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  1. Victoria or Ivory. If Jackie got inducted last year. I see another woman in that time year. Otherwise, this is Beth's year.
  2. Trish Stratus Gives Birth

    These kids are future of HOF'ers. 
  3. Women's Main Event boosts Smackdowns Ratings

    Smackdown Live is looking alot like TNA when they were in their prime. Great women's matches and organic flow of storylines. This is exactly the formula to create intruiging storylines and segments. Well done!
  4. According to PWI, Marti Belle has left TNA. I wonder what took them so long.. http://pwinsider.com/article/107184/another-tna-departure-and-more-tna-news.html?p=1    
  5. how many babies does she have now? two?
  6. You know, this is one of those rare moments in my wrestling fanatic life that I have been excited to watch Smackdown Live. I can't wait for Mickie to debut and return to her tenacious wrestling.
  7. Who is Cesaro's best partner?

    Me.. But if we're serious about this, Tyson Kidd was definetly his shining moment.
  8. Chyna hands down. She's the most dominant female ever. 
  9. Female WWE Hall of Fame Inductee REVEALED?

    That is soo true. If Beth indeed is being inducted, I expect to see Rosa!  In my opinion, it's not a bad choice to induct even though its quite early in her post-WWE career. However, I will find it acceptable if at least one other female is inducted then it wouldn't feel like a slap in the face to the other women who've come before her. Chyna definetly needs to be inducted sooner rather than later. In her prime, Beth would not hold a candle to the strength and technical prowess Chyna possessed. 
  10. Update on Mickie James' Smackdown Return

    Mickie is ready to take over Smackdown. This is gonna be amazing. Almost as amazing, as Trump's inauguration. 
  11. Impact Wrestling, January 12, 2017: Results

    Love Jade's hair, hate that there was no Knockouts match. 
  12. The most underrated women's wrestler?

    Brie Bella
  13. Asuka makes history

    Good for her, she deserves it. She has proven to be dominant and very technically sound in the ring. 
  14. Emmalina's theme and new entrance

    I fear the worst when I hear this music. Who knows, she may never actually debut.