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  1. Nikki Cross should have debuted at WM by pulling a Tanya Harding on Becky, Charlotte, or Ronda right before the match at WM. Becky for maximum heat. Charlotte for maximum pops. Ronda for maximum HB likes.
  2. Smackdown March 5, 2019: Live Chat

    This storyline has monopolized both shows and SDL's women's division is getting hit hard since they can't book two of their top women due to the Ronda mess. By the writing, it seems like Becky is winning at WM which means she "officially" goes to Raw. On the flip side, they are very consistent in making sure Charlotte's presence is shown weekly on SDL unlike Becky (and Asuka) so I think WWE plans on Charlotte officially dethroning Becky as the female face of the blue brand. However, this is the WWE and they love extending our misery. I can definitely see them sending her to Raw during the shakeup if Becky pins Ronda and Charlotte demands a one-on-one because she wasn't pinned. A mess.
  3. Alexa Bliss

    This. Bring her back home with the blue aesthetics. Turn her face and let her make amends for her past. The FOX crew being in awe by her new gymnastic-influenced moveset while she tries to win back the SDL Women's Championship with an actual moral code aiding her journey. She'll get screwed over in her quest but she will eventually go on to win the title in true babyface fashion. A truly blissful display of character development.
  4. I feel absolutely awful for saying this but I don't care if they main event or not at this point. Becky should be more Sting and less Austin replacing beer with a social media addiction. Ronda is Ronda and doesn't understand the concept of hyperbole or like people in her own age demographic. Charlotte fixed her enhancements, adopted a new attitude, and is dating Andrade. In other words, Charlotte really won this feud even if she loses at WM.
  5. When the page loads and you see Kelly and Cameron strut and turn simultaneously... The previews for tonight's show seem bland but it could be my lack of interest/knowledge of these unassigned NXT stars.
  6. Biggest Wrestling Pet Peeves?

    Breaking the fourth wall and essentially admitting that everything in the WWE is scripted while commentary plays dumb.
  7. Charlotte Dating WWE Superstar

    No wonder Charlotte has a pep to her step lately.
  8. Strong pass. The casuals don't care about Lacey so give Asuka an opponent worthy of her time in terms of popularity. Just call up Nikki Bella or let Alexa Bliss get "invited" to SDL so she can challenge Asuka instead. Asuka/Lacey is a sad excuse for a WM match.
  9. Carmella Is Innocent

    Mandy and Sonya really won this week. Naomi enlisting help from a real homewrecker to get revenge on a fake homewrecker. Her mind. It glows.
  10. NXT Stars On The Main Roster

    Hopefully, Lacey will know what brand she's on before these call-ups happen.
  11. Dean Ambrose To Leave WWE

    @Shoaib. are you alright? You'll make it through this.
  12. Royal Rumble 2019: Live Chat

    Me logging on to HB only to struggle to say anything interesting.
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I think she accidentally submitted one of her Natalya pre-written tweets. Is HB finally stanning Asuka a bit?
  14. Raw January 7, 2019: Live Chat

    Can we get to Alexa Bliss channeling Sally Jessy Raphael, please?
  15. Raw January 7, 2019: Live Chat

    Funny, I ranked AJ Lee last in HB's Royal Rumble.