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  1. Raw May 29, 2017: Live Chat

    Summer to Dana and Momkie @ catering:
  2. Raw May 29, 2017: Live Chat

    I need the Phil/Tracy narrative continued.
  3. Raw May 29, 2017: Live Chat

    Not me starting to stan Tracey.
  4. Raw May 29, 2017: Live Chat

    "Right next to her father".
  5. Raw May 29, 2017: Live Chat

    Why do I get White Chicks 2 vibes from Titus and Apollo?
  6. Raw May 29, 2017: Live Chat

    Corey was SHOOK.
  7. Raw May 29, 2017: Live Chat

    Sasher's dancing made me question my existence.  On a lighter note can we all take a minute to appreciate Alicia's facial expressions.
  8. The Rock lashes out at film critics

    The only Baywatch remake worth watching this summer.
  9. RuPaul's Drag Race

    Not here for Roxxxy Andrews 2.0 Alexis surviving another week but Nina equally deserved to go this week, people have tried to help her all the way through this competition and her attitude has just stunk. Sasha is my winner so far. Ha drag style is always original and forward. Also she reminds me of a more evolved Jinxx who is one of my all time favs. Could sis be the first Fulbright winner? Yes. Peppermint isn't given enough credit, she is a legend on the NY scene and I feel let down by ha run so far. Her runway and makeover was mediocre but Winter Green definitely saved ha ass this week. She needs to her pussy up next week if she wants a top three spot. Trinity has really established herself as a contender these last few episodes considering a lot of hens thought she'd be one of the first few to go. She definitely deserved to win these week, her runway and performance was miles ahead of the other queens. Shea definitely stumbled this week, the crew member she had didn't offer much to work with and the outfits were okay I guess.  Sasha and Trinity are the only two I feel confident will be in the top 3 with either Shea or Peppermint snatching the third place.  Winter Green for AS3 pls.  
  10. RuPaul's Drag Race

    Why am I only just discovering HB had this thread.
  11. Vote for new Women's Elite Action Figure

    My fav deserves this but at the same time I'm pressed that Emma even has to be considered for an action figure.
  12. Superstar Photo Booth

    Is the second one what was supposed to be Emmalina's attire?
  13. Two Women's Matches Planned for MITB According to Meltzer

    I'd actually love a championship scramble, or just a fresh match concept. They're starting to rely on elimination matches etc.