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  1. Tinashe

    "No Contest" better be on this album, I'm tired of watching that live video with it's low quality audio, I need some HQ realness She said one of the tracks is a feature with another female artist but she's not naming who it is because she wants it to be a surprise. Apparently she's ruled out a few names already like Cardi, Nicki & SZA. I wonder if "Joyride" is gonna be included, she said the song was given to Rihanna but then in an interview after she said she got it back, but that was ages ago so I dunno if that's still the case.
  2. Tinashe

    She's so coming for y'all. RCA don't deserve ha. Queen of Evolving.    

    Ha career has me sad AF :cry: Sis better get some rec. for Joyride coming out next month.

    1. JayP.


      No matter how many bops she releases RCA are never going to get behind her. It's sad.:shook:

    2. 2KX


      Sis needa hurry up with her contract and leave. They don't deserve ha talent. She has the goods and should literally be everywhere, it's so depressing to see where she at.. :crying: Hopefully Joyride brings in some attention. I mean the cover is hottttt.


  4. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    There were things out there. It was known for a long time, a lot of people talked about how she was backstage (I remember Leilani Kai and Wendi Richter in particular). ETA: If I remember correctly there was also a very lengthy article on a wrestler who trained under Moolah and her story was quite heartbreaking, can't remember much but it was known for a long time that Moolah was like this.
  5. NXT Live Event Division [17/18]

    nn lemme update the OP real quick, I needa get back in the loop.
  6. Dakota Kai

    I hope so! I'm glad she's finally on TV more, would be a good match IMO. I hope Dakota gets to showcase her moveset a bit more, and I hope they actually build up a character for her.
  7. Abbey Laith & Sage Beckett Released from NXT

    Ah well, hopefully she finds success elsewhere (Abbey), sucks to hear the Nixon stuff though. I mean if you look at it, Ruby and Abbey joined at the same time, look where Ruby is now compared to Abbey. I guess it kinda makes sense now because when she was first signed I thought they'd be pushing her instantly. I'm really sad about Sage, her story and getting to the WWE was super inspirational and touching. I hope she does well in what she intends to do in the future.
  8. Happy Birthday Dawit

    Happy Birthdayyy!!!
  9. Alicia Fox to be out for several months

    Yeah they had backups / reserves in case someone had to pull out. People are saying it was Kairi, Nikki Cross was backstage too but she eventually left.
  10. Ivory reportedly headlining HOF ceremony

    nnn that was the one I was hoping she'd come out to (it's also called "Precious") I liked that one and "I'm Feelin' Good", she had some really good themes TBH!  
  11. Ivory reportedly headlining HOF ceremony

    Yayyy! I'm so happy for her. Watch her show up at Rumble next year too  Ugh I hope she comes out to one of her bop themes like "Precious" or "Feeling Good"... ain't here for that RTC siren BS.
  12. McGod snatching the most eliminations last night, flawless legend. :legend:

    1. 2KX


      Also can we get Nikki vs. Asuka please. :hatnikki:

    2. Qwan™



  13. Hopefully Nia Jax can display monster here and eliminate half the field before ending Asuka and winning. I'd be so down for that (even if no one likes Nia).   That said, WWE will never give me what I want so I expect Asuka to win this, hopefully some of the surprise entrants get cute pops tho!  
  14. Happy Birthday, Raggy!

    Ahh! HBD Boo!!