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  1. Maria Comes for Charlotte

    She really wants that push.
  2. Jim Neidhart Passes Away

    R.I.P. Hope Nattie is ok rn. 
  3. Will AJ appear at ''Evolution''?

    Two weeks ago Stephanie made a historic announcement when she confirmed the first ever all women PPV called Evolution, this event will take place this fall in Uniondale, NY and women from the past, present and the future are set to appear. Talking about former superstars did a poll asking people who they want to return, the poll included Kelly Kelly, Layla, Beth Phoenix and many more but the most voted was AJ, who left in 2015. There are rumors about WWE officials trying to contact with her, but would the black widow accept it?
  4. Renee Young to serve as guest commentator on Monday Night Raw

    That's an upgrade Mrs Ambrose!
  5. Miz & Mrs Premiere Ratings

    Total Bellas is shaking
  6. My crush gave me his number. Idk what to do, when I'm around him my heart is like a motorbike bish!

    Resultado de imagen de cry

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Andrés ♡

      Andrés ♡

      Well, I have been talking with him on instagram but now we're like ''more close'' and he wants to call me or maybe have a date.

    3. Ninja Balenciaga

      Ninja Balenciaga

      Call or text him, bish! Claim your man.

    4. prince.


      suck his dick 

  7. Raw July 23, 2018: Live Chat

    Me watching all the disgusting and sexist tweets from some fans.
  8. I'm here for a iconic messy  segment. 
  9. Former Diva open to WWE Return

    I saw that she has been in talks with them in the last few days, I guess she is really coming for that Total Divas spot.
  10. Here for it, if they give them to Peyton and Billie.
  11. Former Diva open to WWE Return

    2015: I would like to come back. 2018: I would like to come back. 2030: I would like to come back. Just do it sis.
  12. NXT Spoilers

    I like Amber's style tbh, she is serving a look. I could see her in the MYC this year.
  13. Nikki Bella Can't Masturbate

    So what?
  14. This isn't that easy honestly, but sounds pretty interesting. If they work hard doing this, we could get something special. I'm here for comebacks, special guests and NXT girls.