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  1. New Total Divas promo - Season 6B

    Okay but the real question is are we gonna get an Aliyah cameo since she was one of the only ones willing to work with Necki. 
  2. This is actually a harder choice than I thought tbh. #teammella 
  3. Tryouts Thread

      I kinda wish I didn't know this because I'll be DESTROYED if they don't sign her. 
  4. Seth Rollins injured

      My bae is so precious. 
  5. Tryouts Thread

    Ashley looks like a hot Kat Von D. 
  6. NXT Takeover: San Antonio: Results

    I LOVED the part where Billie tried to help Peyton get the pin. It would've been so obvious to have them start breaking down and then Asuka win that way, but I love how all of the aussies' offense really just solidified them as a team. 
  7. I honestly think this is some of Naomi's best mic work to date as a face.    SD is flawless. 
  8. NXT January 11, 2017: Results

    I'm ready to stan for Sarah tbh. 
  9. Yikes. That theme is giving me TNA. 
  10. Lmao sis let go of my wig.  I'm just saying that people shouldn't discredit these girls just cause they ain't "cute". 
  11. Smh y'all need to let the Diva era die in peace. I'm excited to see what all 4 bring to the table. 
  12. SmackDown January 3, 2017: Results

    This match definitely made me think La Luchadora isn't Mickie. Like really legend Mickie James couldn't get ANY notable offense in? Okay... I actually do hope it's just Deonna. Give Alexa her own Dana so they can keep showing RAW how it's done.