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  1. Worst Wrestling Attires Ever

    Almost all of Velvet Sky attires.Β  Especially Β 
  2. Hey sis!


  3. ZZ injured at the WWE Performance Center

    So obvious they mostly wanted this sorry mess for the Breaking Ground show.
  4. WWE Network | Official Chat Thread

    Breaking Ground is my favourite show on the Network right now. Wish it was 60 minutes though.Β 
  5. I like that they are slowly building Sasha rather than thrusting her into the title picture like Charlotte. Give her that WM title winΒ 
  6. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    Can't even escape the Paige's mother's womb story in the game.Β 
  7. Why was Candice so loved?

    Improvement, determination, likeability and it helped she worked with such a great heel in Melina and then Beth. They had amazing chemistry in 07. Shame it ended prematurely. She never recovered from that.
  8. Serious Question..

  9. WWE Network | Official Chat Thread

    Β  Β  Cameron did great.
  10. Nikki Bella is #1 on PWI's Female 50

    I would have put Sasha at #1 but I'm okay with Nikki getting it.Β 
  11. Wasted Talent?

    Natalya. Β  Her face run with the Divas title was ended prematurely. It was ridiculous to give the title to Eve at that point in my opinion.Β  Β  I also think she could have been a top heel. But she ended up just Beth's sidekick and then farted.Β 
  12. I hope she does go in. Because they certainly wont.Β 
  13. Most HEARTBREAKING Farewells

    Lita's for me. Mostly because she was my first favourite Diva and I couldn't imagine watching WWE without her in some way. Β  AJ's would have shocked me once upon a time but I had a feeling it was coming when the whole Punk stuff went down. I think had she not got with him she'd still be around now.Β 
  14. Which Diva had the BEST Heel Turn?

    Eve's is another I loved because I didn't expect that either. I wasn't a fan of the execution of it though, just a random backstage segment with The Bella's and Cena but the rest was great. Β  Lita's was too obvious for me to be good, she was getting booed for about a month straight because of the Hardy/Edge stuff so she was obviously going to turn.Β