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  1. K-pop

    iu and lee hi say hello.
  2. Big Brother | All Stars 2020

    Let me post my thots on Big Brother UK after the premiere of BB18 since I've missed talking about it with @Charlie  
  3. HBVU | IMVU w/Heartbreakers

    i'm making a new profile but know that i got a job and i got money so my glo up will be v quick!!
  4. HBVU | IMVU w/Heartbreakers

    out and about ™
  5. HBVU | IMVU w/Heartbreakers

  6. someone make me a new set pls and thx or my return is #cancelled :smoke:

    1. Christon


      @Shoaib. Help us sistren.

    2. AntiKingAndrew


      My inbox is open sis

    3. Christon


      *Funkadactyl skips into Andrew's inbox*

  7. HBVU | IMVU w/Heartbreakers

  8. Original Knockout Leaves TNA

    Lilian's replacement TBH!
  9. Main Event April 19, 2016: Results | From the UK

    Alicia looking real cute in those new threads, meanwhile my bitch Summer is still strutting around in that dusty ass attire from her days in's been long enough, sis. It's time for a change. And I won't be having any of those tassle attires again either.  The match was cute though! A corner spinning leg kick and the return of the Summer Crush in one match? I live.  
  10. Sasha Banks Shades Total Divas?

    "I'm in a category of wrestlers, there's something for them.." Apparently what's for them is wrestling better than you and starring in a reality show on top of that.   
  11. Eden on If She'll Wrestle

    I would love to see her wrestle and I've wondered if she ever would but I always thought she was like...too pretty to wrestle. In that photo card, she literally looks like a Barbie. Like, the other Divas' are pretty too but she just seems like the type of pretty that would be easily damaged if that makes any sense. She just looks very polished and I can't really picture seeing her actually wrestling anyone.