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  1. Naomi Expected to Keep Title For Remainder of 2017?

    Nattie deserves a title reign. I'm all elated for Noami and all but Nattie needs a run. Maybe Nattie's run will come sometime next year. 
  2. Good one, but you miscontrued. Alexa will be the actual winner of the match, regardless who faces her. 
  3. The real winner is your RAW Women's champion, Alexa Bliss! 
  4. Jojo is strong. My condolensces are with her and her family. 
  5. Ariane "Cameron" Andrew to be on MTV's The Challenge

    I guess MTV couldn't other real athletes/celebrities.
  6. WWE Tampa Has No Choice But to LIV!

    She's good on the SD brand. She can def be the arch rival to Carmella. 
  7. That sucks. I hope Dash Wilder goes solo....hes a hottie. 
  8. Sienna is not original. With that said, her wrestling moves aint original either. 
  9. Shes trying and is not as bad some girls were just starting, but she needs to calm down. Take that hate and show it in the ring!
  10. Alexa is so classy. Move over queen, Goddess is taking over.  Sasha too.
  11. Rumored plans for Eva Marie before Departure

    Guess it wasn't meant to be.
  12. Post SummerSlam Superstar Shake-up

    The Iconic Duo need to be called up and help Emma. Perhaps it may turn into the Iconic Trio.
  13. Alexa vs Sasha Reportedly Happening At Summerslam!

    You see Sasha winning championships anytime soon? Perhaps Summerslam, but if not then, when? That justifies why she's a filler. Not undermining Sasha in anyway. It's just the way it is.     
  14. Sienna obviously is jealous Charlotte looks better in peacock feathers.
  15. Alexa vs Sasha Reportedly Happening At Summerslam!

    The deluded source would be the preferential booking of Alexa. She's without question the current female WWE wants to push. She has qualities thats reminiscent of Trish Stratus therefore she's looking at a lengthy reign. It's not from any news source, its just my analysis.