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  1. Who Is Heartbreakers' Current Fave?

  2. Becky Lynch Starring in Marine 6

    I feel like they're turning Natalya or Tamina face
  3. Carmella shades Liv Morgan via Twitter

    Tamina liked this tweet I'm DYING
  5. To hype this weekend’s Survivor Series event, WWE Superstar Becky Lynch recently spoke with Bleacher Report to discuss what she is looking most forward to at the PPV, thoughts on her recent intergender match with James Ellsworth and explains why she is not part of Total Divas. Highlights of the interview below. On connecting with the audience:  “When I was on the independent circuit, I always played the heel role, but I always felt that no matter what, I was able to connect with the fans. Whether I was good or not, there was a connection there because I think I just really love wrestling. If you’re a fan, you love wrestling. When you can feel that radiating off somebody, I think you tend to gravitate toward them. I think that’s the same with a lot of the babyfaces throughout WWE history. Fans pick up on that energy. It’s a passion we have for the industry. That resonates with them.” On not being a part of Total Divas:  “It’s not something I ever wanted for myself. It’s a great opportunity for the women. But I never envisioned myself in that role. And there’s a certain mystique about myself that I’d like to keep. I don’t want to give out too much of Rebecca Quinn.” On which upcoming NXT Superstars she would like to work with:  “Nikki Cross, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay – those three would be my top.” On her intergender match with James Ellsworth: “With that match, my whole hope was that people didn’t get up in arms about a guy touching a woman and that it just became about the storyline as opposed to ‘Oh no! What’s going on in the world?’ It was more about entertainment than making any political or social statement. That’s something people want to see.” On her upcoming Survivor Series tag team match:  “I’m looking forward to getting in the ring once again with Bayley and Sasha. It’s been a while since we’ve stepped in there together. And they are the other half of the Four Horsewomen that myself and Charlotte never get to see. I feel like all four of us have always brought the best out of each other. To be in the ring with them, I feel like that’s where magic happens.” Becky Lynch also talks on adopting to a leadership role, wanting to be a trailblazer and her favorite thing about being on SmackDown Live. You can read the full interview here. Source: Diva-Dirt
  6. Who Is Heartbreakers' Current Fave?

    Semi Final Results: 36 votes Peyton Royce (27) vs Brie Bella (9) Nikki Bella (21) vs Carmella (15) Naomi (13), Alexa Bliss (8), Sasha Banks (6), Natalya (5), Alicia Fox (3) FINAL ROUND: (don't vote more than once, I can tell) pick the right choice 
  7. Who Is Heartbreakers' Current Fave?

  8. Raw November 20, 2017: Live Chat

    Iconic Duo & Liv Morgan to Smackdown tomorrow night please!
  10. Who Is Heartbreakers' Current Fave?

    Round 4 Results (44 responses) Nikki Bella (23 votes) vs Naomi (21) Peyton Royce (23 votes) vs Alicia Fox (21) Brie Bella (23 votes) vs Natalya (21) (whoever voted 36 times for Nattie I clearly didn't count all those votes but 1) Wildcard Winner: Carmella (9/36 votes), Alexa Bliss & Sasha Banks (7 votes) Round 5:  
  11. Who Is Heartbreakers' Current Fave?

    Get ur votes in quick! few hours left:
  12. Who Is Heartbreakers' Current Fave?

    please answer the last question!
  13. I feel like knowing WWE, they're gonna have Kairi win it, the only other option would be Ember in their eyes. They'd never give Queen Peyton the title over the other two, despite her being better. I could never see Nikki Cross holding a title idk why, she just doesn't have star power
  14. Who Is Heartbreakers' Current Fave?

    Round 3: Naomi (17) vs Carmella (13) Alicia Fox (21) vs Mickie James (9) Brie Bella (18) vs Charlotte (12) Natalya (17) vs Paige (12) Nikki Bella (23) vs Sasha Banks (7) Peyton Royce (24) vs Asuka (6) ROUND 4: 
  15. Who Is Heartbreakers' Current Fave?