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  1. Ugh yes come to SD. I'm so excited rn
  2. Shayna Baszler Signs With WWE

    Mercedes better be signed TBH.
  3. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Omg FR?! I'm so happy for herr!! They'll look so cute together omg.
  4. 2004. Diss the Diva takes it for that one, the complete barbecuing of Carmella.
  5. Rousey vs Stephanie may happen this WM

    Lol. It's Ronda y'all, what did ya expect? I'm just glad I don't have to see it in UFC no more. 
  6. Whoever's been working on themes lately has done a great job. Love Taya's and Taryn's. Hope they release them soon and not hold off for like 10000 years.
  7. Abbey Laith

  8. Abbey Laith

  9. Can they not have JR and Lita do commentary during the finals please? I'm down for a table of Mauro, Corey and Renee. Lita calling Mia's eat defeat "eat the feet" like wtf..
  10. Sasha vs Alexa set for No Mercy

    Can Nia hurry up and snatch already?! 
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    LMAO. She was crying because of how good her match was with Kairi. I can already see her going big, she seems so dedicated
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  13. The most iconic woman of ECW

    * pretends there's a legend mendes option and ticks it * Other than ha I'd say Beulah TBH.
  14. My name is Billie Kay.

    Welcome!  Hope ya have a good time here!