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  1. Charlotte and Sasha not friends anymore?

    She's literally always second to someone: Charlotte, Bayley, Alexa... so sad 
  2. Alexa Bliss Talks Appearance, Anorexia, and Future Goals in WWE

    I doubt women would main event wrestle mania at least not anytime soon, it's not because they can't it's because WWE is shit.
  3. Sasha Banks on Sam Roberts Podcast.

    humble yourself ugh she's so fucking annoying 
  4. Naomi Expected to Keep Title For Remainder of 2017?

    Praying this ain't true give Nattie ha title!!!!
  5. Asuka Interview with Newsweek

    Hate in your notifications you're so fucking irrelevant stop replying then you dumb fuck.... 
  6. Rumored plans for Eva Marie before Departure

    No like actually shut the fuck up, I was just gonna leave it be cause you're such a fucking dumbass. 
  7. Rumored plans for Eva Marie before Departure

    Then shut the fuck up
  8. Asuka Interview with Newsweek

    How tf does this interview tease Sasha vs Asuka. She just said she's interested in facing her AND Charlotte.... "teases" delusional sasha stan
  9. Rumored plans for Eva Marie before Departure

    My faves are nice people unlike yours.... she'll never sell as much as Nikki.... who doesn't need a title as well to be the top superstar
  10. Rumored plans for Eva Marie before Departure

    Good luck elbow smacking me you and your loser krew stay salty just like your fave 🙏🏼 Also decent people don't call others "weirdo" and threaten them. Keeping you in my prayers 
  11. Alexa is so classy... Mia wishes where's that one delusional Sasha Stan???? Alexa will surpass Sasha mark my words. But poor Alexa why would she say I trust her with my body, girlie would injure her if she had the chance
  12. Rumored plans for Eva Marie before Departure

    I wish she was on RAW and she made Sasha tap out to get the championship. Sasha and her crazy stand would've gone crazy.
  13. "Sienna The Savage" ok sweaty whatever gets u through the day
  14. According to Slice Wrestling, a very trustworthy Site (always breaks news before it happens).  then: