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  1. Is Moolah overrated?

    I'm sure there are past women in this business with experiences similar to Susie who have not so kind words for Moolah and how she treated them. Her ring work was awful, her long title reign is a joke, she is overrated and was a vile human being. Lets just agree to disagree.
  2. Is Moolah overrated?

    Japanese women's wrestling was more athletic/acrobatic and fast-paced compared to American women's wrestling. Moolah sold the rights to her Women's World Championship to Vince McMahon in 1983. If she didn't have control over the AWA women's belt, what gave her the right to sell it? Did you properly read that article? It was more than just "stealing money". It was about the emotional scars of Michael McCoy (rumored illegitimate son of Buddy Lee) and the injustice faced by his mother after Moolah and Buddy broke her trust and took advantage of her. "Over the years, various female wrestlers have come forward with stories accusing Ellison of being a pimp that often provided various wrestling promoters with unsuspecting female wrestlers that would be used as sex objects. One of the most notorious accusations is from the family of Sweet Georgia Brown (Susie Mae McCoy). McCoy, who was trained and booked by Ellison and her then-husband Buddy Lee, told her daughter that she was often raped, given drugs and made an addict in an intentional attempt by Ellison and Lee to control her." - From Moolah's wikipedia page. Moolah passed away a decade ago, whereas Snuka (a more popular wrestler of his time) passed away recently, hence why Meltzer is on his ass Also, why did WWE do the video package on Raw of Mae rather than Moolah? Why do they not mention or talk about her much these days? Look, I get that you stan Moolah and that's fine, but no amount of excuses will justify her actions towards other women in the business and how it impacted their lives.  
  3. Tyler Breeze Defends Nikki Bella on Twitter

    Loved his responses I knew there was a reason why I liked him
  4. WWE signs Christy Olsen

    I expected the other Christy Anyways, congrats to her
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    @StayFearlessk Love your avi
  6. Raw March 27, 2017: Results

    The match was cute but predictable Raw was boring
  7. Is Moolah overrated?

    Her 27 year title reign was fake (she owned the damn belt). Her wrestling was crap and that's how she trained/booked other women (hence the style of that time). She made sure other women didn't get the spotlight while she was around. She did nothing to further/progress women's wrestling. As a result promoters and fans did not care about women's wrestling for the longest time and considered it a joke. She took advantage of innocent young women (e.g. Susie McCoy) and pimped them to promoters. Her legacy and history may have stood the test of time, but it wasn't a positive/respectful one.
  8. The DISRESPECT to the SD girls   I hope this match completely outshines the Raw women's match
  9. Eva Marie Reportedly Done With WWE

    Such a shame considering she had so much potential I'll miss her
  10. Charlotte and Sara getting mainstream exposure Queens
  11. Can't wait Three queens from an iconic era
  12. Paige getting married this week

    I hope he gets a divorce first before getting married. Anyways, congrats to them. I hope the marriage lasts, for Paige's sake
  13. How to mention a user

    Got it! Thank you sis
  14. How do I mention a user?