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  1. Nia Jax quit?

    Nia Jax Β has been severely under-utilized. She deserves so much more.
  2. WWE Superstar hinting at retirement?

    What a waste.
  3. Alicia Fox on Lilian Garcia's podcast

    After she injured Beth Phoenix in 2011, her career has gone downhill with a few title shots here and there. She deserves better but so much time has passed by, who knows when she'll be champion again.Β 
  4. Will the women ever main event another ppv?

    Absolutely, there are a number of women with the talent to main event a PPV. Β Only problem is storyline. A match is a good match only the story behind it is just as compelling.Β 
  5. Dealing with Stress/Anxiety

    Working out helps me alot.
  6. Maria Kanellis Pregnant

    Well that was a short comeback. I was hoping she'd get pregnant after she re-established herself.Β 
  7. I'm excited for this season of Total Divas.Β 
  8. NXT's Aliyah would make a great muslim character. Her name is inherently Arabic and doesn't require to wear a burqa or headdress. She can be Jinder Mahal's manager.Β 
  9. Dana Brooke's boyfriend passes away

    I feel for Dana. I hope she turns this emotion and energy into her ringwork. This can only fuel her drive. My thoughts are wiht her and the family.Β  I can only imagine the pain shes going through. Losing a loved one is not easy.
  10. Mob of WWE Fans boo Sasha Banks outside of her hotel

    Fans are just pissed the Red Sox beat the Yankees, yet again. They're just hating her cause she's from Boston.Β 
  11. Naomi Expected to Keep Title For Remainder of 2017?

    Nattie deserves a title reign. I'm all elated for Noami and all but Nattie needs a run. Maybe Nattie's run will come sometime next year.Β 
  12. Spoiler On Alexa Bliss’ Opponent For WWE SummerSlam

    Good one, but you miscontrued. Alexa will be the actual winner of the match, regardless who faces her.Β 
  13. Spoiler On Alexa Bliss’ Opponent For WWE SummerSlam

    The real winner is your RAW Women's champion, Alexa Bliss!Β