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  1. Ugh that sucks. They always get shunned for the RAW girls, least I can sleep early instead of waiting an hour or two just for one match to come on! Hope they deliver and steal the show!
  2. Bad Girls Club

    @ The Keymarie hate I love Key TBH, other than her I like Seven, Susan and Briana.
  3. Ruby Riot

  4. WWE's Japanese Women

    I think the Jumping Bomb Angels played a huge roll in the Women's TT Div. Back in the 80's, their feud with the Glamour Girls gained tons of interest and their moves always wowed the crowd. Bull Nakano was great in the 90's also. I wish they'd used Malia Hosaka, even if Lita was given her original debut storyline (Essa Rios) it woulda been cool to see her. I'm stoked to see where they go with Kairi Hojo and Io Shirai, just hope they don't make them look immortal and have undefeated streaks consisting of 29939393939 matches.
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    nnn the belt thing is a bit over the line Especially when you've had others hold the same title and the belt has the company's logo on it.
  6. Let's Play Flop-A-Feud

    Trish vs. Nidia. Brie vs. Nikki. Total Divas vs. True Divas. Amy vs. Joy.
  7. Women's Tournament To Start Taping This Spring

    Jinny, Deonna, Thea, Taeler & Jade please.
  8. Smackdown March 7, 2017: Results

    I am nawt here for a 8 woman match where one pinfall scores you the title (AKA Vickie Guerrero Invitational ) I hope it's something like a gauntlet or battle royal because I'm over triple threats and other matches like that. PerchedT for 'Mella to sneak in outta nowhere and win the title!
  9. "Goodbye To You I've Had Enough I'm Over It, Goodbye To You I Want It More Than You Could Ever Get, I'm Letting Go, Cause You Took My Heart Then You Broke It, When You Hear This On The Radio, Just Remember That I'm Over You For Good" - BGC9: Andrea Leaves <3

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    2. Larisa.


      Yeah but, you can't just let 4 big beasty bitches jump the smallest girl in the house. Least Andrea from BGC 11 tried to stop Shanae from being jumped but got swept up by security. Zuly was irrelevant anyway, so was that Natalie girl from that season 9 or whatever her name was.

    3. Brandon Waldorf.

      Brandon Waldorf.

      I sure can, cause it ain't my business. Ion know this girl, if I'm in public and I see someone getting attacked I'm going to look the other way..:skull: And of course they look like big beasty bitches compared to Andrea's funsized ass, she was dealing with Julie, Rima and Falen- those girls could barely form a fist.

      If I was in that situation I wouldn't have left tho, these bitches threw out my clothes AND beat my ass on tv. I'm getting some type of revenge.

    4. Larisa.


      Meh. I just think it's a PAB move for someone to just sit there and watch someone else get jumped without doing anything about it.

      I don't blame Drea for leaving. Those bitches were determined to get her out by doing anything and everything. I'm sure if she had someone with her like Christina then this wouldn't have been as bad. All I'm saying is Zuly woulda been a whole lot relevant if she actually did something other than make out with the girls 24/7. Shame she ended up being the least relevant because she had potential. Natasha didn't need to be there IMO.

  10. Current State of the Knockouts Division

    Oop. Looks like things are slowly moving back in track for TNA, nice new additions to the roster, but why ODB? ughhh
  11. The Most Successful Glow Ups

  12. Is Moolah overrated?

    Mhm. She's very overrated. I dunno why people viewed her as some inspiration when behind the curtains she was a complete bitch. She used to train girls and apparently hooked them up on drugs and forced them into prostitution so she can make money. Her "27 Year Long" title reign is a joke. She's screwed over a ton of girls (Wendi Richter, Leilani Kai, Velvet McIntyre, Jumping Bomb Angels, Glamour Girls are amongst the lot) and was real thirsty for spotlight (Real Montreal Screwjob). She would derail any opportunity given to girls she either disliked, saw as a threat or was jealous of. I'm sure if it weren't for her fucking things up then the tag titles would have lasted longer and Velvet McIntyre would have had a longer title reign because quite frankly, Velvet's moveset was way more interesting than anything Moolah could spew up. I've always despised her. Never saw her as anything near an inspiration and always thought she was a self-centered bitch. GirlBye @ People thinking this bitch put women's wrestling on the map when people like Mildred Burke, June Byers and Penny Banner were doing that way before her.
  13. BGC 11 was wack AF. Only thing I liked were the songs they used TBH.

    1. Layout


      Sarah and Mimi's departure ruined the season tbh :pinfall:

  14. UFC Discussion Thread