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  1. Edit: Lana gets a pet dog

    Lmao she’s so annoying 
  2. Royal Rumble '19 Predictions/Wishes

    Oop I forgot about Nao but you’re right. I just don’t want her vs Asuka after seeing their match a couple of weeks ago 
  3. Royal Rumble '19 Predictions/Wishes

    I wish they would take this opportunity to catapult a star that’s “bubbling under” the current main event scene. Mandy, Sonya, Ruby, Ember, or Sasha would all be acceptable winners for me.    Don’t @ me I would even love to see Shayna drop to Bianca on Saturday then win the rumble (WITHOUT her lackeys) on Sunday. Asuka/Shayna would serve. 
  4. Can Mickie win and challenge Asuka tho. Their takeover match was 
  5. WWE announces women’s tag titles

    Sarah/Liv as Tag Champs with Ruby as Women's Champ   
  6. I LOVED them facing off at the end of the battle royale a few weeks ago. 
  7. But Mustafa vs Andrade is gonna be gooooood
  8. i'm SO glad Mustafa wasn't just a one off last week.
  9. I would lowkey love a title change...
  10. All Shane said is she wasn't going anywhere, just "her role has changed"
  11. Hoping they do a RAW repeat and do something cool to find out the next contender for Asuka forget Becky's rematch.
  12. 2018 has been a revival for chest hair.