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  1. Jimmy Superfly Snuka Dead

    R.I.P. Superfly Poor Tamother... she's been through so much in such a short amount of time, hope she recovers mentally from this and comes back strong.
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    nnn What are these In other news, QueenLiyah's being repackaged, RIP ha "Fatal Fantasy" era In all honesty, they should repackage Danielle when she's back from injury  
  3. Lana to be Associate GM for Raw?

    I'd be here for it, but I'd prefer they gave it to Summer. This role is perfect for her and she needs something to do, if she's not gonn wrestle then let her play GM. She'll do a great job, she pretty much delivers with whatever they give her.
  4. Blind Item - Backstage Confrontation (2005-2009)

    Ivelisse joined FCW in 2011, after Tough Enough.
  5. Blind Item - Backstage Confrontation (2005-2009)

    Definitely wasn't Angelina. Like Christon said, after DSW shut down, they relocated her to Louisville for OVW, she was released a day after she moved to Ohio. When FCW started up, WWE split the DSW roster, some went to OVW (Like Angelina) and the others went to Florida (Like Nattie, Shantelle/Taylor Wilde & Krissy Vaine). I listened to Angie's interview with Colt Cabana and she basically said that WWE would bring her in to debut on the main roster numerous times, the plan was for her to be Hardy's girlfriend, but it would never happen because Vince would end up changing the show and stuff.
  6. Emmalina's theme and new entrance

  7. New TNA Logo

    Ew wtf.
  8. NXT's Live Event Women's Division

    Cheree Crowley Auckland, New Zealand Crowley has almost 10 years of wrestling experience that she is bringing to the WWE. She is best known in the wrestling world as Evie. Crowley has already made her NXT TV debut which happened last year, where she came up short against the debuting Nia Jax. Crowley has competed numerous times under the Stardom banner in Japan, competing alongside the likes of Kellie Skater & Io Shirai.
  9. NXT's Live Event Women's Division

    MaryKate Glidewell   Ruskin, Florida Standing at 5 foot 11, Glidewell has competed under the names Andrea, Betsy Ruth and Rosie Lottalove (Primarily in TNA). She is a product of Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley's wrestling academy and has 10 years of wrestling experience under her belt. She, like Prange & Frankele, has also fought around the globe, alongside well known Japanese legends Aja Kong & Kyoko Inoue.
  10. NXT's Live Event Women's Division

    Dori Prange South Bend, Indiana Also known as Heidi Lovelace ("Punk Rock Ragdoll"), Prange has wrestled all around the world, ranging from the United States to Japan. Like Frankele, Prange was very well known in the independent circuit, where she also picked up many titles and accolades, including the OVW Women's Championship.
  11. NXT's Live Event Women's Division

    Kimberly Frankele Seattle, Washington Frankele has been competing in the independent circuit for more than 6 years under her ringname, Kimber Lee. Trained by current WWE Cruiserweight Drew Gulak, Frankele owns a degree in dance education and was a ballerina for most of her life before switching to the world of professional wrestling. Since then, Lee has gone on to become one of the biggest stars in the indies, capturing numerous titles in promotions such as SHIMMER & Chikara. Frankele has already made her NXT TV debut (This was prior to her signing with the company), where she lost to Ember Moon.
  12. NXT's Live Event Women's Division

    OKAY. Let's get this back up n' running!! Here's what the NXT LE Div. currently looks like - Bianca Blair (Who, apparently, according to Wiki, has been inactive for over 30 days ) Danielle Kamela (Who also, according to Wiki, has been inactive for over 30 days ) Daria Berenato (I'll take her off the list once she starts to make frequent TV appearances) Macey Estrella Sara Bridges Cheree Crowley Dori Prange Julia Ho Kimberly Frankele MaryKate Glidewell Nixon Newell Taynara Melo de Carvalho Victoria Gonzalez Zhao Xia
  13. NXT January 11 - 25, 2017: Spoilers

    I legit don't get how Billie gets a title match when she was defeated by Ember on the last episode... NXT need to fix their booking and start making things make sense. This is Holm vs. de Randamie all over again. Slay @ Queenliyah getting a W. I think the SDL Debut was a way to introduce her officially and let everyone know she'll be featured a lot more (Kinda like how they did it with Billie). Even tho the booking made 0 sense, I'm excited for the F4W. 'bout time we finally get one, tired of all these singles matches. Oop. Kennadi Brink? Well, we can expect shady comments from Mandy and Kelly now. Slay @ Macey making her NXT TV Debut and Sarah making another appearance.
  14. Four women reporting to training.

    Julia SERVING in that pic Wouldn't be surprised if Kimber, Andrea & Heidi are on the next tapings. Just hope NXT can pull it together, does this mean call ups are on their way? Asuka might go after dropping the belt to Ember, Liv to RAW, Billie/Peyton to SDL? (Wouldn't mind Aliyah on SDL TBH). I think Evie's reporting alongside Nixon in April due to VISA. Zhao's reported also. -    
  15. New details on Mickie James' WWE return

    Ooh. I'm loving these rumored matchups!! Bayley vs. Charlotte / Alexa vs. Nikki (I really wanted Naomi to compete in Orlando and win the title in front of her home crowd but I doubt WWE are ever gonn go for it, which just sucks)/ Becky vs. Mickie / Sasha vs. Nia... throw in a SD vs. RAW Women's TT match on the pre-show and I'm sold on this card!!