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  1. Did Trish separate from her husband

    Maybe she just doesn’t mention boom at all because he got booed and she might think people will boo him al the time for dating her ? A theory? 
  2. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Tyler bates      click ! Youre welcome ! 
  3. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Not really into him, neck down he’s good looking 
  4. Ruby Riott Injured

    98% of these injuries happen at the house shows . But nooo lets exhaust our talent and put them at risk of getting more injured  . Smh 
  5. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    That skin showing at the bottom 
  6. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

  7. Hi, Please read .

    Thank you for hearing me out ( reading me out? Lol ) I have felt more free after opening up to you and owning my mistake as it was killing me inside . One of my biggest regrets 
  8. Hi, Please read .

    Lol it’s ok I can’t blame people for haing me after the ignorant comments I made. Thank you tho , my life has been more calm ever since and I’m more comfortable with people and being the real me , a thirsty mess 😂😊   
  9. Hi, Please read .

    Hey Everyone reading this . First and foremost just want to thank Mariah for allowing me to do this , I’m not asking for forgiveness as I know I am a fuck up but after what occurred today I feel the need to do this so I can feel fully happy with myself and free.    I want  to sincerely from the bottom of my heart apologize to every single person in this forum for my ignorant racist comments  I’ve made whether it was from old tweets or in here . I am truly sorry. I dont expect to be accepted back here which I understand fully. Who I was before and who I am now are two different people . Today I fully came out publicly on all social media thanks to a certain movie. It inspired me to be strong , and pursue challenges in my life . After I came out I felt like I needed to do this . I said “ I hid my phone when I saw a black person came inside the train” and I know that was so ignorant and racist and I regret ever doing that because I too now experienced what it’s like to be judged based of skin color. I am not racists , younger me thought oh everyone makes fun of Asians , whites , Latinos , blacks so why not tweet funny stuff ? But now I know my actions are unacceptable and I regret ever thinking the way I did . Here in my city there’s been times where people get robbed on trains and I was truly scared it would happen to me and that is why those comments were made . Unacceptable . I’ve made comments on twitter about Asians and that is now who I am or want to be known as. I Believee I have grown  as a human being and I wish to become a greater version of myself. I love and reap cut everyone equally and I know some might still hate me for my comments and I accept that. I am not looking to just come back and act like everything is ok cause what has been said has been said . If I ever offended anyone in any way I am sorry. I am sorry for being a messy thirst , I am sorry for making racists comments towards any race . I am sorry for insulting Mariah out of anger , I am sorry for insulting anyone I’ve ever insulted on here . I am entering a new chapter in my life and whether I get hate for this at least I got closure and hope you guys understand that I am truly sorry and regret my racist comments. I’m not great with words , if something comes out the wron way please let me know so I can explain . This blog comes from the bottom of my heart. This forum made me feel like I could be who I want and I fet good enough to thirst over wrestlers and to just be who I’ve always wanted to be and that’s a normal gay man who’s accepted by everyone and I might not get accepted back into this forum but at least I tried and I deserved all the hate I got or will still get . To everyone reading this , I am sorry      thank you . 
  10. Raw July 25, 2016: Live Chat

    OMFG!!!!! She did it !!! I'm fucking shook !! SASHA BANKS IS CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!! WTF!! BOSTONS OWN !! WOMENS CHAMPION!!! TEARS! GOOSEBUMPS ! Amazing women's wrestling match , one of the best I've ever seen !! Boston has anther champion !!! So happy ???????????    brandon Out . Had to come back and shut all her haters !!! Hate on that!!! 
  11. HB Talks: Racism

    Bitch stfu. You ain't shit without this website, you must feel amazing , cross eyed , uni brow, wow what else ? Fuck outta here with your basic looking ass . Block me . Go ahead . An admin judging people by their looks wow great job. You ain't shit without Taylor and without her you never would've been. You're just another Megan whatever that other bitch from diva dirt is. Have fun being attractive if that's what you think you are. Internet thugs. I'm pretty sure I'll live without this forum. Unlike some of y'all. Bye bullies. That's what this forum will be known as , Internet thugs everyone else fuck all of you .  Ban me Idc. I'm not gonna let a bunch of Internet thugs bully me . Actually I'll leave on my own cause I'm sick of all of you Judging me over past tweets.   also Travis Mendez, stfu you rainbow f****t ass piece of shit . You're a disgrace . Keep rooting and having that flop website for that untalented tranny looking bitch . Go get aids you dirty rat looking piece of shit.    But thank you all for making me that important to you all that you had to go 5 years into my Twitter ? Lmao pathetic. I know I'm not racist and my friends know it too cause if I was they wouldn't be friends with me but anyways . I don't need to explain myself to a bunch of Internet thugz who live through a forum. So bye bitches. I'm tired of this place anyways. All of you can go fuck yourselves you bitch ass Internet thugs
  12. Battleground 2016: Live Chat

    Poor Zack . Mijo is probably excited but Zack is done with this gimmick .    Zayn needs to win this 
  13. Battleground 2016: Live Chat

    This is gonna be Match of the year candidate for sure 
  14. Battleground 2016: Live Chat

    If Ryder doesn't win then wwe is just messing with his emotions TBH. 
  15. Battleground 2016: Live Chat

    Congrats to bayley !!! I knew it'd be better than getting drafted! That reaction tho . Marked out !  Nice that the women opened . Sasha looked amazing ?    Also thank god that tag match wasn't for the tag titles. I need new day to be champs for 2 year exactly .    Other than that im only excited for main event cause of the 3 lapis and Zayn vs Owens