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  1. Kelly Kelly Coming Back For Another Run?

    I hope she actually learns to wrestle this time. With the girls that there now, she won't be able to keep up. 
  2. Tamina to Smackdown Live?

    Where has she been? If she goes to SD, we may actually see quality Tamina matches.
  3. Former TNA KO snatches WWE Tryout

    If she don't fuck up again like she did in TNA then I definetly see her as the monster heel WWE is looking for. Kharma could of offered that but you know, it never went to fruition. Good for her though. .
  4. Naomi as a Women's Champion?!

    It's a no from me. Not hating , just being real.
  5. Obviously, Nikki always wins thanks to Daddy John.  
  6. Chavo Classic Has Passed Away

    At least he's lived  a long and fulfilling life. Maybe he'll get inducted to HOF. 
  7. Bobby Lashley: "Donald Trump Is Not Racist"

    Trump liked Bobby. And Bobby likes him. Match made in heaven.
  8. Report: Rumored Partial WrestleMania 33 Card

    Nia Jax better win the Women's championship at WM. Let that bitch slay for once. 
  9. I hope SD doesnt downgrade their quality. That'd be a bummer.
  10. The negativity about RAW

    It is what it is you know... SD is way better obviously.
  11. Hay gurl hay


    1. Travy Massaro

      Travy Massaro


    2. Oswaldo


      hai gurl wyd. got hair did 2day

    3. Travy Massaro

      Travy Massaro

      slay! i worked yesterday, then i had a drink with a friend i haven't seen in ages. i need a haircut too tho ugh

  12. Hay gurl hay

    1. Oswaldo


      totaly realized wrong travis! there's so many. 

  13. Victoria or Ivory. If Jackie got inducted last year. I see another woman in that time year. Otherwise, this is Beth's year.
  14. Trish Stratus Gives Birth

    These kids are future of HOF'ers.