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  1. Emmalina Ring Gear (Photo)

    Word around the internet is this photo that recently was posted would have been Emmalina's official look/ring gear before it was scrapped after Emma failed the character during rehearsals. I can see how Lana is now taking over the role since the looks are similar and though Emma has the look, she does come off a bit awkward and plays Evil Emma a whole lot better. Thoughts?  
  2. SDL Women's Division: A Motivational Dissection

    Brilliant read! I loved it!
  3. Raw May 1, 2017: Live Chat

    I died. 
  4. Whats next for ASUKA?

    Actually give Ember some development and set up another feud with a proper rematch where Ember wins and Asuka is called up to RAW.
  5. Lana Joins Team Blue -- Coming Soon

    Her old character was fine until she shifted from those flattering suits to keeping the attire she wore during the Dolph storyline. I always imagined her being a cowardly heel or being the way she was booked with attacking from behind and pulling an early Stephanie vibe with more trained talent. I've always been a fan of Lana's so if this showcases more personality and ring experience, then I'll gladly follow. Her other character ended on a horrible and dull note unfortunately.
  6. She gave her credit for idolizing her as a kid along with Lita. That's the only mention of her. I'm sure if she spilled any dirt on Stephanie it'd give leeway for a defamation suit.
  7. Exactly, I don't think they were necessarily threatened by her ring/mic skills (if she had any ring ones) but more the fact she moved up too quick. It's like seeing a new employee getting a raise or another position despite not being there as long as you, of course it's bound to rub some females the wrong way. Hazing and WWE has always been a thing. 
  8. Raw April 3, 2017: Live Chat

    The other two will be Alicia and Dana.
  9. Who Served The Best Wrestlemania Attire?

    This. I swear the amount of "cultural appropriation" comments on it. 
  10. Summer Rae and Emma to return at Wrestlemania?

    I think the best way would be for Dana to come down at ringside during WM and while Charlotte attempts to cheat/puts her foot on the rope does it while giving someone else a chance to win the title or cost her the match. It could lead to vicious beatdown by Charlotte onto Dana and wham, perfect opportunity to reintroduce Emma. Though it still poses a problem with RAW being littered with so many heels. Sasha turning heel as well. Who else would be a babyface besides Bayley?
  11. Raw March 20, 2017: Live Chat

    RAW protecting the main horse how original. How long is this makeover taking? It takes weeks for Emma to change clothes. 
  12. Paige releases statement on current situation

    It's all over Twitter. 
  13. Raw March 13, 2017: Live Chat

    Now to get Emma's return under way and her and Dana reunited. 
  14. Reby spilling TEA

    Link to your set please! Never seen this before!