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  1. Lana defends her new gimmick on Twitter

    Umm... what is she again? a wrestler?
  2. Forbes: Highest paid WWE stars of 2016

    Cena and Lesnar take the fattest checks. 
  3. Who's Next in Line To Be Champion?

    Alexa surpassing Sasha in fan relevancy... that is not bad. I see Alexa winnning the title soon however Charlotte may not have it so easy. I sense Team BAD is coming in the form of Naomi and Tamina.
  4. RIP Matt “Rosey” Anoa’i

    I liked Rosey. He was awesome back in 2004. May he rest in peace. 
  5. What she needs to do get off Cody's dick and start making a name of herself! Get better at wrestling or go home.
  6. Another Milestone for Natalya!

    Nattie for Women's champion.    Psych. like that's gonna happen.
  7. According to Meltzer, WWE is done with Paige

    She can't fuck this up because she's been living life like she's a princess and living off Alberto El Papi. She needs to begin focusing on her career otherwise we're gonna see her in another promotion, which is a downgrade considering everything she's done to get to WWE. I wouldn't be surprised though if WWE decides to buy her out and release her. There are plenty of other women ready to take her place.  That movie better save her ass or we'll never see Paige again in WWE.
  8. Mauro Ranallo and WWE Officially Part Ways

    He was such a great announcer. He sounded fresh and made the matches exciting, almost up to Jim Ross caliber. Now my favorite commentator is Corey Graves. JBL and Cole are old farts who need to live up to the status quo.
  9. Another Milestone for Natalya!

    She looks jacked. 
  10. Bitch, show me the receipts. Names or it didnt happen. 
  11. Maria Kanellis to WWE?

    She's not coming back... they don't want her. 
  12. Finn Balor Reportedly Injured At WWE RAW

    Balor getting injured is like watching Candice Michelle all over again... 
  13. Nikki Reveals Truth behind Maryse/Barbie

    Maryse needs to be women's champion.
  14. WrestleMania 33: Live Chat

    Anyone catch a glimpse of Michelle McCool after Taker's match? She still looks good. Though I am beyond appalled at Nia Jax's time in the ring. She should of lasted longer or this fatal four way should of been a sudden death fatal four way.