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  1. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    what nudes? 👀👀
  2. Dark Side of the Ring

    They were exposing Vince's ass the whole second season lol
  3. Diva Spotlight - Every Diva Ever

    My Favorite Nitro Girls:
  4. Blondes!?

    I applaud the work she into being in WCW and WWE, she was a mess a lot of the times I will say that her timing got better ever time, but you could tell she acted like she didn't wanna get hit.
  5. Blondes!?

    YASSS! I loved Aksana with the dark color. Her fucking looks which the black hair! Like a Diva Era Selina Kyle in this bitch!!!     P.S.: LMFAO Never watched this show, but saw Tanisha and the time stamp and said "Nope, right back to 0:00" because I KNEW 🤣🤣
  6. Blondes!?

    But they will be people stanning Kelly Kelly in 2025 for making little appearances where gives the talent stuck at catering the "Take the most selfies with superstars who probably didn't like you 10 years ago" game to play. Put some respect on they name! They earned the right to be stanned... AAAAnd...chill out, I'm talking about literally ALL the blondes I ever stanned before and now. My list for the "Others" is much longer. I dig deep for that opening post LOL  
  7. Blondes!?

    Hey, I've been on this site off and on(more off) but I see there is a huge feud between the users about blondes vs. non-blondes. Either you're against them or with them. Me personally likes whoever I end up liking. To be quite honest, there aren't many blondes I Stan. They are: Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Cherry, Luna, Natalya, Terri, Taylor Wilde, Angelina Love, and Liv Morgan. Maryse, Beth Phoenix, Tiffany, Jillian and Michelle McCool fall into the category of they were great workers, but they just weren't my cup of tea.  Kelly Kelly, Stacy Keibler, Alexa Bliss, Aksana...less said the better.  Again, these are just my opinions.  So, who are some of your favorite blondes of women's wrestling?
  8. 20 Years of Trish Stratus

    This was my favorite Trish theme song, too. 
  9. 20 Years of Trish Stratus

    To this day I never understood why Trish was the heel in this situation. I mean, didn't Chris Jericho try to use Trish as a bet before she found out? Because I damn sure don't believe he would've told her the truth before sleeping with her if she took the bait 😂
  10. WWE announces four new NXT recruits

    LOL I bet you would. You're a Nicki fan. It was a non-serious comment. You really tripping.
  11. Knowing WWE, That'll have Farrah win CLEAN!
  12. You mean this would be the match at Wrestlemania.
  13. I love your signature!! OMG! Like you like all the women I like! It's kinda shocking!
  14. She definitely did get the job.