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  1. Summer Rae and Emma to return at Wrestlemania?

    I think the best way would be for Dana to come down at ringside during WM and while Charlotte attempts to cheat/puts her foot on the rope does it while giving someone else a chance to win the title or cost her the match. It could lead to vicious beatdown by Charlotte onto Dana and wham, perfect opportunity to reintroduce Emma. Though it still poses a problem with RAW being littered with so many heels. Sasha turning heel as well. Who else would be a babyface besides Bayley?
  2. Raw March 20, 2017: Live Chat

    RAW protecting the main horse how original. How long is this makeover taking? It takes weeks for Emma to change clothes. 
  3. Paige releases statement on current situation

    It's all over Twitter. 
  4. Raw March 13, 2017: Live Chat

    Now to get Emma's return under way and her and Dana reunited. 
  5. Reby spilling TEA

    Link to your set please! Never seen this before!
  6. Raw March 6, 2017: Live Chat

    They could've easily made a six pack challenge had they developed Emma and Dana but nope, either the 3HW+Nia or just the 3HW. 
  7. Asuka Replacing Naomi at MSG

    Asuka needs to be on RAW when she's called up. SD is pretty much doing well with the talent it has. RAW is in dire need of new women - Emma needs to return to ring action, Paige when and if she does return as well and possibly NXT call-ups as well with Charlotte no longer being the focal point of the show. So much can be done but much of the focus needs to be shifted off the Horsewomen on onto other talent challenging them. Emma's been shown to be against them via her tweets and view towards them, Dana Brooke needs to be given something other than Charlotte's lackey, Summer and Paige need to be included somehow into the mix and Lana needs her old character back (no idea why they've ruined her.)
  8. Alexa Bliss on ESPN Sports Centre

    I honestly love this girl whether face or heel.
  9. Best Debuts?

  10. SmackDown / 205 January 24, 2017: Live Chat

    Not me thinking her top said "Herbalife." 
  11. SmackDown / 205 January 24, 2017: Live Chat

    New gif of RAW trying to clock Smackdown and SD wins. 
  12. Mickie James Interview

    I love them both. 
  13. So now women cannot express sexuality because it somehow invalidates their argument? You have a man said he'd date his own daughter if he wasn't her father and glorifies sexually assaulting women.
  14. Triple H Confirms Women's Tournament Still Happening

    Especially how it was common in the Attitude Era/Golden Era, suddenly women and men cannot battle each other? What kind of mess comes out of his mouth?