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  1. Happy Birthday, Mariah!

    Happy Birthday Mariah!
  2. Tinashe

    Apparently it was all done over two days
  3. Nixon Newell gets new name

    I, like it? I mean it's gonna take a while to get used to it but it rings well IMO. I hope this means Jessie, Shadia and Kacy are getting name changes because I'd expect them in the MYC too.
  4. Tinashe

  5. Tinashe

    New music on its way soonnn!! She's been working with Hitmaka recently (produced MSB), project rumored to be a new album titled "Nashe". Some of the snippets sound so good omg, I so hope we get the solo version of No Drama on this.    

    They best not downplay her moveset. I need her to do what she did to Pentagon Dark at LU on Shayna. 
  7. Women's Match Booked For WWE UK Tournament

    Jinny's been around for like three years and she's been one of the top female wrestlers and heels in the UK for some time now. It's not surprising to see her get this far already.
  8. Tinashe

    Rumor going around is that Ooh La La is the next single and might be a remix featuring Normani and Kehlani. It's only a rumor at this point. 
  9. PROGRESS Wrestling

  10. Ronda vs. Nia Announced for MITB

    Ick. They best have someone like Sara Amato direct their match because I'm not looking forward to this one.
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  12. Lucha Underground Season 4 Trailer

    omg I can't wait to see him, I saw a few glimpses of his work and I've been impressed.
  13. NXT Spoilers

    Isn't there another set of tapings set to happen today?
  14. NXT May 9, 2018: Results

    https://123wwe.com/watch/wwe-nxt-5-9-18-full-show.html 00:22:24 Dakota Kai vs. Vanessa Borne (feat. Shayna Baszler) 00:30:58 Dakota Kai Interview (feat. Nikki Cross & Shayna Baszler)  
  15. UPDATE: New Staff Members

    Congrats yall!