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  1. Kylie Minogue

    Layla's twin always serving those bops!
  2. Chasing Glory ft. Legend Moretti, Torrie Wilson and Vickie G.

    Lillian is bringing Ivory back for her own podcast so when can expect some tea. I mean, she pretty much called out Stephanie being corrupted by WWE over the years on her last shoot. It's a shame Torrie was never champion and the back issues prevented that. She would have done well as the first Diva's Champion at the time and despite not being as skilled as Trish, Victoria, Lita at the time, she did the best with what she had and always captivated in the ring.
  3. Women's RR: Who will take the free spots?

    11 spots, 12 if Asuka is going to have a championship match at the Royal Rumble according to the rumors. 1. Ember Moon 2. Trish Stratus  3. Michelle McCool 4. Nikki Bella 5. Stephanie McMahon (I'm sure she'll insert herself regardless) 6. Ronda Rousey 7. The Iconic Duo (either or) 8. Nikki Cross 9. Eve Torres 10. Beth Phoenix 11. Kairi Sane  12. Kharma 
  4. First Ever Women's RR - Who's In?

    The Iconic Duo Ivory Jacqueline Ember Moon The Bella Twins Kharma Beth Phoenix Toni Storm Kairi Sane Nikki Cross Trish Stratus Lita Melina
  5. Discussion: Mike & Maria Kanellis's future

    Well, I could have seen them work a program with Lana/Rusev if they hadn't been separated. Perhaps even Miz/Maryse (once Maria/Maryse give birth)
  6. We'd probably one get two matches, three if one is on kick-off. I could see the call-up of the Iconic Duo and the return of the Bellas being one. Charlotte vs. Asuka/Paige vs. Asuka would be one of the most I wanna see. Sasha vs. Alexa (heel/face) or Sasha/Bayley similar to their NXT match. We know they're going to do a multi-woman match for the remaining women outside of the mainslots.  
  7. Is WWE/Wrestling Next?

    We'll see a lot of it happen when Vince is either too ill to run WWE or when he passes on honestly. Then we'll see Stephanie/HHH on several news outlets. There's been a ton of stories, rumors and urban legends about the things WWE does and hides. The information is there and I'm pretty sure a ton of the big names have skeletons in the closet that will eventually come to light. I recall there being a special where a man confronted Vince and the WWE at the time about Pat Patterson. I think it's on YouTube.
  8. Major Return Set For Raw Next Week?

    If she doesn't return and Bayley wins, this will be like when we were for sure Dixie Carter was Kurt's secret. 
  9. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Umfff, Cesaro. A real man indeed.
  10. Major Return Set For Raw Next Week?

    I will die when I hear her theme play again after so long (if they haven't changed it already)    
  11. Major Return Set For Raw Next Week?

    RAW definitely is the place for her to go. She'd have fresher combination of matches than SmackDown which would just give her a spot in their multi-woman booking they've been doing for a long time now. With Asuka's pending dominance of the division, perhaps she could be the one to defeat Bliss and then later work a program with Asuka over the whole NXT backstory, first Women's Champion/Longest Reigning. If she loses to the DDT of Doom, I swear.
  12. Is SmackDown screwed?

    I think Lana should have trained more to be believable in the ring and could have gotten an Allie/underdog storyline where everyone dismisses her and she proves them wrong by winning a hard fought match, ocasionally managing Rusev before turning heel. Maria before she got pregnant could have reformed her TNA character in some capacity and probably feuded with Lana or another female without having match unless intergender or challenging for the title. I still feel Naomi should have been given a Charlotte program even if she were to lose to see what both women could have brought and gone from there. The MITB match should have been both brands with the contract perhaps being either title or respective brand. It definitely could use some work, just some rough ideas but it seems after MITB, they've lumped all the women in joint segments, multi-woman matches etc which gets stale pretty quick. I wanted to comment thankfully we don't get contract signing for every title defense like we usedto.
  13. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Brad's a cuckold. 
  14. Plans After Summerslam?

    I'm guessing some NXT call ups, hopefully better usage of the likes of Mickie, Dana, Emma, Alicia, have Nia improve in the ring to fully execute this Monster persona she's failed at and hopefully Paige/Summer being used in some capacity.
  15. Superstar Search History

    Stephanie - Why Chyna should not be inducted in WWE HOF, Chyna speaks about HHH and WWE, Ronda Rousey. Sunny - I hate Sable Dana Brooke - Trisha Payta's Instagram