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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    What kind of overrated white trash. I think someone should make a topic
  2. WWE announces Mixed Tag Tournament

    Oh wow this is new. Seth best be the final RAW superstar
  3. Not attempted suicide  smh the writing team sounds like chaos
  4. Sasha & Alexa Make History

    The reports say that the women got the best reaction, wow slay girls!
  5. Sasha Banks

  6. This podcast was so good I love how stone cold stans her so much  Her having to explain to him what "rachet" was safvghr
  7. Match Set for Monday Night Raw

    I liked their matches a lot, the crowd was always so hype. But her ring rust is gonna be so bad.  And that shade of red lipstick doesn't look good on Paige.
  8. Paige - Finalist Becky Lynch - 13  Carmella - 26  Naomi - 24 Natalya - 16 Nikki Bella - 24 (-2) Billie Kay - Finalist
  9. Mandy Rose Roundtable

    his posts are so weird
  10. Becky's screaming wtf  apart from mandy and maybe liv the rest of these girls scream jobber
  11. Survivor Series 2017: Live Chat

    Nearly everyone is recycling gears omg yasss charlotte
  12. Sasha Banks

  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Omg I just knew paige and seth had hooked up before! In one signing and that smosh vid where theyre sat next to eachother it felt really awkward.   
  14. Bella Twins launch BirdieBee

    The prices for those basic ass shirts I like the hoodie and the pullovers. The website looks really nice too.
  15. Raw October 30, 2017: Live Chat

    Love alicia as team captain, she looks so happy and bayley got a great pop also.  Everyone turning on trashlexa piss. What a horrid main event (like all alexa main events). Crowd didn't give a shit. This is why Sasha should be champ.