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  1. They just let women drive there this year so I’m not really surprised. I do think they will compete there eventually. I don’t think WWE are to fault. The safety of the women is also probably a concern.
  2. WWE Changing Moolah Battle Royal Name

    Are GLAAD still a sponsor of WWE? Maybe we could stop that homophobic scumbag Kid Rock from going in the Hall of Fane too.
  3. Women's RR: Who will take the free spots?

    1. Trish Stratus 2. Lita 3. Michelle McCool 4. Kelly Kelly 5. Ivory 6. Beth Phoenix 7. Nikki Cross 8. Kairi Sane 9. Peyton Royce 10. Billie Kay 11. Brie Bella (I don’t think Nikki will be cleared) 
  4. First Ever Women's RR - Who's In?

    AJ would be a dream but she's got a new career now so I don't see it happening.   Ivory would be amazing and a possibility perhaps with the Hall of Fame rumours. Icon needs a moment.   Trish & Lita. It's an obvious pick but I can't help but want to see them in the ring with the girls of today.    Nikki Cross. I need to see her and Alicia Fox interact.    Melina. Plz plz plz WWE. Plz.   Dawn Marie. This is obviously not going to happen but god I want it to. Icon.
  5. Is WWE/Wrestling Next?

    Jerry Lawler's statutory rape case was the first thing to come to mind. I definitely believe he is guilty of that and a whole lot more. The man is a vile piece of shit.
  6. I hope to god this is a joke. Like I don't even have words. Put this old man in a home.
  7. Feel bad for Nattie but I'm more excited for Charlotte vs Alexa tbh. I can see Carmella cashing in at Survivor Series. If that's the case then hopefully they don't make it obvious on Smackdown.
  8. Paige Declares She Is Single

    Del Rio must have a big dick if she put up with all that shite for so long. Hopefully her downward spiral is over.
  9. Match set for Final Spot on Team Raw

    After Mickie's recent push she deserves to be in the match. Sadly I'm pessimistic and think they'll go with Bayley.
  10. I don't disagree with you. I am extremely anti Trump. But there doesn't need to be a divide, that doesn't help. I'm from the UK and I have friends with polar opposite political views from me and we just don't talk about politics. It's that simple. While I think it's awful for someone to support a sociopathic lunatic, there is always common ground people can relate on. I don't think Lacey's career should be ruined before it starts just because she doesn't protest during the national anthem. It doesn't define her is all I'm saying. Not sympathetic towards Trump at all.
  11. This doesn't necessarily mean that she is a Trump supporter she may just agree with him in this instance. Even if she is it's no reason to judge her as a person. Not all Trump supporters are racist homophobes. There are people that voted for him because they agree with some of his policies. While I don't agree with the logic behind that at all, I don't think it's fair to crucify her just for agreeing with Trump on one thing. To instantly form hatred for someone for that reason just creates a divide that doesn't need to be there. Lacey could easily be a lovely woman with her head in the wrong place politically. Serving in the military obviously makes the national anthem important to her. While I don't agree with her at all I don't hate her for it.
  12. Alicia Fox gets merch!

    Hopefully with this they give her more TV time too. Have a feeling what she said might have resonated with people and she might start to be given an actual role on TV. Fingers crossed.
  13. Asuka's First Main Roster Opponent to be Revealed Tonight

    I would love for it to be Alicia but I can see it being one of the other too. Sucks as it would be good to see a fresh match up and I'd love to see what Fox can do against Asuka.
  14. Which Stipulation Match Are You Eager to See Next?

    They need to do a Royal Rumble with the winner challenging for the title at Mania. If it were to happen this year I can see them doing it with 20 women. That means all the main roster women can compete and maybe a couple of old faces and NXT girls can be a part of it. It needs to happen.
  15. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I was living for those grey trunks.