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  1. Worst Wrestling Attires Ever

    Almost all of Velvet Sky attires.  Especially  
  2. Hey sis!


  3. ZZ injured at the WWE Performance Center

    So obvious they mostly wanted this sorry mess for the Breaking Ground show.
  4. WWE Network | Official Chat Thread

    Breaking Ground is my favourite show on the Network right now. Wish it was 60 minutes though. 
  5. I like that they are slowly building Sasha rather than thrusting her into the title picture like Charlotte. Give her that WM title win 
  6. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19

    Can't even escape the Paige's mother's womb story in the game. 
  7. Why was Candice so loved?

    Improvement, determination, likeability and it helped she worked with such a great heel in Melina and then Beth. They had amazing chemistry in 07. Shame it ended prematurely. She never recovered from that.
  8. Serious Question..

  9. WWE Network | Official Chat Thread

        Cameron did great.
  10. Nikki Bella is #1 on PWI's Female 50

    I would have put Sasha at #1 but I'm okay with Nikki getting it. 
  11. Wasted Talent?

    Natalya.   Her face run with the Divas title was ended prematurely. It was ridiculous to give the title to Eve at that point in my opinion.    I also think she could have been a top heel. But she ended up just Beth's sidekick and then farted. 
  12. I hope she does go in. Because they certainly wont. 
  13. Most HEARTBREAKING Farewells

    Lita's for me. Mostly because she was my first favourite Diva and I couldn't imagine watching WWE without her in some way.   AJ's would have shocked me once upon a time but I had a feeling it was coming when the whole Punk stuff went down. I think had she not got with him she'd still be around now. 
  14. Which Diva had the BEST Heel Turn?

    Eve's is another I loved because I didn't expect that either. I wasn't a fan of the execution of it though, just a random backstage segment with The Bella's and Cena but the rest was great.   Lita's was too obvious for me to be good, she was getting booed for about a month straight because of the Hardy/Edge stuff so she was obviously going to turn.