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  1. Plans for Paige's return?

    Despite her crazy personal life she was showing much stronger performances from aroung Wrestlemania until her injury. So excited to see her back so she can pick up from where she left off.
  2. Plans for Paige's return?

    There a lot more matches and feuds I'd like to see her have on Raw but I feel that if she goes there they'll botch her return and make her look like shit so I think it's a good thing she's going to SD and that they have a storyline for her.
  3. Dana instantly comes to mind. I like her but she looks like a deer in the headlights on RAW sometimes. I'd also say Summer purely because she was such a big deal in NXT and if she had more time down there then she might have been treated as a bigger deal when she made it to the main roster.
  4. Shayna Baszler Signs With WWE

    I'm not totally opposed to her being signed as she did do well in the MYC. If they are gonna do the 4 Horsewomen feud then I hope they don't sign all of them. Ronda and Shayna is enough. There are plenty of women who choose wrestling as number one and didn't just decide to give it a try once their UFC career finished.
  5. Love that women matches being the main event is just the norm now and it isn't mentioned 18282829483158 times on commentary that history is being made. Charlotte winning was the right decision. It's been long enough since they last worked a programme together and it makes the most sense. 
  6. Paige is back at the performance center

    I can see them doing shoot style feuds with references to her personal life like they did with Nikki on SD Live. I hope they send her to SD so bad as RAW will botch her return and she'll probs be joining Mickie and Dana in catering. Although there are some matches and feuds I would love to see her in on both brands. I never thought this day would come but so excited about the thought of seeing her on TV again.
  7. The most iconic woman of ECW

    Queen Dawn slays this entire list. The Bytch is a freakin Icon.
  8. If this is real then she's really fucking dumb. Any derogatory word directed towards people like the F bomb is not acceptable. I really hope this isn't real as I liked Ivellese but will have no choice but to hate her now if she is indeed a bigot.
  9. Candice has the makings of a top babyface. I can see her being a big star. Was so impressed with Bianca. Her match with Kairi is the one I'm looking forward to most.
  10. I love Dawn.    Sexy Star is low life scum. LU better fire her ass.
  11. 1 Sasha Banks 2 Alexa Bliss 3 Emma 4 Nikki Cross 5 Naomi 6 Nikki Bella 6 Paige 8 Asuka 9 Becky Lynch 10 Charlotte Flair 11 Carmella 12 Ember Moon 13 Alicia Fox 14 Natalya 15 Stephanie McMahon 16 Bayley 17 Mickie James 18 Brie Bella 19 Peyton Royce 20 Billie Kay 21 Ruby Riot 22 Renee Young 23 Maryse 24 Mandy Rose 25 Nia Jax 26 Dana Brooke 27 Summer Rae 28 Eva Marie 29 Lana 30 Tamina 31 Aliyah 32 Liv Morgan   Quite accurate
  12. Sunny Explains Why She Is Not a Fan of Women’s Wrestling

    This piece of shit always finds new ways to make me despise her even more. It's like she hates women. She probably loves it when old rich men grab her by the pussy.
  13. How on earth could I have forgotten about Legs. At least it made top 20. Kid Rock is awful but that theme is brilliance. So glad I'm reminded of it's existence.
  14. It did. I also voted for it and felt devastation.
  15. The lack of love for Time to Rise makes me sad.