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  1. They have so many women to build and make into stars but they are just going to feed them to Shayna Corbin. You could do feuds with Dakota, Candice and even as a full circle moment for Kairi and defeat Shayna before Shayna goes to the main roster to either join/oppose Ronda. After Asuka's reign ended, Ember really could have had great programs but nope, they rushed Shayna above everyone else and gave her the title and now we're stuck with her and poor Nikki will have to remain in NXT to somehow put her over because we know Nikki Cross won't be NXT Women's Champion.
  2. WWE Hall of Fame 2018: Live Chat

    Sable  if she ever gets inducted. She'll come, take the ring and disappear like Brock.
  3. SmackDown March 27, 2018: Live Chat

    The way Liv Morgan flew out of the ring! 
  4. The possibility. They would need for more women for both the tag title picture and the brand Women's Championship. Sasha/Bayley (at some point) The Bella Twins The Iconic Duo Charlotte/Becky Ronda/Shayna Alexa/Mickie (Nia) Ember/Naomi
  5. Should Bliss retain at Wrestlemania?

    She's had her share of holding the title since being called up on both shows. The best thing for her would be to take a much needed break either with Nia destroying her at WrestleMania and she's off TV for a bit to give her a cool off period. Allow some of the other women to enter the title picture especially with NXT callups heading to RAW, have Nia either feud or drop the title to someone else (another heel) and build another heel in Alexa's absence. Then have Alexa come back as a face in some regard to give her a run as a face.
  6. Social Media Updates | Twitter News

    The Iconic Duo returned to action last night at an NXT houseshow but lost against Candice/Kairi.  
  7. Stephanie McMahon on Chasing Glory

    Most of this she's said in other interviews over the years. The only time she ever truly came off real and not PR/corporate was on Howard Stern.
  8. The whole bit about someone writing she does landscaping on Wikipedia had me hollering. 
  9. Emma talks Emmalina floppage

    I'm still pissed we never got a follow up on what her and Dana disccused on the preshow. 
  10. Raw February 12, 2018: Live Chat

    Did Paige shout at Mandy "Don't touch me" when she got knocked off the apron?
  11. An Iconic Debut

    It'll be hard getting them to debut with both Ronda and Asuka on SD/RAW without them being fed or using as fodder to build their Mania matches. Ideally, it would have been cool to see an Emma vs. Paige vs. the RAW roster with the Iconic Duo backing Emma up but we know how they wouldn't do something like that. They could be an incarnation of LayCool and start a feud with either Naomi/Becky on SD or on RAW targeting Sasha/Bayley or any other women but it's tough enough with WWE trying to handle multiple programs heading into Mania and probably after, the last you'd want for them is their debut to fall like the Riott Squad or how Absolution has been with Paige's injury.
  12. Asuka will win either Women's Championship at Mania. May feud with Charlotte or Ronda feuds with Charlotte. Carmella willl cash in and have a comedic reign until someone pins her/can see her running away from matches. Becky will still be an underdog/may feud with the Iconic Duo when called up. Ruby/Liv face turn at some point. Lana slowly gets realigned with Rusev and goes back to managing full time unless multi woman matches need her. Naomi becomes a challenger for title if it's Asuka or Ronda. I don't see much for Nattie, Sarah, or Tamina at this point. Alexa will lose the title one way or the other, may turn face or shift in the back to give her a break from the title picture. Nia will either be champ or continue being an off/on Monster heel who loses at the most important moments and is strong when it least matters. Alicia/Dana/Mickie will continue being match fodder unless creative gives them something worthwhile. Sonya as well if Mandy is aligned with Goldust. Paige more than likely will never wrestle again so she'll either be a backstage role or some sort of authority figure if Angle is ever fired by Steph. Sasha/Bayley will finally happen from the teases they've been giving.
  13. Victoria: Why Won't the WWE Use Her?

    She could always return at a future Rumble. I don't know why everyone insists every alumni be in the first, it would just run through any surprise return we could have. It leaves room for her and other possible women to return in the coming years. No need to burn through everyone to make the first a success. She'll be back eventually even if there is some sort of backstage beef between her and WWE.

    Wasn't she training down in the PC though? It isn't hard to catch an overnight flight, go to the Rumble, film a spot for Monday and then go back. WWE and debuts have done this before to throw people off.
  15. Enzo Amore Released by WWE

    WWE has wiped their site clean of him.