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  1. WWE Officials Planning Big Push For Carmella

  2. Predict the new cast of Total Divas and storylines

    The only issue for me, Alicia Rosa & Paige were always in a storyline together they were a trio, with Rosa gone, Paige gone whats Foxy gonna add to the show?
  3. Predict the new cast of Total Divas and storylines

    I NEED FOXY BACK LORD PLS There are two scenarios I think, both ways Eva & Paige are out 1) If they want to make it Smackdown only, Maryse is probably out and now that Nikki is Executive Producer, Maryse probably wants out. They'll add Carmella.  Cast: Carmella, Renee Young, Lana, The Bellas, Naomi, Nattie 2) If Maryse wants to stay and they still want her, they'll add both Alicia & Carmella to keep the same amount of women and have more on the RAW side. It's possible Dana joins too, maybe Mickie too. Cast: Alicia Fox, Carmella, The Bellas, Lana, Naomi, Nattie, Renee, Maryse
  4. Can they add the iconic duo & Liv and make it a 6 pack elimination challenge that would be more inclusive and interesting since Asuka's keeping it if Ember's injured.
  5. When she dived and she screamed I was so scared for her even though I don't stan but I'm really sad for her.
  6. NXT May 3, 2017: Results

    Tracey Evans was very extra... Binky slayedt. Iconic Duo deserved to eliminate these girls one by one cuz they were just that much more interesting than the rest. I don't get why they're so invested in Dikki Glencross, she's just tragic. Victoria was such a mess thooooooooooooo..... oh & Ariyanah.... dat bitch is getting releasedt bookmark me. I feel like even when they turn her heel, Boat Sail will have no reaction cuz they hate her that much. It's their fault... they lost the one thing thats good about her which was "Did You Find What You're Looking For?". anyways wtf is a "cat's meow"?? 
  7. Meet NXT's Bianca Blair

    @Taryn i stand w u sis, I believe in Binky's ability to slay SO EXCITED FOR HER
  8. Does Nattie need to go go go?

    u stan Maria Kanellis...... THAT has gotta go
  9. Vince Russo DRAGS the RAW women

    Who is Vince Russo? Not shading but I really don't know who this irrelevant is. Also, he sounds like a homeless drug addict.
  10. Charlotte to be the face of SD women's division

    im gonna be a bit extra and say that most the girls wouldnt have reached their full potential without Nattie's help she deserves more, she takes too many for the team 
  11. Charlotte to be the face of SD women's division

    hopefully they have Nattie take the belt off of Naomi and then Charlotte can win it off of Nattie after a good reign 
  12. Where are they going with this SD Women's Storyline?

    ME TOO it seemed so dumb coming for Renee
  13. Where are they going with this SD Women's Storyline?

    Renee fucked up BIG last night on talking smack she talked about Becky & Charlotte's friendship which was weird since in storyline they are rivals and not best friends on instagram. But if it wasn't a mistake then I think they're having Becky Naomi & Charlotte vs Carmella Nattie & Tamina (with the heel team winning because Charlotte would betray Naomi and Becky mid match)
  14. Who's Next in Line To Be Champion?

    i love when people actually praise Nattie, she gets so much unnecessary hate 
  15. Who's Next in Line To Be Champion?

    This week on Smackdown we have Naomi vs Charlotte for the Smackdown Women's Championship & soon at Payback: Alexa Bliss vs Bayley for the RAW Women's Championship? So it is possible we see a new champion for either brand soon... Who do you think will be next to win the championships and when do you think they'll win them. Me personally, for Smackdown I feel like Charlotte will get the championship but just not this week, it would be very disrespectful for the other women, and Naomi hasn't had a decent title reign yet. As for RAW, part of me thinks Alexa will get it soon but another part of me believes it's gonna be Sasha at Summerslam.