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  1. Who's Next in Line To Be Champion?

    i love when people actually praise Nattie, she gets so much unnecessary hate 
  2. Who's Next in Line To Be Champion?

    This week on Smackdown we have Naomi vs Charlotte for the Smackdown Women's Championship & soon at Payback: Alexa Bliss vs Bayley for the RAW Women's Championship? So it is possible we see a new champion for either brand soon... Who do you think will be next to win the championships and when do you think they'll win them. Me personally, for Smackdown I feel like Charlotte will get the championship but just not this week, it would be very disrespectful for the other women, and Naomi hasn't had a decent title reign yet. As for RAW, part of me thinks Alexa will get it soon but another part of me believes it's gonna be Sasha at Summerslam. 
  3. Maryse is probably not returning next season, I'm pretty sure they're gonna keep it Smackdown only unless they keep Paige on it and bring back Alicia. All the TD girls are on Smackdown or just not on TV anymore.
  4. NEM 5% Discount code for Orders over $1,500 = REDSTORMCANCELLED gonna miss the good sis
  5. Another Milestone for Natalya!

    Natalya revealed in her latest interview, that she has officially became the women who's competed in the most matches in WWE history! Congratulations    
  6. Natalya On Making Their Way To The Ring with Lilian Garcia

    again! thank u for thanking
  7. Natalya On Making Their Way To The Ring with Lilian Garcia

    thank u for thanking me!
  8. Notes: Talks about her previously unrevealed eating disorder. Praises Alexa for sharing her story. Announces that she is working on a book with an award winning writer, it's been in the making for years. Says she felt like she had no purpose but then after her trip to Rwanda she got so inspired and when she came back HHH told her the want her on Total Divas. Says she loves being on TD and that its made her vulnerable and embraced it. Discusses Tyson's injury. Says age is just a number and she plans to be in the WWE for as long as Orton or Cena #VeteranQueen. Says it was so fun being at Mania and praises the Smackdown women's division, she acknowledged the botched double sharpshooter Talks about how the most rewarding part of her job is the Make A Wish kids. (Zack Ryder used to be a make a wish kid, she stated that) Says she hopes to win the women's championship. Hopes TJ comes back to wrestling and his injury has gotten them closer. Discusses Bret's cancer. Talks about the infamous Hart Dungeon. Says theres so many more accomplishments she wants to have/ Dreams to open a wrestling school with Tyson Kidd. She trains women, he trains men. Talks a lot about Beth and their friendship. Talks about how her father got to know her more when she wrestled. & yall better give me them reputation points I ain't playin I sat through this WHOLE INTERVIEW
  9. OVW Talent Touring With WWE This Week

    2 year old independent wrestler Cali Young, who trains at Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky will be touring with WWE this week for RAW and SmackDown. Cali made her in ring debut in OVW on August 8th of 2016. She has previously toured with WWE working as a rosebud when Adam Rose was still employed with the company. Source:
  10. Randy Orton Continues to Be Racist

    more like 13x world famous racist cunt
  11. Layla or Eve?

    Who was the better wrestler? Layla Who was the better talker? Layla Who was the better dancer? Layla Who was more charismatic? Layla Who was more successful? Layla Who made a bigger impact? Layla Who is more memorable? Layla Who is likely to be inducted into the HOF first? Eve because WWE loves her.
  12. Charlotte Calls Out Nikki Bella

    Also, Dear Charlegendt, If you want to use a finisher do the figure 8. Don't touch the Neck(i)
  13. & also Dear Raw writers,   Everyone.
  14. Ok a concept at Sasha vs Emma, but what about Dana vs Emma????? They were setting it up last week but now they completely scrap it for another horsewoman feud... Just when I thought Raw was going to get interesting they do everything they shouldn't do. Sasha vs Bayley is boring, we're over it, the only 4HW feud I want to see is Becky vs Charlotte, Becky vs Sasha or Becky vs Bayley. They should do Dana vs Emma for now, a tag match Sasha Bayley & Mickie vs Nia Alexa & Alicia. focus more on Bayley & Mickie vs Nia & Alexa in the upcoming weeks. Make Alexa and Nia a good heel duo. Then have a six pack challenge for the title at Summerslam or Payback for the title, Sasha vs Bayley vs Emma vs Alexa vs Nia vs Mickie. Where the fuck is Paige? The fans love her we wouldn't be getting Sasha vs Bayley if she was here!!!!!! I'm about to start swinging.
  15. Random Thoughts

    IM LOVING IT!!!!!