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  1. Brie wants to be a single mother

    He isn't passionate, he's obsessed
  2. Brie wants to be a single mother

    He needs to let it go. He could live a comfortable life, I don't understand people like him tbh   
  3. Queen!  Sportskeeda is usually wrong but I hope it's true because she deserves it 
  4. Raw August 14, 2017: Live Chat

    asfdg Kurt stanning after Sasha won was so cute. And Nia's best match on MR. 
  5. Well you can see at GBOF, after the jumping knees Sasha rolled to Alexa to check on her.  Regardless they should just makeup.  
  6. They need to CANCEL Nia, she is a trash. It felt like Alexa was dropping to Bayley at SS but now she's surely retaining, kill me. 
  7. Raw July 31, 2017: Live Chat

    Crickets for all three girls. Sad. People wanna come for naomi's reign but trashlexa's reign has been an awful mess
  8. Bella Twins are Trump Supporters

    I am disappointed.
  9.  Maybe not for you but they're fresh and the match quality has great potential so. 
  10. Sasha. Her desire to be a great is so intense. This combined with her ring skills, fan adoration and marketability shows she has major star potential. She also has a more distinct look than Alexa. Recently she even got like 5 new shirts released in the span of a few weeks. The crowd naturally gravitates towards her, she's suffered a string of major losses and was often defeated in humiliating fashion, yet remains OVER.   And I really disagree with Sasha hitting her peak. On MR she's only properly feuded with: Charlotte and Nia. Alexa for a week. She hasn't even had decent length title run, imagine her vs emma, vs mickie, vs bayley, vs alexa.  
  11. Sasha Hinting at Leaving WWE in 2 More Years?

    Guys Im sure she is trolling! She's done similar in the past.
  12. Queen! The skeletn hand looks so ugly and stupid  Also Alexa's comebacks to her on twitter are always so boring 
  13. New NXT Signee Receives Ringname

    she sounds like dbz character
  14. Allegedly Paige details what happened at Airport

    So awful...everything is a lie. She even mentions something like you "deserved the glass not the water" in the audio so it was not beer. Hope she is able to get out ASAP. 
  15. Can't take this anymore