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  1. I mainly want Payton to win so she can get herself a championship budget for better costumes.   Ember is the most obvious choice but I think Nikki is the dark horse. Kairi’s got some character-tuning to do before getting her hands on a title.
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    A power couple I never knew I wanted    
  3. Would you guys actually try to do pro wrestling?

    I would cuz I’m tall but I don’t want my nudes leaked! Plus I already love my job! 
  4. Josh from Tough Enough Released

    Except why has it been over a year since Mandy appeared on TV 🤔
  5. I mean... they couldn’t make sure she was good with her documents before booking her into their biggest PPV of the year? Who is their HR???
  6. Emma and Summer Rae Released

    Apparently, original Sanity member Sawyer Fulton and Sasha’s special friend Leo Gao were released too.
  7. MAJOR HEAT on NXT Superstar

    Sorry but he is predestined for 205 Live anyways. I echo everyone else... better to nip it in the bud.
  8. MJ Jenkins released

    That's Aerial Monroe, girl.
  9. MJ Jenkins released

    Um she sucks tbh she needs a few more years of fine tuning 
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Remember when Maryse would bully the gay ref    
  11. Raw October 30, 2017: Live Chat

    Not this Little Mix member jobbing to Asuka
  12. The Undertaker’s return to WWE is set

    Bring Michelle back with you, Mark.
  13. Emma and Summer Rae Released

    They should both try getting on GLOW or at the very least turn up on Lucha Underground. The talent in the women’s roster there is minuscule.
  14. Brie Bella talks WWE Comeback

    Brie looks so much better and more similar to Nikki now with the extra weight.