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  1. Music of the moment 🎶 

  2. Summer Rae returning to wrestling

    That gif  
  3. Elite | Netflix [Season 2 Out Now!]

    I'm from Spain and the cast is very famous here. The cast did an amazing job this season. I liked this season better than the first one honestly.  
  4. Euphoria

    Zendaya better win an emmy for portraying Rue. Queen of acting
  5. I posted my first video on Youtube!

    loved it!
  6. What's next for women's division?

    I feel really bad about Asuka, she deserves so much better. I haven't seen her in a while *but that may be because at this point I forget to watch the shows every week.   
  7. Happy 7th Birthday, Heartbreakers!

    omg . Time flies so fast, it's sometimes quite unbelievable. I'm just really glad to be part of this amazing community and I hope that this place will get bigger in the next few years. Happy Birthday 
  8. Is his acting good? I have never seen him in a movie.
  9. Live Action Bambi On The Way

    They are making this (and many others) just because of money. Aladdin and The Lion King have been really successful.
  10. winx club is getting a high budget live action series aimed at teens/adults.

    They better choose the right actress for Stella. :momkie:


    1. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      They really are out to live action every iiconic cartoon and ruin it.

    2. Andrés ♡

      Andrés ♡

      I know, but I still have high hopes :excited:

  11. 13 Reasons Why | Season 3

     The third season will be released on August 23.  
  12. Natalie Portman as Thor is what we deserve to watch honestly  Also I though they would say something about Spider-Man 3, but maybe it's because of Sony.
  13. Liv Morgan set for makeover and push.

    She looks good now but, maybe a makeover would be interesting to see if her new gimmick is decent.
  14. It's has been almost three years since I came here, and I just remembered how bad I was feeling those days and also how this forum made me forget my bad thoughts (at least)  temporarily. Even If I don't watch wrestling that much now, I'm really glad I had shared my feelings once here. 


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    1. Angelic


      And I'm glad you were able to as well, remember, if you ever need anyone to talk to. I meant it. :hug: 

    2. Christon


      :clap: thanks for logging back in.

      Find some humor in the other content. They changed things around.

    3. Layout


      Hey friend. I don’t think I’ve seen you around much anymore, but I’m glad you’re still alive. I’m also glad you’re feeling much better these days. My DMS are always open if you need to chat tenor.gif?itemid=12274504

  15. At first, it was weird to me because I'm used to the original one, but she's very pretty and her voice is great. I'm sure she will slay.