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  1. Stephanie McMahon - All Business

    Not really. She mostly slapped and had cat fights with people the majority of the time. She had decent matches throughout the years especially recently where she's more than capable but during her "Active" time she did ordinary moves and was entertaining. Though when she did the monkey flip, that was pretty impressive during her Lita match.
  2. Did Charlotte Earn Her Accolades?

    I'm torn between both yes and no. I do think she's earned some of her reigns while others could have gone to someone else and built someone equally. There was no need to rush the sake of tying/breaking Trish's record so quickly. I do think she's a gifted performer, cuts reasonable promos and carries her persona as both face and heel well but the booking is terrible at times. Sasha/Charlotte could have been more than just switching the title from one to the other which when you look at the title stats looks almost troll like but there's no denying she's put in the work and effort to entertain us. I like Charlotte, not a big fan but she did deserve some of her reigns while others just felt like padding from WWE creative to break their own records.
  3. Raw July 30, 2018: Live Chat

    The way Nattie fell like Mario going down a hole and stumbling like she had a drink a few minutes later. 
  4. Fandango Injured - Possibly Out for 6 Months

    Wouldn't be surprised if it was a house show or something.
  5. Girls who were gone too soon

    Luna - She deserved a Championship reign at some point because she truly deserved it and hearing her shoot about how Sable and WWE's politics were prevented that. The rumor of a championship fatal four away at WrestleMania XVI would have been better than the catfight we got. Tori - Unfortunately, she lost to Sable, had some decent feuds with Ivory but then was DX's girl until that ended with her injury. I was waiting for a followup on the masked ninja bit only for her to be released. Her finisher was insane, she was beautiful and had a great physique but never was given much. To see her helping Steph keep the title, I was expecting her to be a challenger but nothing happened. Ivory - After the Right To Censor gimmick/program with Chyna ended, she became a faceless heel/face depending on what they needed her to be. I remember seeing her and Jacqueline being used as a body or a tag partner in matches and thinking why not use them. Ivory could talk, could have made for a perfect heel against the likes of the women they were grooming and both could have benefited from good programs against Trish, Lita, Molly, Jazz and others. Jacqueline got a CW reign as a parting gift but Ivory deserved a lot more. She was a full package. Sable - When she returned she was mostly heel and never did much aside from finally getting her ass kicked for a change. Seeing how she was WWE's first big female breakout star, it's a shame she never improved her ring skills or tried to go against her successor Trish in some capacity. She remained on SmackDown to feud with Steph, Torrie before leaving. The same as above with Amy, Joy, Cherry and other women who could have been something but were given the ax. Nidia, Gail and Molly weren't going much further sadly. Eve - She was finally coming into her own as a heel character when she abruptly left. Emma - What a fucking waste her career was. Being handed dumb gimmicks and being made to do something she wasn't good at, she wanted to wrestle and Evil Emma was her gimmick alongside Dana Brooke who suffered from Emma's release as well. The best thing would have aligned them together, done a repeat of their Asuka story at some point, perhaps gone against Paige for the whole "I started the Revolution" storyline in 2017 and at least have gotten a reign. She deserved it but instead we got Alesnar Bliss dominating the RAW scene. Summer Rae - Brilliant character, awesome mic skills but always dealt with stupid storylines same as Emma. AJ Lee - She left at possibly the worst time just when the NXT girls were bound to come up in months. While some people find her overrated, she kept things afloat while the next era of Women's Wrestling was coming. She delivered when necessary, cut good promos and feuding with the likes of the Bellas, Paige, and most of the women, it's a dream to see what she could have done once the Diva term was dropped, the new Women's titles were introduced and probably could have had an awesome feud against Alexa, Charlotte, Sasha, Bayley or any of the current women. Kharma - This needs no words. We all know what she could have done and been for WWE had tragedy not struck her with her miscarriage
  6. Heat on Corey Graves for Defending the Women?

    God forbid someone calls out WWE on their hypocrisy. He's right though.
  7. I'm surprised Sable vs. Jacqueline is not in there. Sure, there's problematic elements attached but the match itself is what brought back the Women's Championship after the Madusa incident. You could even argue Stephanie vs Lita was a huge match that made Lita into a huge over face taking down Stephanie's reign. Jacqueline and Lita's hardcore match/brawl is another one. The six pack challenge at Survivor Series' for the title after Chyna's departure. Trish vs Jazz Melina vs Michelle Beth/Natalya vs. Laycool Michelle vs. Layla Bellas vs. AJ Lee/Paige at WM Asuka vs. Ember or Asuka vs. Bayley So many missed opportunities. You could have even thrown matches of the Women's Tag Division when the titles were active in order to hype the return of them.
  8. Gail Kim comes for WWE, Stephanie McMahon

    I meant in those phony sit down interviews. Steph would try to backtrack about how they listened to the fans and they were made to change their ways. Though I can imagine Stephanie's reaction reading AJ's tweet when it happened.
  9. Gail Kim comes for WWE, Stephanie McMahon

    I wish at some point when Stephanie goes around doing interviews for TV or WWE that an interviewer brings up the period when women were eye candy and told to tone it down. The look on her face would be priceless.
  10. They have so many women to build and make into stars but they are just going to feed them to Shayna Corbin. You could do feuds with Dakota, Candice and even as a full circle moment for Kairi and defeat Shayna before Shayna goes to the main roster to either join/oppose Ronda. After Asuka's reign ended, Ember really could have had great programs but nope, they rushed Shayna above everyone else and gave her the title and now we're stuck with her and poor Nikki will have to remain in NXT to somehow put her over because we know Nikki Cross won't be NXT Women's Champion.
  11. WWE Hall of Fame 2018: Live Chat

    Sable  if she ever gets inducted. She'll come, take the ring and disappear like Brock.
  12. SmackDown March 27, 2018: Live Chat

    The way Liv Morgan flew out of the ring! 
  13. The possibility. They would need for more women for both the tag title picture and the brand Women's Championship. Sasha/Bayley (at some point) The Bella Twins The Iconic Duo Charlotte/Becky Ronda/Shayna Alexa/Mickie (Nia) Ember/Naomi
  14. Should Bliss retain at Wrestlemania?

    She's had her share of holding the title since being called up on both shows. The best thing for her would be to take a much needed break either with Nia destroying her at WrestleMania and she's off TV for a bit to give her a cool off period. Allow some of the other women to enter the title picture especially with NXT callups heading to RAW, have Nia either feud or drop the title to someone else (another heel) and build another heel in Alexa's absence. Then have Alexa come back as a face in some regard to give her a run as a face.
  15. Social Media Updates | Twitter News

    The Iconic Duo returned to action last night at an NXT houseshow but lost against Candice/Kairi.