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  1. Favorite version of TBP

    The original duo of Angelina and Velvet are one of the greatest heel teams of all time.
  2. Tammy Sytch Comments on WWE Nude Photo Leaks

    She is effectively spreading gossip by causing speculation about the women on the main roster but making it seem as though she's being a good person. She is just the worst.
  3. Eva Marie celebrates 4 years of sobriety

    Felt so bad for her in that TD episode in Mexico where they all kept offering her shots before she told them about her problem. Glad she managed to overcome something so awful.
  4. Your Dream Rosters for 2017 Draft

    RAW - Bayley, Carmella, Charlotte, Dana Brooke, Lana, Mickie James, Natalya, Nia Jax,  Summer Rae, Tamina Smackdown - Alexa Bliss, Alicia Fox, Asuka, Becky Lynch, Emma, Eva Marie, Naomi, Maryse, Nikki Bella, Paige, Sasha Banks   NXT - The same with the exception of Asuka going to SD. Give that division a chance to return to its former glory. 
  5. SmackDown March 21, 2017: Live Chat

    Maryse saying "YOU KNOW WHAT" a million times had me dead.
  6. Raw March 20, 2017: Live Chat

    I was hoping Sasha's heel turn would've happened last night since RAW was in Brooklyn and her and Bayley have history in the Barclay's Centre but no. RAW gave us the same nonsensical booking as always. I would've actually rather seen Dana than Nia in the Mania match. I never liked Dana until last week and when I finally get behind her RAW does what it does with all their Superstars who gain momentum in destroying it.
  7. Raw March 20, 2017: Live Chat

    Oh god no not derogatory chants. Poor Paige.
  8. Ricky Knight gives an update on Paige after leaks

    This is horrible. It's so sad cause she's just a girl from a working class family small town in England. The level of fame she's achieved worldwide is remarkable for her but at the same time it's destroyed her. I hope she can get the help she needs it's such a shame for a young girls life to be invaded like this. It's sad that due to the mysoginstic society we live in that she will be the one to get a bad name for this while Woods and Maddox will get a pat on the back. Poor girl.
  9. Will Paige Make a Comeback?

    I feel for poor Paige I really do. She moved to America alone at 19 and ended up getting very famous and it's clear it's caused problems for her mentally. I do think she's made some terrible decisions which have caused her downward spiral but no one should have to deal with their personal lives receiving as much media attention as she has right now. I hope that this time away from the spotlight may be able to help her decompress and come back stronger but unfortunately with all the appearances she's been making at other wrestling shows and the way things seem to continuously spiral out of control for her I really think the chances of her entering a WWE ring again are slim. It's a shame she deserves just as much acclaim for spear heading the change in women's wrestling in WWE just as much as any of the Horsewomen or the other girls making a name for themselves today.
  10. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I never cared much for Brad before but wow. That bod. That dick. That ass. Yum. Hopefully some male wrestlers get leaked.
  11. Rosa Mendes

    Have to say I was indifferent to Rosa before she appeared on Total Divas. She has been the best cast member on the show with Nikki and Nattie in joint close second. Happy things worked out for her in her life. Never laughed as much watching the show as I did when she revelead she put a recorder in her ex's car. Damn Rosa.
  12. Sasha Banks Shades Alexa Bliss

    I love both ladies so even if they hate each other then no sides will be taken here. What else has Sasha done to shade Alexa though? I can't remember anything else.
  13. Yes! Baby steps. Now come back for a match with one of the women on the main roster plz plz plz
  14. Who is most deserving of a push right now?

    RAW - Emma. If they want to compete with Smackdown in terms of having a cohesive division then they need to make better use of all their female talents. The whole Emmalina thing is best just being left forgotten about and hopefully it doesn't ruin her career. Emma is a great talent and there is no reason why she shouldn't be in the title picture along with the Horsewomen. If they let her go in the ring with Sasha, Bayley and Charlotte then she will finally get the recognition she deserves.    Smackdown - This is difficult to say because SD do a great job of giving every woman in the division a character and purpose on the show. But if I'm gonna go with someone then it's gotta be Carmella. I hope that when she eventually turns on Ellsworth that she comes across as an evil stone cold bitch and goes into full on Queen Bitch mode more than ever before. I know from her work with Nikki that she plays a great antagonist so hopefully one of the other SD women can call her out after her no doubt looming turn on no chin man.   NXT - Nikki Cross. I think her work in Sanity has been amazing. Her characterisation and ability to play her part to perfection deserves to be recognised. I'm really rooting for her to win the title from Asuka or perhaps Ember Moon at some point down the line. Plus I'm Scottish so I want to see her suceed.
  15. Lita is great at spotting talent. Alexa is proving why she's a standout in the division.