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  1. Such bull tbh. As long as they can serve character and wrestling, everything else is moot. 
  2. Mae Young Classic Qualifier: June 30, 2017

    I love Aliyah's black lattice part of her attire, but I wish the undergarment part was something different, like the holographic material on her boots. Someone tweet the good sis some gimmick ideas, cause she's got potential but there's nothing memorable about her. 
  3. Can we get Tamina a character?? Cause she is putting in WORK in the ring and I'm ready to stan. 
  4. Stars in the Night Align: Paige & ADR Split!

    Damn, and I was ready to tweet her tattoo coverup ideas. 
  5.   Abbey Lee Kershaw begs to differ, but okay girl. 
  6. Abbey Laith is such a good ring name. I'll stan. 
  7. Update on Maria Kanellis to WWE

    Do we think she'll "wrestle" or nah? 
  8. First names revealed for the Mae Young Classic?

    I'm excited for Julia! I hadn't really heard anything about her since her signing. Also Sarah is my queen <3
  9. Injury at NXT live event

    Y'all are so extra, she's not even ugly. I think she's the total package. I love how they spun this to fit a storyline. 
  10. Kelly Kelly to appear at indy show

    Indy booking AND new emojis? Sis is gearing up for something big. Guess she's winning the K2 Classic. 
  11. Vote for new Women's Elite Action Figure

    Would be fine with Mella or Emma, but I think #EvilEmma needs my vote more. 
  12. Backlash 2017: Live Chat

    I'm lowkey excited for Jinder tbh. I think he's like Nattie/Alicia in that he's all about the company, regardless of his past life as a jobber. I just hope that they keep it on him at least a couple of months.    Also, yes, it should've been Miz. Miz should be the top heel in the entire company tbh. 
  13. WWE legend looking to return in the ring

    Steph vs Liv is coming. 
  14. Women's Tournament Taping Dates Revealed

    32???  God is real. 
  15. Bayley injures her neck

    Nikki better get her for gimmick infringement.