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  1. Alicia Fox is apparently undefeated this year

    So she is finally being taken seriously as an athlete? I expect a womens title match for Foxy in the future.
  2. Almost 1 Year Later: the Brand Split

    SDL has proven to be a major success thanks to the brand split. It's no wonder this show has gotten better ratings thn RAW. RAW needs to add more character development and more interesting dynamic to compete with SDL. With less time, SDL has achieved everything ideal about creating an intruiging show on a weekly basis. Let's hope that by the next draft, RAW will see some more improving dynmaic quality on their show. 
  3. What's next for the WWE Network?

    At least they've exapanded their library. 
  4. She was on WWE TV once as one of those Rose Buds or something. She's just waiting on WWE to make an offer otherwise she'll be re-signing with Impact. Gurl's gotta pay her bills you know. 
  5. Alberto Del Rio Signs With Impact Wrestling

    Imagine Paige going to Impact Wrestling... Gosh what a downgrade that would be. She needs to come back ASAP.  Oh and congrats to Del Rio. He can definetly get in a wrestling ring and put on a show. 
  6. I never liked Brooke.
  7. Jack Swagger Released

    He's better off outside the WWE. His time has passed to be anything bigger . He's reached his limit.
  8. Icon returning to TNA

    Queen of the Moutain is back to save the Knockouts. 
  9. TNA is gonna go under by the end of the year. Count on it. 
  10. Maria Kanellis Leaves TNA

    TNA has horrible business finances and can't even balance their budget. Good riddance to these two because there is certainly other talent out there who can work just as well with less money. TNA is not even the ball park as WWE yet try to function like they are. This is what happens when they do. TNA just can't afford to these people like their WWE superstars. 
  11. Kurt Angle expected to wrestle part-time

    Kurt Angle back in WWE is gold but I hope he doesn't aggravate any of his past injuries.
  12. Kelly Kelly Coming Back For Another Run?

    I hope she actually learns to wrestle this time. With the girls that there now, she won't be able to keep up. 
  13. Tamina to Smackdown Live?

    Where has she been? If she goes to SD, we may actually see quality Tamina matches.
  14. Former TNA KO snatches WWE Tryout

    If she don't fuck up again like she did in TNA then I definetly see her as the monster heel WWE is looking for. Kharma could of offered that but you know, it never went to fruition. Good for her though. .
  15. Naomi as a Women's Champion?!

    It's a no from me. Not hating , just being real.