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  1. Raw January 21, 2019: Live Chat

    We looove the Russian legsweep into Banks Statement
  2. Raw January 21, 2019: Live Chat

    If that b*tch Bayley knew how to cut a promo, she’d make such a fun annoying heel
  3. Raw January 21, 2019: Live Chat

    Sasha saying what all the girls are thinking bloop, bonk and the BOOP!
  4. Raw January 21, 2019: Live Chat

    Why Ronda always got these long ass monologues?? Dasha and her weird topknot just wanted a quick sound bite.
  5. Raw January 21, 2019: Live Chat

    Curt Hawkins...? 👀
  6. Raw January 21, 2019: Live Chat

    They really told Otis to act even more like a crackhead 
  7. Raw January 21, 2019: Live Chat

    21 girls in the banner + Lacey and Alexa. Seven spots open. Most likely, Toni Storm and Shayna Baszler (or Bianca if she wins this Saturday) will be included. Five, minimum returnees? Who do you guys think?
  8. Raw January 21, 2019: Live Chat

    I never knew I wanted an Alexa/Lacey feud until now 
  9. I want Vanessa Borne as mini-Nia like how Chyna had The Kat. Imagine Vanessa wearing her version of Nia’s Wrestlemania 34 outfit. GET INTO IT!
  10. I’m sorry what??? 90% of the fun of the Rumble are the surprises! Why spoil your own event??
  11. First Ever Tag Team Champions!!

    I think it should be the Riott Squad out of the current girls tbh. A title reign for Ruby has been a long time coming and she’s too far down the singles division queue. And I love that even though they’ve lost over and over, they still come off as legitimate competitors and not like jobbers.
  12. Should have been CHAMP!!

    It’s asinine how Luna Vachon never won the women’s title.
  13. Bianca Belair Reveals How Her Hair Whip Move Was Developed

    A new era of women’s wrestling gays were BORN when that video of Bianca whipping Ruby hit twitter.
  14. This is CBB. Anyone who makes it past week 4 is the winner lol The whole show is only three and a half weeks long. They eliminate every few days.
  15. NXT UK Spoilers

    YAS saw that Jinny got some extensions in. Her push is coming!   btw is she dating Jordan Devlin? They’re always together.