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  1. Torrie keeping HOF speech under 10 minutes

    Lmao she really just read off her wiki page 
  2. Raw March 25, 2019: Live Chat

    Teaming with Bayley has uglied up Sasha’s costumes 
  3. Raw March 25, 2019: Live Chat

    Is Triple H’s pec even back in place?? 
  4. Mustafa Ali's Name Shortened

    I think it’s their funny way of showing investment in the talent. They must feel pretty confident in the man and his likeness by sending him out there with a three-letter name.
  5. Allie is heading to AEW

    I think the division is actually pretty sizeable already. I would cap it at 15 or 16 and hire more women of color.
  6. DJZ Officially Signs With WWE

    Didn’t he break someone’s neck??
  7. RuPaul's Drag Race

    Just from the last three eps, my prediction for the final four are Vanjie, Akeria, Brook Lynn and Yvie. I love Plastique but the pop culture excuse was not a good look. Drag queens who don’t know anything about Mariah?? Tragic.
  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if she were to be released right afterwards. Like when Emma had her farewell match with Asuka.
  9. Priscilla Kelly Vomits on Joey Ryan's Penis

    Grody gimmick QUEEN.
  10. Fastlane 2019: Live Chat

    This is the best Sasha’s hair has ever looked.
  11. Fastlane 2019: Live Chat

    I’m so worried for Tamina’s Knees
  12. Fastlane 2019: Live Chat

    Nia lookin like a dragon with that scaly underbelly. Mhysa!!!!
  13. Fastlane 2019: Live Chat

    Scott Dawson really needs to get rid of that sex offender mustache 
  14. Nia Jax DRAGS Dave Meltzer

    I think it’s got something to do with him bringing up Roman Reigns’s leukemia