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  1. WWE announces Mixed Tag Tournament

    Bayley / Braun please. ETA: They better hug after they win.
  2. When you're tryna sleep at 11PM and your neighbours are doing construction in their garden, playing romanian folk music and yelling in the room next door... I swear I'm finna bout to do something very unholy in the eyes of the good lord that'll probably hand me a life sentence in prison...:jeigz:

  3. k so now we stuck with uf-hoes$?  Great! I'm SO excited for 30 second themes looped 50 million times! 
  4. Naomi suffers injury?

    They're obviously trying to make the attack of The "Riott" (why tf did they put another t at the end of Riot ) Squad sound legit. Watch ha and Becky return in a few weeks and attack these girls alongside Charlotte which will then set up a tag team match at some PPV  
  5. Match Announced For Tonight's Raw

    Better get separate entrances and Mandy better be using her K-Pop theme and not some looped CFO$ trash
  6. Emma Set to Main Event Independent Show

    Ugh yes good for her, knew she was gonna slay the indy scene
  7. expected. Obviously they'd fuck something as big as this up, typical WWE y'all. Get ready for Ronda vs, Bayley at WM3-something because I can't remember rn 
  8. Which woman will step up in NXT?

    nnn not me thinking I could do multiple votes and then accidentally change my main vote from Abbey to Dakota Abbey and Dakota finna bout to run this thing. Bianca and Taynara too tbh.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/Kay_Lee_Ray/status/933764251512131584?p=v

    HER NXT ERA IS COMING :shook: They better be giving her a contract, still not over her being eliminated first in the MYC :uhh: I love Sugehit but still..



    1. Christon


      Her Twitter header :rot:


  10. aww congrats to Roxxi and her man!!  
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    "WWE flop Austin Aries reveals why he was axed after WrestleMania"... I love how blunt they were  https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/4975713/wwe-austin-aries-wrestling-contract/
  12. Becky Lynch Starring in Marine 6

    oop, I actually forgot I doubt they'd do a tag match, I think they'll do the rematch as planned and then deal with the whole invasion angle on the next show.
  13. Becky Lynch Starring in Marine 6

    It'll probably be Tamina considering what she's been tweeting out. I feel like they'll continue with the Char vs. Nattie feud until Starrcade TBH.
  14. Carmella shades Liv Morgan via Twitter

    Bye. Liv was serving this style back in 2014 whilst Carmella was using the skin of endangered animals  
  15. Ruby and Sarah finna bout to put up some lit matches, y'all just watch Liv yelling "NO GLOW" and "WHAT FIRE?" had me dying ETA: I preferred SD more than RAW. I mean I'm happy Paige is back but the attack these girls put up on Tuesday was just RAW x100  Even though it kind of took the excitement away considering the same thing happened the day before. SD's gonna have some great matches if they book right. Aliyah and her rainbow vomiting unicorn-cat hybrid ass would never