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  1. Natalie Portman as Thor is what we deserve to watch honestly  Also I though they would say something about Spider-Man 3, but maybe it's because of Sony.
  2. Liv Morgan set for makeover and push.

    She looks good now but, maybe a makeover would be interesting to see if her new gimmick is decent.
  3. It's has been almost three years since I came here, and I just remembered how bad I was feeling those days and also how this forum made me forget my bad thoughts (at least)  temporarily. Even If I don't watch wrestling that much now, I'm really glad I had shared my feelings once here. 


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    1. Angelic


      And I'm glad you were able to as well, remember, if you ever need anyone to talk to. I meant it. :hug: 

    2. Christon


      :clap: thanks for logging back in.

      Find some humor in the other content. They changed things around.

    3. Layout


      Hey friend. I don’t think I’ve seen you around much anymore, but I’m glad you’re still alive. I’m also glad you’re feeling much better these days. My DMS are always open if you need to chat tenor.gif?itemid=12274504

  4. At first, it was weird to me because I'm used to the original one, but she's very pretty and her voice is great. I'm sure she will slay.
  5. “Charlie’s Angels” Trailer

    Ariana, Miley and Lana together 
  6. Avatar 2 delayed until 2021

    They have done this like 100 times already.
  7. Marina Shafir Rumored to be Joining The Undisputed Era

    Wait... she still works there.
  8. Royal Rumble 2019: Live Chat

    I expected more honestly, this match was  a mess  just  ok.
  9. Music of the moment

        People need to know their music.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 25 posts to view.
  11. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    So... who's the fifth member of team sd?
  12. Little Mix

    We, people with taste do.
  13. Charlotte Flair Is Predicted To Win Royal Rumble 2019

    I guess, it's too predictable. It would be ''better'' if next year she turns heel honestly, her character is quite boring right now.    
  14. WWE Evolution Leaked?

    It could be fake too so... Anyways here it is: