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  1. I'm really pushing for Peyton, she deserves it the most and is the most established girl in NXT (along with Billie who should be in the match too) right now in my opinion. Previously I wouldn't have minded Ember snatching but I feel like it would be such a waste given she could have just taken the title from Asuka. It's way too soon for Kairi to snatch and I think everyone is over undefeated streaks at this point. and I hate Nikki so if she wins I'm gonna have a breakdown.
  2. Who Is Heartbreakers' Current Fave?

    Welp. We tried mawma.
  3. Who Is Heartbreakers' Current Fave?

    Nikki vs Sasha? I'll be needing to see the receipts of this randomising system you're using.
  4. Your faves' W-L record?

  5. Who Is Heartbreakers' Current Fave?

    bitch how dare you end the first one early when I just voted. ok lemme do the second one and actually have my shit count this time. my only option that didn't make it through was Bugley so I guess I still win.
  6. Ronda Rousey attends WWE NXT event

    not EYE.
  7. Match set for Final Spot on Team Raw

    Can Dana snatch this win please? 
  8. What would you like to see more of on Heartbreakers?

    nudes. @puppies
  9. Emma and Summer Rae Released

  10. As America Goes Down - Lacey Evans Stands Up

    Anyone who supports Trump is a cunt considering his entire campaign was built on prejudice to a number of communities. 
  11. what the FUCK? Gail Kim career storybook ending cancelled.
  12. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    Does anyone know if we can turn off the 'run in' and 'break out' options during entrances this year? They annoy me so much. Just that little box in the top left hand corner during entrances and when it counts down! Ugh I seethe! 
  13. I'm so happy that we're getting even more diversity now, and I loved Kavita in the MYC!
  14. PSN Usernames

    Mines is KevinRawrr (I think and don't bully me I was young). 
  15. Tryouts Thread