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  1. Maria debuts a new look (BLACK HAIR)

    I'm gonna give her time to let make her impression. Can't say I'm excited but I'm eager to see what they offer. 
  2. Miz and Maryse possibly done?

    Maryse will slay. Anything she has done, Maria hasn't. *cough*championships*cough*
  3. Was the MITB rematch the plan all along?

    Carmella will win again thats for sure. 
  4. Money in the Bank 2017: Live Chat

    Does anyone know a live stream?
  5. Bray Wyatt's wife speaks out

    She'll be alot stronger by keeping those emotions in a private setting. Men are stupid - don't need them. 
  6. Update on Maria Kanellis to WWE

    She needs to stay out of WWE and/or never be seen with the Women's title.
  7. Watch: The Bella Twins on Whose Line Is It Anyway

    Brie looks exceptional. 
  8. Triple H frustrated?

    Paul's hard work going down the drain... He should be the one to control RAW.
  9. How would you book Paige's return?

    Ugh....let's see how her life movie does and then we'll see how we should book her return.
  10. Jojo is not to blame. Blame Wyatt for his weakness. 
  11. Renee Young leaves the cast of Total Divas

    She was irrating. Good riddance. Though I'll miss seeing Dean, he's so fine. 
  12. Looks better than the 80s version. Maybe this will suit Cameron since all the wrestlers are actresses.
  13. Two RAW Superstars Join Total Divas Cast

    Nia Jax joining the cast of Total Divas is an inspriation for all women! She's revolutionary in many ways 
  14. Money In The Bank Promotional Poster Revealed

    I don't like it.
  15. Which SuperStars are LGBT Icons?

    Maryse loves the gays. She used to live in West Hollywood and would always surround herself with them. Naomi is next since she's so colorful and paid respects to the Orlando shooting victims.