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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Sorry to interrupt but these last couple of pages: An infinite loop. Anyways, HB threads this week are serving Extreme Rules. I wasn't prepared for Naomi getting dragged.
  2. Does Becky Lynch have top girl energy?

    Leave Sasha Banks out of this! Just kidding, we all know Nia Jax messed up but the amount of hate she's getting is bringing out the worst in people who already hated her to begin with just like Brie Bella. On the flip side, Ronda Rousey gets the benefit of doubt due to her UFC notoriety while Alexa Bliss' in-ring career could be in jeopardy due to multiple concussions. In terms of the "Becky is boring" debate, her character is extremely likeable which is why most of us think highly of her but her moveset as a face was a tad underwhelming and repetitive which could be caused by the paint-by-numbers structure of her weekly TV matches. AKA Becky starts out strong, heel gets upper hand and puts a very long submission hold on her, Becky gets crowd support and battles back which either leads to a victory or a dirty loss. She rarely experiments within this fixed framework which is probably why @Boris. compared her to Natalya. However, unlike Natalya, Becky's natural charisma shines through although I personally find heel Natalya's methods of trolling and selling worth the price of watching her matches.
  3. The slow-mo of Tamina realizing she's about to look like James Ellsworth. But seriously, now people are trying to finesse moving Becky to Raw and Charlotte staying on Smackdown. I'm internally raging about this now.
  4. The HEEL HEAT she would get. The last of the SDL6 finally winning the championship!! Why did you just do this to me @Mariah. EDIT: Imagine they have a gauntlet match where Carmella is the last women standing until...
  5. We don't need a champion vs champion match. Just let Becky keep her title assuming she won't be out long. The thought of Charlotte, Mandy, or the IIconics winning the Women's Championship tonight is mind-blowing especially since Mandy, Peyton, or Billie would only be jobbing to Ronda. Give the title to ASUKA if Becky's injury is really that serious. I'm so mad I have to miss SDL tonight. Briesus.
  6. I hope it isn't true. Will they insert Ronda into the Survior Series tag match or will Asuka or Naomi sub-in for Becky since Ronda/Charlotte seems to be the WM program? Perhaps they can do Becky/Ronda at RR...I'm not sure. Either way, it's unfortunate because Heel Becky has been legit straight fire plus I was so ready for the crowd to turn on Ronda. Prayer circle for her injury being only a broken nose and not a concussion as well. Nia might get some heat for this especially if it's serious enough for Paige to strip Becky of the title tonight on Smackdown Live. Queen of Team Blue didn't deserve this at all. EDIT: Yikes!  
  7. Raw November 12, 2018: Live Chat

    I just re-watched the segment. It was a great Becky showing but a bit sloppy/awkward in execution. The 2016 version was amazing on all fronts. Charlotte obnoxiously trolling Nikki with her Smackdown tickets. Nikki vs Carmella. Nikki clocking Charlotte so hard the guy behind her falls down. Carmella's inner struggle to #BeatUpNikkiBella or help her against the swarm of Team Raw invaders. Nia's barricade spot, Dana crawling on all fours just to get to Nikki, "Good Person" Bayley jumping Nikki like a thug, Naomi taking the Raw girls out, and the rest of our iconic SD6 girls protecting their turf. A MOMENT.
  8. Raw November 12, 2018: Live Chat

    Charlotte making Tamina look like Ellsworth: The Re-Up.
  9. Is Nikki Bella bleaching?

    Delete it fat, Skinny Legend.
  10. Does Becky Lynch have top girl energy?

     @Cooksie better be thankful that I'm mentally exhausted to do a long and informative read.
  11. The return of Daytime Emmy nominee, Natalya Neidhart.
  12. The WWE wouldn't let Savannah, Lena Yada, and Gail Kim co-exist because they had a "similar look" so it's not shocking.
  13. Alexa Bliss

    Agreed, that would be redundant. We also have that FOX TV deal coming up which further complicates things. All I've heard is that the FOX executives want more action/promos and less comedy which makes me think the IIconics aren't long for the Blue Brand. The USA executives would probably want The Bellas, Miz (+Maryse), and the Total Divas mainstays for promotional synergy. Ronda, Charlotte, and Alexa are hard to figure out especially since Ronda may not even make it another year. Overall, it'll be interesting to see if the next shake-up is indicative of the roster they want for FOX SDL (since that would be the roster when the deal kicks in) or if they postpone it and have a full re-draft October 2019.
  14. Alexa Bliss

    So Alexa and Becky had an in-character twitter exchange based off Becky's cosplay comment on SDL. Do you think they'll eventually revisit that feud with new face/heel dynamics? It's a bit odd considering Becky will be facing Ronda at Survivor Series and not Alexa. That coupled with sad/depressed Charlotte who passed on Paige's captain offer makes me wonder if we're in for another Charlotte/Alexa switch in a couple months. I just want Alexa to come back to her OG brand and rise up as a babyface without Mickie or Alicia involved.
  15. Samoa Joe is a sweetheart in real life. HB should stan.