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  1. 2019 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    I'm in! 
  2. Vickie Guerrero Shows Her Ass

    Can she show up at the Rumble so Carmella can get ha revenge? 
  3. WWE Signs Alpha Female & Kay Lee Ray?

    I also think somewhere Meltzer talked about their deals and specifically stated that KLR and Jazzy's were NXT UK and that Viper's was simply NXT, so who knows. I guess even if she does report to Orlando they'll just fly her out for tapings like they've done with Rhea and Dakota.
  4. Nikki Bella Talks Dating After John Cena

    girl wyd giving him a recap of each date I- does artem know I mean, at least they're both on good terms and are (seemingly) happy.
  5. What is the point of this Like are we not supposed to know all the main roster girlies are in? They're so dumb.    
  6. Naomi vs. Mandy Rose Announced for SmackDown Live

    Literally WHO cares about the Miz and Shane challenging for tag titles. Shane should be gone by now and if Miz isn't w Maryse then I don't know her.  This should've been a falls count anywhere but I'm glad to see this finally come into fruition. Hope they put on a good one! 
  7. WWE Signs Alpha Female & Kay Lee Ray?

    KLR's a given I'd say. She dropped the WOS belt to Bea Priestley.  Viper's apparently reporting to Orlando so she probably won't be part of NXT UK (or they'll fly her out to tapings idk).
  8. Nattie/Ronda vs Sasha/Bayley announced for RAW

    do they have to even announce it anymore.  
  9. Superstar Photo Booth

    what even are those gowns.
  10. Tinashe

  11. Apparently they signed Shanna: I haven't heard about her in a while and apparently she's banned from entering the US, which makes me wonder how they've worked this out.
  12. NXT January 16, 2019: Results

    ngl out of all the HW I have the most hope in Jessamyn. Like even when I followed them in MMA I felt Jessamyn would have a great career (I was wrong but ) I think she'll be one to watch in the future for sure. IIRC she was training even before she joined NXT so I think it's safe to assume she's a but ahead of Marina at this point.
  13. Sasha Banks Says She's Better Than Half Of WWE's Male Stars

    were you MIA during heel Nattie szn or? If anything Nattie showed out here and in her feud with Nikki as a whole so saying she did nothing to improve her lack of charisma for the 15 years she's been there is a bit of a reach.