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  1. Not Peyton falling out of the pin up strong
  2. Now why can’t the glam squad draw a proper brow on Shayna
  3. Nia Jax got a whole pussy patch on her belly
  4. Sasha and Asuka just put some of these guys to shame. Still the two uncontested MVPs of 2020.
  5. She’s so striking and was one of the ones that Casey kept his eyes on for a while. She also recently went semi viral for her Storm cosplay. Zelina hew??
  6. My VP is a BLACK WOMAN. They’ve been wrinkly old white men for the last two centuries then here come Kamala ticking every box. I’m so happy.
  7. Her stock has gone way up in the last year to the point where I think she’s right up there, if not passed, Tessa Blanchard as hottest free agent. She SHOULD be able to sort all her business while working for a big one. Queen needs to negotiate carefully.
  8. Honestly, NXT UK’s women’s division is way more organized than say... Raw or AEW. The only problem I could see them running into is booking someone to beat Meiko. They’d really have to invest into one of their talents (realistically, Piper Niven or Aoeifa Valkyrie) or bring in someone new.
  9. The most interesting prospect they have and now she’s gone, oop. Just put the belt on Taynara!
  10. Honestly, if he were a better actor (not that it’s a requirement for MCU), Kit Harrington would have made a perfect Wolverine. Dacre better suited for Cyclops.
  11. Being a veteran (citation needed) is no excuse for her lack of professionalism. It’s literally the foundation of her terrible reputation. AEW would have been better off signing any of the one-off girls like Nicole Savoy or even Cameron.
  12. I was tolt that Alexa would be in that match???
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