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  1. Heat on Braun?

    Relatable tbh. 
  2. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

      Lmaoooo I hope it works sis!
  3. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

      Lmaoooo I hope it works sis!
  4. Tegan Nox injury update

    The new Candice Michelle.  I hope she does eventually get a solid NXT run after all she’s been through. 
  5. My reaction reading this was the gif from Project Runway where the models have to pick the fabric that I’m too lazy to search for.    Tldr; yikes 
  6. Spoiler: New Match Confirmed for Evolution

    Tbh this will probably one of the best matches on the PPV. 
  7. Liv Morgan Suffered Concussion on Raw

    The timing was absolutely jacked. Liv deserves a lot of love because those two to the face were NASTY. Brie is really gonna hurt someone worse if she continues like this. 
  8. WWE's hottest redhead

    Lita and Christy. 
  9. What's Your Mixed Match Challenge Dream Team?

    Cena and Candice Michelle circa their main event handicap match lol.     
  10. SummerSlam 2018: Live Chat

    Ugh just vacate it. 
  11. Listen. I’ve come to terms with Ronda being there and lowkey Shayna has been putting in work and has an interesting move set. But the other two? Return to sender. 
  12. Jim Neidhart Passes Away

    Wow he and Nattie seemed so close. Poor girl. 
  13. Ew is Enzo recording? 
  14. God works in mysterious ways...     jk but sis should focus on what she’s good at. And it ain’t wrestling. 
  15. Team Bestie vs The Bella Twins at Evolution?

    Yesss Trish/Lita/Molly vs Riott Squad!