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  1. Alexa Bliss Injured

  2. Paige looks so good omw 
  3. WWE signed former knockout?

    YAS. I’m sure it was already in the works but they can make a cute story about this stemming from the Mae Young Classic chanting for her to be signed.   just please do away with that corny “blasian baddie” moniker.
  4. Raw September 17, 2018: Live Chat

    Okay lio! I’m here for Parkour Paul Heyman.
  5. Raw September 17, 2018: Live Chat

    Not Lio Rush hayuking it up on Elias
  6. Hell in a Cell 2018: Live Chat

    Omg when did Peg get her hair cut
  7. Superstar Photo Booth

    More female refs coming. The brunette on Drake’s left was at the MYC.
  8. Brie talks infamous suicide dive spot

    At least it wasn’t as bad as Shelly’s
  9. Bigger Missed Opportunity?

    Lana is not even at the peak of her career, imo. The potential for bigger things is still all there. Meanwhile, Eva is a neverwas in wrestling. It was never gonna happen for her. She didn’t have the support system or even the background that Lana possesses to go further in sports entertainment. It’s probably for the better that Eva left when she did and she’s at least got her Nordstrom and podcast deals along with a burgeoning YouTube career.
  10. Where the fuck was this Priscilla She’s got limitless potential tho. I’d love to see her signed. Once this sob comeback story for Deonna is done, she needs to get herself a storyline FAST and establish some character traits. She can’t sit on just being the Virtuosa. I was so mad at Full Sail for not putting any sort of respect to Madison’s name. She’s a future legend and all they wanna do is cheer for Mercedes’s airhorns.
  11. Okay y’all ain’t lying. Smackdown is literally the women’s show featuring Jeff, Randy and Shin.
  12. Superstar Photo Booth

    Okay Killer Kelly is so hot outside of costume