the chart topper to get streams for his status :terri: