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  1. why. :wyd:


    1. Amlex


      A mess. We wanted She Loves Control :k2:

  2. Jim Neidhart Passes Away

    Omg R.I.P.  I hope the best for Nattie and the rest of the family. 
  3. Liv Morgan Shares Videos of Her Main Roster Call-Up Reaction

    This reminds of the time there were reports that she was crying backstage at NXT over how good one of her matches were. She seems very passionate about wrestling and you could sense that here. I wish nothing but the best for her and think she's gonna be a star in a year or two.
  4. Whew I haven't watched LU in ages (since like, the Black Lotus Triad had that crazy match vs. Pentagon Dark). This was a fun episode, I now stan Sonny Kiss & Mariposa.
  5. Mae Young Classic 2018: Spoilers

    There's one on Twitter and it's absolutely awful, the crowd was dead silent and all you could hear was her crying it was really hard to watch.  HHH came out to hype up semis, the crowd chanted "PLEASE SIGN MIA" and he replied w "Okay".  He also announced that Tegan has a broken leg  I mean on the bright side at least it's not another ligament tear but still this sucks given how much time she's had back from her previous injury. I hope she heals up and comes back better than ever.
  6. Mae Young Classic 2018: Spoilers

    omg she threw the x up herself afterwards and began to cry. I feel so bad rn. 
  7. Mae Young Classic 2018: Spoilers

    She really can't catch a break 
  8. Mae Young Classic 2018: Spoilers

  9. Mae Young Classic 2018: Spoilers

  10. Mae Young Classic 2018: Spoilers

  11. Mae Young Classic 2018: Spoilers