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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Melina found the tweet very funny. 
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    So you guys are ignoring Melina's reply on purpose right? As it doesn't suit your agenda I guess.
  3. Four women reporting to training.

    Shocked at your lack of understand of the VISA process. Evie & Nixon Newell report April. Some of the retrograde comments here jeez. Sorry Heidi and Kim can wrestle and aren't some Botoxed anorexic from the "golden era".  
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  5. Some Dirt From a WWE Employee

    Where's the dirt? Most of this stuff are things talked about here or on Twitter or common sense?
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Not a news source. Shit account aimed at gullible people. 
  7. Alberto Del Rio Attacked

  8. Paige's injury may be worse than initially thought

      Paige's mother confirmed Meltzer's report last week. 
  9. Mickie James Shades an Ex Co-Worker

    The last person who said something was obviously the case ended up being wrong. And you are wrong here too. Mickie and Kimber wrestled in MCW the last two months against each other. I've no idea why working with someone before precludes you from deciding that you don't want to work with them again.
  10. Mickie James Shades an Ex Co-Worker

    That's her reputation in the industry. She has underlying problems that causes it but that's still that's her reputation. She's a really good wrestler who makes the worst choices career wise.
  11. Mickie James Shades an Ex Co-Worker

      The last thing did go viral.
  12. Mickie James Shades an Ex Co-Worker

      Well done. It is not clearly a Diva.   There's other elements to the story on Kimber's end of things. I wouldn't cast full judgement until they come out. In short she's going through a bad time personally.
  13. Mickie James Shades an Ex Co-Worker

    I didn't know Melina vs Mickie James was booked to happen this month.... Seriously guys check out Mickie's schedule. The answer is THERE. Again it isn't a Diva and ex co-worker is even stretching it.
  14. Mickie James Shades an Ex Co-Worker

    Great gif and everything but it is quite clear don't understand how things work in reality. It was an indie worker known for drama/controversy which Mickie was advertised to Wrestle this month. I am sorry that it isn't a Diva and outside what your wheelhouse seemingly is. The only work they have ever done for WWE was a MAYBE being a Rosebud on WWE Live Events although no evidence exists of that. If you think that qualifies someone being a Diva then yeah it is a Diva. When really it is someone who Heartbreakers would have interest in generally.