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  1. NXT January 11, 2017: Results

    I'm ready to stan for Sarah tbh. 
  2. Yikes. That theme is giving me TNA. 
  3. Lmao sis let go of my wig.  I'm just saying that people shouldn't discredit these girls just cause they ain't "cute". 
  4. Smh y'all need to let the Diva era die in peace. I'm excited to see what all 4 bring to the table. 
  5. SmackDown January 3, 2017: Results

    This match definitely made me think La Luchadora isn't Mickie. Like really legend Mickie James couldn't get ANY notable offense in? Okay... I actually do hope it's just Deonna. Give Alexa her own Dana so they can keep showing RAW how it's done. 
  6. Fantasy WrestleMania Matches!

    Seth Rollins v Samoa Joe  Asuka v Naomi   Miz v Finn Balor (with a full lead up of course)    
  7. Miss Mella serving a LOOK yall 
  8. Has Your Opinion Changed?

    Carmella has definitely made mad progress this year. With her NXT feud with Alexa and her friendship with Bayley, she always felt like a second tier player. But DAMN if she didn't turn into a legitimate worker this year. I honestly think she might be the best talker in the division. 
  9. What themes are BOPS?

    YES to the OP. I miss Aliyah's first song. And her little twirl with it. 
  10. Yo Deanna looks hot tbh. 
  11. Raw December 12, 2016: Results

    Damn Emma cancelled again huh? Sis can't catch a break. 
  12. Which non-NXT Woman Will Snatch First?

    Only 100% is Nikki imo.    But I could also seeing Natalya and maaaaaybe Naomi grabbing one. Raw is hopeless tbh it will forever be home of the horses. 
  13. Tryouts Thread

    Demi is cute! Sign her. 
  14. Lana returning to the ring

    Ooooh I like the way her finisher looks. Can't wait for Dana to steal it too.