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  1. Paige Could Be Charged With Battery Over Airport Incident

    Poor girl. My heart breaks for her every time I read a new story. She needs to get the fuck away from that controlling piece of shit.
  2. Who Should Face Naomi at Summerslam?

    I am really hoping she defends the title at Summerslam as Naomi's reign won't look that impressive if the only person she was able to defend against was Lana. I'm hoping Becky or Charlotte win. We haven't seen a singles match between Naomi and Becky from what I remember so that would be my first choice.  A competitive face vs face match will be nice and welcome as I don't have high hopes for the RAW fatal 4 way being very good so a good singles match from the SD girls is what I'm hoping for. Naomi defending would be nice and then Carmella can take cash in later in the year. If there is a draw of some kind or no contest in this elimination match and it ends up being another god damn multi woman match then I'm gonna be so pissed.
  3. Worst Botch in History?

    That Jackie Gayda match is the only right answer for the worst of all time. I honestly can't watch it the whole way through.
  4. This makes me wish Sasha was on Total Divas alongside her this coming season. The tea would be off the charts.
  5. Cyberg Wants A Match With Becky Lynch

    Shayna is already in the Mae Young Classic and I honestly see Ronda making her way to WWE in the next few years. Don't need more MMA girls coming in when they lose their passion for MMA and decide to give wrestling a try just for the hell of it. Not fair on girls that wanted to be wrestlers first.
  6. This. They also need to make Charlotte heel again before this happens.
  7. Rumored raw women's championship Summerslam match.

    That's what I was hoping for after GBOF. They could easily use the real life beef between the two and blur the kayfabe lines like they've done in feuds in the past to create something great. Sasha's RAW Talk segment had me thinking we were gonna get a singles feud between the two with some amazing promos with them both throwing mad shade but I guess instead we're gonna see another month of messy tag matches and backstage segments of Alexa trying to become Nia's bestie. I would say maybe we'll get something with Mickie Dana and Emma as a side feud but that won't happen. They'll most likely be used as punching bags for the women in the title match during the build up, that's if they're even used at all.    God RAW you suck a big bag of dicks.
  8. Rumored raw women's championship Summerslam match.

    So the same match as Wrestlemania with Alexa instead of Charlotte? Someone please fire the RAW writers.
  9. Kurt Angle Storyline: Who is she?

    Sadly I think this is the case. I am not prepared to hear that voice on TV again.
  10. Reby Calls Lita a HEAUX!

    This is embarrassing. Lita and Matt haven't been together for over a decade. Publically shaming Lita over such a dated topic is just attention seeking and uncalled for. 
  11. Gauntlet Match announced for RAW

    I hope to god this isn't over in 10 minutes or less.
  12. I trust nothing that disgusting publication prints. This just screams bullshit.
  13. Two RAW Superstars Join Total Divas Cast

    I don't think it'll do any damage to Alexa. The show isn't interrogated into storylines anymore so it's very much separate from what happens on RAW. She didn't need the show but it's not gonna do her any harm. She seems really sweet in real life so I'm excited to see her on the show. Nia also seems like she has a great personality so that'll be cool to see. Some interaction with The Rock would be cool too.
  14. Raw June 5, 2017: Live Chat

    At this point I'm cool with a Fatal 4 Way at the next PPV. Anything that involves more than 2 women on RAW every week.
  15. Women's Tournament Named In Tribute to Legendary Wrestler

    I'm sure Jim Ross has been confirmed as a commentator. Glad it's in honour of Mae and not horse face Moolah. Justice Bitch!