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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    The most iconic Great American Bash Match of all time  I really can't believe these four literally WERE the SmackDown Diva's division at this point
  2. SmackDown May 1, 2018: Live Chat

    He's just so boring without Carmella
  3. SmackDown May 1, 2018: Live Chat

    Paige needs to work on not sounding like a scripted porn actress  
  4. Eva Marie hopes to return to WWE

    Bitch imagine the heat when Time to Rise hits at the #30 Spot during the Women's Royal Rumble   "FROM CONCORD, CALIFORNIA..." having everyone shook.
  5. Dreamdoll

    I still think WWE needs to give her a tryout for this dropkick   
  6. Hi

    Who do you stan
  7. I'm really hoping sis does well and doesn't get snatched by Emily in Hall Brawl
  8. Who is the queen of FCW?

  9. Money in the Bank 2017: Live Chat

    Ellsworth serving Maryse  
  10. I never thought my daughter would accomplish so much.
  11. A transgender in the women's division. Thoughts?

    I'd be here for it. I don't know if WWE would Or the girls. Since we have these Trump voting hens like Lexi Kaufman.
  12. #BL2017 - Block Lana?

    I kept hearing people talk about this Stella bitch and I thought she was an interviewer at NXT or something. You mean to tell me she has no affiliation with WWE at all? Is she at least a MUA contracted with them? Yes? No?
  13. Kairi Hojo Announces Her Departure From Stardom And Is Heading To NXT

    I am not ready for my favs Lacey and Aliyah to just be jobbing out to every bitch from Japan  
  14. Getting head shaved. Is it worth it?

    Didn't miss Molly do it JUST to get her Mania moment? Dedication  
  15. NXT May 3, 2017: Results

    These attires are really struggling since Sandra quit huh  That 6'2 girl looked a mess. But I'm stanning Miss Lacey and her EXTRA ass ring post entrance. I think she can really be a star. Is Candice signed or is she just a one-off cuz ha man? Also I yelled at Iconic snatching Bianca by her braid