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  1. no metal fans?

    it was a joke...
  2. hello everybody!

    thanks to all for the welcome but i'm not sure to seems i don't have your knowledge in female wrestling and i'm a bit lost here.
  3. SmackDown August 9, 2016: Live Chat

    the match between carmella and nattie was really poor..don't want to talk about eva marie,becky and alexa,i will hurt you with my wickedness.. the matches are really with low level or with silly stories.
  4. Paige

    last instagram she'll be back soon!!!!! yippppeeee!!!
  5. no metal fans?

    I flopped...
  6. Paige

  7. Becky Lynch

  8. Nikki and Rosa train at the PC, talk their comebacks

    when you read some comments on YT or on wrestling forums,many "fans" think she 's the savior and the promise to wake up the divas division when she'll come back..that's funny.
  9. about the "post your picture" thread

    nevermind,this is not a big deal..
  10. Nikki and Rosa train at the PC, talk their comebacks

    pretty hypocritical from Nikki to say "i don't know where i will go "...of course she'll be drafted to smackdown, with Cena..we all know this... not sure she willl save the division too....i would rather see Brie,much more than nikki.   but it's good to see she's in better health.
  11. hello everybody!

  12. Paige's mother Confirms that Paige is Injured

    i had a  scoliosis,but if you go to a physiotherapist and work a little, you recover at 100% ...she's a wrestler,considered high-level sports, since many years and she comes from a family of wrestlers,i'm not sure her family did not care about Paige's health during this scoliosis..she just has an injury because a bad movement during a match,it happens to all wrestler.
  13. about the "post your picture" thread

    maybe i was not understandable..i never said people can't post  pictures of them,just if it's possible to lock this thread for people who aren't members of this forum.. i'm on many forums,and 99% of them have a  "trombinoscope" but only viewable by members ..and it's just a proposal,if you don't want to change it,no problem for me..
  14. don't you think it will be interesting to lock this topic from public views? just to have it visible only for members? just for our own privacy? ;) i don't want to be a superstar..