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  1. Sasha Banks wants fans to "Shut Up"

    Who cares? Every time my girl speaks you hens act like she endorsed Trump. She literally said 'shut up.' I've no doubt there are times where she has said ignorant things but this (and the majority of what I've seen posted on this forum tbh) are not any cause for concern. We all should be coming to terms with the fact that the ship has sailed for now. So shut up. Krew need to simmer with this 'in character' mess tho, does that even still exist within interviews that aren't part of
  2. Rene Dupree claims he had sex with WWE Female Superstar

    This is so unnecessary. Trash.
  3. light my thrussy up!

  4. Summer Rae makes Maxim's Hot 100 2017 list

    You and Nikki were clocked sis. 
  5. Summer Rae makes Maxim's Hot 100 2017 list

    My sis @trishallday punching these hens out. I'm yelling!  
  6. Cameron/Ariane Andrew discusses her WWE release.

    Bitch not you doing notes after I just sat and watched the whole thing. Why was her intro serving me Basketball Wives/Love & Hip Hop transition? In other news, she looks cute.
  7. Summer Rae makes Maxim's Hot 100 2017 list

    Personally I don't find Summer attractive and would put a number of the WWE girls in over her but cute exposure for ha.
  8. Brie Bella's journey to get back in the ring

    I wasn't completely sure if she would stick to her word and actually return, since motherhood can change a lot of things, but I'm shook and low key excited for ha.
  9. A transgender in the women's division. Thoughts?

    This is ugly and has just further proven my point but go off.  
  10. A transgender in the women's division. Thoughts?

    But unlike everyone else you failed to justify your reasoning which is very much necessary when discussing a topic this sensitive.  I mentioned her because if you can openly support a woman of her character, then your own character becomes questionable. The fact that you're skirting around the issue and not really replying to what is being said (you did that with Cordelia earlier) is only making your comments seem more suspicious. 
  11. A transgender in the women's division. Thoughts?

    You never justified your reasoning and based on that past post (as well as the open support for Moolah), it's questionable as to why you specifically don't want to see it happen.
  12. A transgender in the women's division. Thoughts?

    I hope that @Matto has been handed out warning points if this girly is not to be banned because this ignorance is not a cute look.
  13. A transgender in the women's division. Thoughts?

    Honestly, we need it. That article is fucking trash and all this bullshit that she looks like a man? So does every one of those other brick house built Ronda Rousey Shayna Baszler looking bitches. So I'm failing to see where this 'advantage' is.
  14. Update on Emma's Return

    It sucks that this happened to her again but at least June really isn't that far away. Hopefully she can pick up right where she left off with Dana.
  15. Vote for new Women's Elite Action Figure

    Didn't Nia just get a figure? Emma deserves this upgrade.