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  1. Britney Spears

    So proud of Britney. She’s so humble and stays true to her fans. 
  2. Eva Marie hopes to return to WWE

    She can stay out. 
  3. She had decent matches with Michelle McCool in DSW. Shes WWE potential but TNA was better for her.
  4. At least shes making herself relevant in wrestling.
  5. You better watch your hurr before its snatched. 
  6. Someone should snatch her bald.
  7. MAJOR HEAT on NXT Superstar

    This will guarantee jobber status 
  8. I guess the Knockoutd have lost their touch. I hope Gail goes back to WWE in some capacity.
  9. Nia Jax quit?

    Nia Jax  has been severely under-utilized. She deserves so much more.
  10. WWE Superstar hinting at retirement?

    What a waste.
  11. Alicia Fox on Lilian Garcia's podcast

    After she injured Beth Phoenix in 2011, her career has gone downhill with a few title shots here and there. She deserves better but so much time has passed by, who knows when she'll be champion again. 
  12. Will the women ever main event another ppv?

    Absolutely, there are a number of women with the talent to main event a PPV.  Only problem is storyline. A match is a good match only the story behind it is just as compelling.