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  1. Women's Tournament Named In Tribute to Legendary Wrestler

    I'm sure Jim Ross has been confirmed as a commentator. Glad it's in honour of Mae and not horse face Moolah. Justice Bitch!
  2. Though I was never particularly a big fan I was very sad when she got suspended as her gimmick was the best on the entire roster at that point. I'm sad we never got to fully see where they went with it as I was really excited to see it develop even more. 
  3. #BL2017 - Block Lana?

    I like Lana as a character and I'm excited for her debut. But I can't stand her on Total Divas so she probably had this coming.
  4. Why did Rosa have to retire? She was TV gold on this show.
  5. Asuka. She's dominated NXT for so long to the extent where the Takeover title matches lack the excitement they used to because we know the result beforehand. I think she should be called up to SD. Will make her feel fresh and interesting and give the NXT women a chance to shine.
  6. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    If someone could PM me these nudes especially Ricochets then I'll be so grateful.
  7. Does Nattie need to go go go?

    Nattie should never go anywhere and she should also get her own Total Divas spin off. I think there is definitely a place for her in the company. She's probably never gonna be a Champion again but she plays the veteran role well. Plus she is always a highlight of every Total Divas episode. (As was Rosa Mendes but ya know.... leave the memories alone )
  8. Sunny Dishes on Rollins, Ziggler, HBK & Masters

    She is not even above Ron Simmons.
  9. WWE releases NXT talent

    NOOOOOOO! Sweet sweet Josh. Noooooooooo. He is sex on legs and I am deeply saddened by this. Don't give a shit about the others.
  10. Raw April 24, 2017: Results

    When this changes I am going to do backflips.... inside. I can practically hear the insults she's gonna scream at Bayley after she's attacked her from behind or something. Ahh I can't wait. 
  11. Vince McMahon biopic in the works

    What are the odds on Trump making a cameo?
  12. Raw April 24, 2017: Results

    I'm probably one of the few people on here that like Bayley. The RAW team seem to enjoy sucking the life out of the character created in NXT. Bayley is booked as a loser that happens to be lucky enough to hold the Championship. It's been hard to get invested in any of her programmes as Champion because of the awful writing on RAW. They expose her weaknesses on the mic too much by having her cut the same robotic promo every week. Alexa is a perfect antagonist to her loveable good girl character and while Bliss made this segment memorable and enjoyable it still could've been so much better if the Champion didn't look like an idiot that needs her best friend to defend her against the mean girl. I agree that Alexa shouldn't have the title till the end of the year. I want to see her stick around for a long time and watch her progress in the ring. She is a star and she will continue to grow and have a long amazing career ahead of her. She just has IT. She's truly one of the best on the mic in the company so hopefully she can continue to shine despite the crap that RAW creative come up with on a weekly basis. The division has been a hot mess for a long time.   Sasha's heel turn can't come quick enough. I need to bad ass DGAF Boss back. Hopefully when this happens Bayley will have some fire and stop being booked to look like an idiot. I am also very excited to see them wrestle a proper singles match on the main roster. I'm hoping for another classic. Ladder match plz.
  13. Raw April 24, 2017: Results

    Alexa shutting down the WHAT chant was gold. She gives me life every week.
  14. Who's Next in Line To Be Champion?

    I see Sasha taking the Raw belt from Bayley. The slow build to her heel turn indicates that she's gonna turn on her which tbh I'm actually excited for. I have waited long for a high profile singles match between them on the main roster. Yes Raw have booked them poorly but they make magic in the ring together so that'll be good. Alexa will get her turn at some point within the year hopefully.   Charlotte will obviously dethrone Naomi at some point I'm hoping she loses tomorrow and Naomi can defend against some other girls before that happens because she deserves a good reign plus that title has had three champions in its short run.
  15. Maria Kanellis to WWE?

    Hopefully she can be on the next season of Total Divas. I need to see her and Maryse have a fight with the Bellas. So much potential tea and drama I can't wait.