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  1. As if she was in the movie for anything longer than three minutes 
  2. WWE Network | Official Chat Thread

    But not The Fiend walking to the ring with a mutilated severed head in Saudi Arabia!
  3. WWE Network | Official Chat Thread

    The match itself was pretty basic and this relationship with Saudi is still problematic but it was worth watching just to see how Nattie and Lacey and even Corey and Cole were affected by what they just did.
  4. WWE Reality Shows | Official Chat Thread

    Not them portraying the IIconics as boring prudes 😩
  5. Kelly Kelly on Chasing Glory

    Competitive reality tv?? Like that flop CM Punk on The Challenge??
  6. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    Oh no, poor Finn and that tragic hand tattoo. Color tats are so tacky.
  7. Channing Tatum-led ‘Gambit’ officially dead

    I’m only disappointed because, although Tatum as Gambit is nightmare casting, they also had a brilliant pick in Lea Seydoux as BellaDonna.
  8. ‘Bombshell’ Official Trailer

    I can’t WAIT. Charlize is supposed snag another Oscar for this!
  9. WWE signs Shotzi Blackheart

    I love the diversity in the recent signings. Filipina Shotzi, blonde diva Scarlett and I’m not sure what Indi’s make up is but I like that she has a different look too.
  10. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    Did Sammy Guevara suffer a stroke?? Why he keep sticking his tongue out???
  11. "JOKER" Breaks Box Office Records

    It was stylish, immersive, well acted and I liked its underlying messages about healthcare and the wage gap but with that said, it portrayed mental illness in a questionable way. Even still, I think it would be a shame if Joaquin doesn’t get an Oscar nom.
  12. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    I don’t think they’ve mentioned the Seth/Fiend match even once tonight 
  13. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    I want so badly for Kairi to ditch the pirate and take on a Gogo Yubari gimmick
  14. Hell in a Cell 2019: Live Chat

    The gay ref is a fucking jinx. He ruins every big main event.
  15. Hell in a Cell 2019: Live Chat

    Girls I guess we’re going ✈️ AEW