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  1. What I meant was elimination night athletes usually don't last long 
  2. Y'all know damn well that she ain't gonna make it past eviction night 4 anyone who has an incline to physical activity will get cut immediately. I see her going eviction night 2 doesn't mean that I won't root for her
  3. I am shooked by this so much finally Peyton is back and ready to snatch everyone there
  4. Hollerrrr !!

  5. Who Are You Rooting For at Backlash?

    To me I want anyone except Nikki to win don't get me wrong I lovvveeee Nikki but I need to see a new champion that wasn't already one in the past year I see almost anyone winning. Naomi would be a great champion due to her entrance and how athletic she can be she can put on some great matches when given the chance. Nattie one of my all time favorites she's a serious contender for the title it can give her something to brag about in her promos. Becky is a true underdog of not only the 4hw but in general shes booked all these matches but she loses most of them she is top face potential for sure. Alexa I live for her shes great and personally my favorite heel on the MR she can really show what she's made of and win the championship with the Twisted Bliss and prove Smackdown is the land of opportunities for NXT. I think that's about it
  6. Exactly I felt the same exact way 
  7. Holo it's me

    Thank you so much for the welcomes! 
  8. Holo it's me

    Who doesn't
  9. Holo it's me

    yessss I love SimplyNailogical
  10. Holo it's me

    I respect them a lot for doing what they are doing
  11. Holo it's me

    Mandy Rose, Eva Marie, Naomi, Dana Brooke, and Emma
  12. Holo it's me

    HI! Everyone it's nice to join this website finally