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  1. Torrie is a legend and such a natural baby face. WWE tried so hard to find that same charisma in women years later.  She’s the reason we had carbon copies like K2. 
  2. Best Wrestling Themes? (Past or Present)

    !!! such a good energy song. I love it 
  3. Torrie Wilson To Join The 2019 Hall Of Fame Class

    She deserves. 
  4. NXT Live Event Division

    She always serves. I love her attire. 
  5. NXT UK Spoilers

    Wow them paying Killer Kelly dust even after her iconic match at MYC. 
  6. Riott Squad deserves the world tbh. A true team. 
  7. Create A Team!

    Rhea as the IIconics muscle    Isla Dawn/heel Ember  Toni Storm/Candice Lerae  
  8. Charlotte Dating WWE Superstar

    My brain can’t even picture them standing beside each other lol
  9. Same and I’m ashamed. There’s a TNA segment where he’s in spongebob underwear and I-
  10. Chances of Asuka showing up? 
  11. Candice LeRae To Work SmackDown Live Events?

    I hope they put her and Johnny on different brands tbh 
  12. Protect ruby. Have the entire Riott squad jump Ronda and a DQ ending. 
  13. I love the current NXT crop. Xia is adorable. And Kacy serves K2 natural baby face. I feel like they might’ve told Johnny first, and that’s why Candice was kinda expecting it lol. 
  14. Ember Moon Injured, Requires Surgery

    One of the most exciting in ring competitors on the roster. Hopefully she returns to blue brand. 
  15. Ronda Rousey To Leave WWE After WrestleMania 35

    There’s no doubt that she’s a talented ATHLETE but as far as a WWE superstar, it never clicked. Especially with Shayna running circles around her down in NXT.