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  1. Roman Tops WWE's Streaming List

  2. bayley, nikki, brie, Charlotte & becky, you're doing amazing sweeties.
  3. king of taking bumps, glad he is okay  
  4. Obviously Alexa is the most impressive by far... she's way more progressed than Carmella and Nia. Poor Nia, she stays appearing on RAW but still no title feud. They've all been great though, very happy for them. They were afterthoughts in the NXT division and the draft but ended up to be top women in their divisions. Hoping for Peyton and Billie next.
  5. Booking: RAW or Smackdown Live?

    Oh and also character wise, Nattie has never been better, Carmella has never been better, Tamina has never been better, Lana is finally wrestling. Pre-draft I was a Sasha fan and I literally can't stand her anymore, Smackdown upgrades characters and RAW ruins them. 
  6. Booking: RAW or Smackdown Live?

    This aint a question.... RAW has been doing the same thing since the draft Sasha vs Top Heel (Charlotte then Alexa), and Bayley vs Top Heel (Charlotte then Alexa). Sasha and Bayley always in the title picture with them occasionally inserting Nia. On SDLive, we've had Alexa vs Becky, Alexa vs Naomi, Naomi vs Lana, Naomi vs Charlotte. Also, there was amazing non-title feuds like Carmella vs Nikki, Nikki vs Nattie, Becky vs Mickie, and the build up to the multi women matches are always good. SDLive is consistently great, I don't even watch RAW anymore its like they take one step forward and three steps back. 
  7. Who Should Face Naomi at Summerslam?

    Which of you "pathetic villagers" voted Lana... if it should be anyone it should be the queen of black Harts Natalya because the fit she would throw when Carmella cashes in on her would be so iconic. But its gonna be Charlotte and I don't mind it because if it's Charlotte theres a bigger chance they won't be stuck on the pre-show AGAIN. 
  8. WWE rumored to clear out Women's roster

    This is fake news but if it's real can they please start with Sasha and end with Banks..... Bayley's a nice girl we'll keep her. When are they gonna announce dEva is gone
  9. Emma celebrates 5 years with the WWE

    she snapped
  10. Shield Reunion At Summerslam

    I've unstained since the shakeup and haven't updated tragic :/
  11. Rey Mysterio Reportedly Negotiating with WWE & GFW

    would love to have him back in WWE, TNA really needs someone of his caliber to save their company tho.
  12. Sasha Banks continues to cyber bully Alexa Bliss via Instagram

    trueness, true mess
  13. Shield Reunion At Summerslam

    Seth is the only good one poor Ambrot & Romeo
  14. Sasha Banks continues to cyber bully Alexa Bliss via Instagram

    jealousy is a disease, get well soon mia. Sasha's just jealous that even when Charlotte isn't around she isn't the one holding the title, or number 1.
  15. Sasha Hinting at Leaving WWE in 2 More Years?

    she's getting very boring to mia I can't wait for these 2 years to be over she's so shady and disrespectful and literally is a 5 year old when it comes to the business.