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  1. MJ is a beautiful black woman with model like attitude, so I'm not sure why y'all are surprised/shocked  Is it because y'all still hate her for coming for Naomi?    I don't know. I found this pic on google images 
  2.                                              Veteran WWE Superstar Alicia Fox was recently added to the official WWE Alumni roster. Fox last appeared for WWE during the RAW Reunion festivities in late July. She was still a member of the RAW roster then, and when she was in attendance for some of SummerSlam Week in August. Fox hasn’t wrestled since teaming with Tamina Snuka for a loss to The IIconics on a WWE Main Event episode in late April. Fox has been involved in some controversy this year and there’s been zero talk of WWE bringing her back to the ring. Based on social media, Fox has apparently done a lot of traveling while away from WWE. Stay tuned for updates on Fox’s WWE status. As noted earlier, other recent WWE Alumni roster additions include The Bella Twins, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, Rhyno, TJP and Goldust. Link: https://lordsofpain.net/veteran-wwe-superstar-officially-moved-to-the-alumni-roster/                                                                                                     
  3.                                                                                                                                                                                   Thoughts?   
  4. I didn't lie tho. Sasha did give Alexa her best matches. I also stan Alexa, but I'm not ashamed to admit that.
  5. She did have a choice of not signing the contract extension. Also, Sasha gave Alexa her best matches.
  6.                                                      Like most fans, I was also disappointed with the outcome of the women's hell in a cell match. The match was great and both women delivered, but the wrong woman won. A lot of fans were expecting Sasha to win, but once again WWE higher ups screwed her. To me, it seems like they lured Sasha into returning by giving her a push (probably to prevent her from going to AEW), and once she signed the extension, they went back to their old ways by making her lose. Why do they always keep doing Sasha dirty like that? Is it because she's a woman of colour, and they're unwilling to give her the push they give to Becky and Charlotte? It is frustrating since Sasha is more charismatic and a better wrestler than both of them. Charlotte may be "The Queen", and Becky may be "The Man", but Sasha is the heart and soul of the women's division. Her feuds/matches with Becky and Charlotte made stars out of them. Sasha always delivers in her matches and takes brutal bumps, yet is rewarded so little for it. Yes, she has multiple title reigns, but those short reigns were probably given to her so that the girls they wanted to push had someone credible to beat. In my opinion, Sasha made a big mistake by signing the extension (as evident by her ppv loss) and now she's stuck in WWE. Do you guys feel the same?
  7.                                     From Diva Dirt: Former NWA Women’s World Champion Jazz spoke with AfterBuzz TV Wrestling & Sports on many topics including her recent appearance at AEW’s All In at the end of August. She shares her thoughts that experience and if there is any sight of her being part of AEW’s product in the future. “There’s really been no discussions as far as that goes. But no there’ s been no contract signed, everyone has been asking me that. There isn’t a contract signed. Honestly you know I’m coming to an end as far my in-ring work. It’s coming to an end. I just turned 47 in August. It’s time for me to say, it’s enough. So right now I’m a trainer at a wrestling school, Hybrid School of  Wrestling. I love being a coach and that’s what I would love to do. I love to give back. If I sign anything, it would most definitely be me being a trainer or coach. That’s my passion right now. That’s what I want to do.”  She goes into more detail about how it felt performing at All Out in the Casino Battle Royale. Furthermore, she discusses that Chief Brand Officer, Brandi Rhodes reached out to her to see if she was interested. “It was so great, oh my god, coming down that ramp and see those fans. It was such an adrenaline rush”, she said. “I came out with a different look, a lot of people hadn’t seen the bald, so it was something different. Brandi Rhodes reached out to me and she asked if I was under contract with anyone like NWA as of right now and I said no I’m not. She said cool, we wanted to see if you’re interested in being apart of our Battle Royal. I was like, yeah, who would say no, first of all. That’s how it happened. They brought me in to do the vignette and the whole time I was thinking what could I do that would be like “BAM” oh yeah she’s back….The B is back It was pretty nice, pretty cool. Everyone was there was overwhelmingly nice and making everyone feel welcome…. They made everyone feel at home and very comfortable. That’s one thing I loved about AEW. “ The former two-time WWE Women’s Champion talks about the recent insurgence of the women’s (r)evolution. She compares to how it was during her time in WWE. During her time it was a common response that even though the women could put on a great match in the ring, they tended to be looked down upon instead of celebrated. “Keep giving us opportunities and main events and big shows. Manias! When I was in WWE, our ratings were really good when we were doing women’s matches. Unfortunately, they weren’t happy with that. She continues, “It’s a new day and time a new era and now we are getting the opportunity to be number one. We are getting the opportunity to show that we can main event. So kudos to all of the women in the industry.”  For the full interview with Jazz which includes a retirement tease, her becoming a trainer, and inspiring fans and breaking down barriers, you can click here. She also says whether or not a final title reign may be in sight before she hangs up her boots Thoughts?
  8. Thoughts on AEW women's roster

                         AEW Dynamite has made its debut, and this is their official women's roster. Do you like it? Is it missing something? How does it compare to WWE and Impact women's rosters? Share your thoughts 
  9.        WWE SmackDown Superstar Mandy Rose recently spoke with Sports Illustrated and revealed her goals for the character - to add layers to her on-screen persona, and a WWE Women's Tag Team Titles reign with Sonya Deville. "This past year, I was able to show off the seductive side of my character, but that was only the beginning," Rose said. "Down the road, another goal is to be the SmackDown women's champion. And Sonya Deville and I will keep working until we win the tag team titles. We have really good chemistry, work so well together, and we're going to keep building our characters until we get those titles. Those are big goals, but they're attainable." Rose also discussed her friendship with Deville and said the highlight of her life is spending time on the road together. She also noted how working with Deville has allowed her the chance to give a voice to WWE's LGBTQ fans. "Our bond was created the day we met on Tough Enough, and it's even stronger now," Rose said of Deville. "We're best friends, we're inseparable. We lived together when we were in NXT, and then we were called up together. It's been an amazing journey, and it's been so nice that we've been able to do it together. It's a true friendship." She continued, "Sonya has opened up a huge light for me. Now that we travel so much together around the world, she's helped me open up and be so involved in the LGBTQ community. I want to show my support for GLAAD, and I'm so happy to be a part of it." We noted before how Rose and Deville recently expanded their "DaMandyz Donutz" brand online. They also created their own health-conscious doughnut, which is available on the website. Rose spoke with SI about her fitness app, Fit wit Mandy, and her new skin care line, Amarose. "I want to make sure I have plans for post-WWE, which is a long time from now but it's still good to be prepared," Rose said. "Fitness is my first love. I've been developing this over the past year, and it's a bunch of my favorite workout exercises. The design is set up for all different skill levels for all different ages. It's an at-home program. I'm always on the road traveling, so it's designed for people who can't get to the gym but still want to work out. "And the skin care line, Amarose, is launching soon. There will be four different products—a lifting eye gel, lifting serum, a beauty boost cleanser and a boosting moisturizer. I've always wanted to get involved in beauty and skincare, and I'm so grateful that I'm able to because of hard work and determination." Link:  https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2019/09/mandy-rose-reveals-wwe-goals-660060/                                                                                                             Thoughts?                                                                         
  10.        I think we can all agree that a heel turn was necessary for Bayley to freshen up her stale character on the main roster. Even though she still acts like a face, its only a matter of time before she fully embraces her heel persona. And when she does, I hope she gets a makeover. I feel that an Emmalina type makeover can do wonders for her heel character, and help her to be taken more seriously by the fans. Btw, I've found these photoshopped images of Bayley popping up on diva dirt regularly ever since she turned heel, and thought that her makeover should take inspiration from them. Here are the images: So, would you like to see Bayley ditch her current PG friendy look for a sexy heel look? Share your thoughts.                                                                      
  11.                                      Former WWE President and CEO Linda McMahon has donated a total of $366,200 to the 2020 Presidential re-election campaign for Donald Trump, according to data from the Federal Election Commission. Three different payments were made on June 3 of this year. One donation was made to the Trump Victory PAC based in Massachusetts, for the amount of $360,600. Linda then made two donations of $2,800 each, for a total of $5,600, to Donald J. Trump For President, Inc., which is his Presidential re-election campaign. The donations were made through Linda’s McMahon Ventures LLC, and were her first political donations since November 2016. Trump, who was inducted into the Celebrity Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013, appointed Linda as the Administrator of his Small Business Administration back in 2016. She stepped down from the role at the end of March 2019. It was reported then that Linda was planning on helping with Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. CBS reported at the time that Linda would be working for America First Action, a pro-Trump Super PAC. FEC data shows that Linda is the Chair of that America First Action Super PAC, and made a donation of $1 million back on May 28. Here's the link:  https://lordsofpain.net/linda-mcmahon-donates-more-than-350000-to-donald-trumps-2020-re-election-campaign/ Thoughts?
  12. Has anyone else seen her recent interview on Pancakes and Powerslams, where is trashing every name out there including Kurt Angle. She goes on to claim him winning an Olympic Gold Medal was no big deals and laughs all while accusing him of being on drugs. She also accused Gail Kim of throwing a tantrum in TNA because she did not want a feud with her. She said Gail is unprofessional, cocky, rude, doesn't make money for anybody, a coward for never stepping to her, boring af (like eating saltine crackers without salt on them!), and she loved when she jobbed out in WWE. She also said that without Kong, the audience would have forgot about Gail Kim like Lena Yada! The audacity of this bitch to come for queen Gail  Here's the link:  https://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancakesandpowerslams/2019/07/03/pancakes-and-powerslams-episode-379--rhaka-khan-shoots-on-her-time-in-tna