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  2. Omg snatch your third reign Nattie  
  3. first Kharma and now this  
  4. Nattie's about to get jumpedT  
  5. Not Sara Logan what is this SHIT
  6. Wait is that you!? I saw someone mention it on twitter!
  7. I'll also feed my delusion more and take a Melina return  
  8. Well for one there wasn't really an explanation as to why Billie couldn't be out there with Peyton in the fatal four way? It's not even against the rules for Billie to interfere. And it almost felt like a "send off" for Peyton to go to the main roster where as Billie will be focused on her own in NXT.
  9. FUCK the Iconic Duo are being split up aren't they  I'm happy for Peyton if it's her but omfg NOOO not like this  
  10. Anyways I'll be happy for @Taryn if Liv comes up but since Iconic Duo don't seem to be coming I hope we get Aliyah or Sage Beckett  
  11. It should be the Iconic Duo