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  1. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    Maryse's Lana Del Rey run. The next hit GIF.
  2. 1. Name: Crystal 2. Fave Superstars: The Bella Twins 3. Fave Artists: Fifth Harmony, BLACKPINK 4. Fave TV Shows: Bold & The Beautiful, Days Of Our Lives, General Hospital, and Young & The Restless 5. Fave Movies: Not much of a movie lover or goer. 6. Fave Colors: Black and White 7. Celeb Crushes: None at the moment. 8. Fave Books: Only physical books I read are textbooks. 9. What do you normally do on HB?: Member of The Bella Army. Inconsistent poster in Raw & Smackdown Live Threads. 10. If Santa was on HB, what would you ask him for?: That every HB member finds true happiness and lives a long and healthy life. 11. Any additional info?: Mostly a music lover. General Hospital is my favorite soap opera and I'm a big fan of The Corinthos Family.
  3. Heartbreakers Royal Rumble 2020 | Day Four

    Sees @Charlie's HB Royal Rumble Thread. Ready.
  4. 1. Leigh 2. Mariah 3. Jeigz 4. Twisted Bliss 5. Layout 6. Scamier 7. Pablo 8. Crystal
  5. I see The Bella Twins fell short as expected. I did give Charlotte all 10's so her winning is good in my book. Thank you for the fun countdown, @Jeigz!
  6. Speaking of geriatric, the way I got a senior citizen "fix your posture" ad after logging in.
  7. I adore Kelly Kelly and her ability to make internet fans pop a gasket while making the live crowds fall in love with her. That said, we were robbed of THAT heel turn.
  8. I see the drama has started.
  9. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Happy they dropped KO vs AJ even though KO vs Seth isn't necessarily fresh either.
  10. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Seth calling out people who were Smackdown Superstars a mere month ago sends.  
  11. Me looking at the TNA/IMPACT names on the list while they stare back at me.
  12. Total Bella Army providing another ratings hit.
  13. My vote goes to Kelly Kelly. I'd go into detail but I'm a bit tired.
  14. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Random but I miss Charlotte's previous face.
  15. That was obviously a Total Bella Army ratings ploy.  @Jeigz being a top secret graduate of Fearless University. I see the business savvy.