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  1. Upcoming Sasha Banks Appearances

    All leading up to her Rumble victory?   
  2. WWE Looking to Bring Back Serena Deeb

    Happy for her. She’s obviously great at the actual wrestling, but for me, she never really had much charisma. I hope she’s getting a trainer’s contract, but either way, she deserves it. 
  3. The title is everything.  I’m tuning in. 
  4. NXT Spoilers

      Ugh omg if you’re right, I’ll die. 
  5. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Suddenly I’m gayer than ever before. 
  6. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

      Ugh I hate him. He knows what he’s doing. He even posted a better quality one on insta. 
  7. Kaitlyn Set to Make Her Indy Debut

    Okay but when she returns, they better give her Spin the Bottle theme back. 
  8. Natalya sets the record straight about retirement

    Thank god tbh. She’s been with the company SO long but idk man she’s been really bringing it lately. 
  9. I don’t even stan, but like a lot of people (me included) really got the impression that Eva didn’t care about wrestling. But if that was the case, she could’ve let the girl continue to run off at the mouth. But she didn’t. Just because she realized that wrestling wasn’t for her doesn’t mean that she didn’t love it or at least appreciate all the hard work put into the sport. I respect her for standing up. 
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Yesss I’m ready for Cameron’s return. She has a charisma that a LOT of the main roster girls lack. 
  11. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    Anybody on now and wanna play on PS4? 
  12. Match Set for Monday Night Raw

    Okay but who’s the #1 contender? Apparently we can only have one storyline at a time. 
  13. Superstar Photo Booth

    Omg heart eyes Billie is perfect 
  14. PSN Usernames

    Add mine! It’s MinimumPage