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  1. Raw December 31, 2018: Spoilers | New Years Eve

    Nattie has been in 2 main events (won both of them) and had a championship match the past 3 weeks of RAW an icon.
  2. What's Your Dream Survivor Series Team?

    Team NXT/4HW vs Team Best Of All Time: Asuka, Becky, Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha vs Nikki Bella, Natalya, Trish Stratus, Lita, Beth Phoenix   Naomi, Ember Moon, Alicia Fox, Bianca Belair, Sasha Banks vs Jazz, Jacqueline, Shaniqua, Cameron & Kharma Kairi Sane, Io Shirai, Gail Kim, Mia Yim & Asuka vs Naomi, Tamina, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks & Ember Moon Naomi Natalya Paige The Bellas vs AJ Lee & the 4 HW   for the SS this year: Alicia Fox, Ruby Riott, Natalya, Mickie James & Ember Moon vs Naomi, Sonya, Carmella, Asuka & Mandy
  3. Predict the Survivor Series 2018 Teams

    Alicia Nia Ember Sasha and Natalya Charlotte Asuka Naomi Carmella and Lana   can they make it 7 vs 7 or something I don't want all the girls to be left out
  4. Evolution 2018: Live Chat

    this match has been the best one yet
  5. Create Your Dream Evolution Match Card

    A realistic but very enjoyable card: Pre-Show: NXT UK championship match NXT girls Battle Royal for a future NXT women title opportunity. Bianca Belair wins. 1) Winner gets added to Ronda vs Nikki: Brie Bella vs Ruby Riott vs Ember Moon vs Dana Brooke - Brie wins. SEGMENT: MaryseTV with Carmella, Lana, Maria, Kelly Kelly, Zelina Vega. 3) Mickie, Alicia & Alexa vs Victoria, Trish & Lita (elimination tag) - Victoria eliminates Alexa, then gets eliminated by Alicia. Alicia gets eliminated by Trish. Trish gets eliminated by Mickie, Lita wins it for the team. 4) Kairi vs Shayna (3 out of falls match) - Kairi wins, then Bianca comes out for a stare down. 5) Women's Tag Team Championship fatal four way: (Candice & Torrie on commentary) - IIconics vs Naomi & Asuka vs Sasha & Bayley vs Absolution  - Naomi & Asuka defeats LayCool then Melina comes out to congratulate them. Then turns on Naomi only to have Asuka beat her up. 6) Last Woman Standing: Becky vs Charlotte - Becky wins clean. 7) Kharma, Nia Jax & Tamina vs Kaitlyn, Natalya & Beth Phoenix - Beth Phoenix pins Tamina for the win after LayCool comes out to make fun of Kharma and she runs after them and ditches the match. 8) Ronda vs Nikki Bella vs Brie Bella  - Brie & Nikki team up but Ronda comes back. Alicia comes in for the interference but gets beat up by Ronda, then Alexa & Mickie comes in to distract her while Nikki rolls up Brie for the win. Then they celebrate together. AJ Lee comes out at the end and skips around the ring then laughs at Nikki makes a belt gesture teasing a future match.
  6. Who do you stan for?

    Natalya The Bellas Alicia Fox Alexa Bliss Carmella Becky Lynch Mickie James Bianca Belair Kairi Sane Dakota Kai Billie & Peyton Former: Layla Michelle McCool Torrie Trish Victoria Candice Michelle K2 Indie/not yet in WWE officially: Mia Yim
  7. For me, I loved Sasha so much but after their booking with the Hot Potato, I started disliking her. As well as Charlotte, when she surpassed Trish's record and everytime she came back from a minor injury they put a title on her made me root against her so much. But this can also go vice versa, I started liking Carmella only after she won MITB, maybe because her booking was so great. Also Bayley, I just wanted her to get called up and with their horrible booking, I just found myself rooting against her most of the time.
  8. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    As much as I hate to admit, Tasha Stanks' absence really left a gap... she made Bug a bit more tolerable. But they did Brie so dirty by not giving her the singles match this week  I was so excited.... and also why is Amber suddenly Nia's sidekick, this bitch was the NXT women's champ 6 months ago.... so dissapointing 
  9. Maria shades The Bellas

    she just got a lot of time on her hands... this is really tragic
  10. WWE Evolution Leaked?

    Theres no way they're leaving Nia out of Evolution, and they won't put her in the battle royal.... it's fake
  11. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Are the Bellas at RAW this week?
  12. MMC Returns Sept 18th

    Roman and Charlotte say hi
  13. Enzo Amore Vows to Never Wrestle Again

    thats so tragic!1!!!!1!!! He was going to be the next Shawn Michaels
  14. Your Dream Breaking Ground Cast?

    I would want to see Bianca Belair, Dakota Kai and Deonna Purrazzo
  15. Pick Who You Like More: Women's Wrestler Edition!

    Rank Character 1 Nikki Bella 2 Natalya 3 Alexa Bliss 4 Alicia Fox 5 Becky Lynch 6 Brie Bella 7 Peyton Royce 8 Charlotte Flair 9 Naomi 10 Billie Kay 11 Nia Jax 12 Maryse 13 Mickie James 13 Carmella 15 Liv Morgan 16 Paige 17 Emma 18 Mandy Rose 19 Tamina 20 Ember Moon 21 Summer Rae 22 Ruby Riot 23 Sasha Banks 24 Renee Young 25 Stephanie McMahon 26 Eva Marie 26 Bayley 28 Aliyah 28 Dana Brooke 28 Nikki Cross 28 Lana 32 Asuka
  16. MITB predictions?

    Elaborate in the comments
  17. I feel like it'll be Charlotte vs Ronda w Nattie cashing in just like Seth. For me Nattie makes the most sense storyline wise, she's definitely the most deserving and is being built up again as a credible threat on RAW.
  18. Enzo Amore drops songs titled “Phoenix”

    this is so horrible that it even makes his wrestling look good and that says a lot
  19. Return, Release, Repackage

    Return: The Bellas Release: Dana, Tamina, Sarah, Maria, Ronda, Aliyah, Shayna (I chose a lot bc they need to make space they are still signing more and more women when they don't even know what to do with the ones they already have it's a mess. Repackage: Bayley, Sasha, Charlotte, Becky. They were a force to be reckoned with but now they are all afterthoughts with the exception of Charlotte who desperately needs to turn heel. 
  20. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    She hates wrestling and she's a wrestler? My faves can't relate. I hope I'll love my job always, that's so fucking tragic. Nattie & Alicia will stay for as long as they want and if this is their last year then it would be on their own terms, they won't be released like Maria.
  21. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    Ur talking about what she did in A MONEY IN A BANK MATCH when your fave can't even put on a good match? She's a good bumper and does well in spots. She has longevity unlike Maria who since she came back was only given the mic and sounded so annoying and green every time. And her winning the title was long overdue, I'm glad she did something your fave will never get in WWE, even in IMPACT the company didn't even believe in her to win clean despite her being a former WWE Diva, now that's embarrassing.  PLUS it's gotta suck when your only job is being on the mic and you can't even do that correctly. Talk about not deserving shit, the only thing Maria deserves out of her WWE comeback is the paycheck so she can raise her baby in a financially stable home.
  22. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    People like you really confuse me, she puts in more effort than everyone else's faves and has probably also helped train everyone's faves. She deserves this spot more than anyone else in this match. Stop paying her dust either stay quiet or at least respect her. This isn't directed to you only its to everyone.
  23.   Sources are saying it will most probably end with an interference with either Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Mickie James, or Stephanie McMahon.
  24. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    yayyyy nattie won!!!!!
  25. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Ember vs Alexa is an amazing feud I'd like to see for the title. Poor Nia she's been flopping so hard with this title reign easily the worst reign so far (not including Sasha's)