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  1. Whose cooking would you rather eat?

    I choose Nikki because she don't fuck with grass like ha sis.
  2. Favorite Divas photoshoot

    Divas Undressed was iconic. Jazz had me pressed af when she clocked Trish with ha crutch.
  3. Paige Could Be Charged With Battery Over Airport Incident

    So this means Del Rio has to be pressing charges against her right? I don't have full knowledge of how the law works but surely the police couldn't press charges if the victim doesn't wish to themselves?
  4. WWE Barbies releasing soon

    Aw I love them! Super cute! Are the ones Sasha and Char have in their hands collectable ones or something? Why is Charlotte wearing tights? 
  5. Taylor Wilde Originally Considered for Mae Young Classic

    I AM LIVID! Hamada is literally the best wrestler I've ever seen.
  6. Bitch you getting on my nerves even I don't wanna see my fave gassed up this much in every thread.
  7. Alexa has been the most successful clearly, I mean if you told me anyone but Charlotte would be the first ever Raw & SD Women's Champion then I would have laughed at you but she did that. However, I don't feel like she deserved her push so soon and has failed to deliver in the majority of her stipulation matches. So with that being said, I would argue that Carmella has been the one that has backed-up her push. I much prefer her mic work and overall heel mannerisms  to that of Alexa's. As mentioned above her push was so organic and wasn't so forced, which in my opinion is how Alexa's came across since she was just kind of thrown into the top spot for no real reason.
  8. Who Should Face Naomi at Summerslam?

    Logically, I would choose Tamina since she's been racking up wins over Naomi recently but as a SS feud that match would really not be the tea. So I'm torn between Charlotte, Becky and Natalya. It depends on if Naomi is going to lose or not. I couldn't see Carmella cashing in against Charlotte, SD have made ha take a backseat but I don't believe they'd do her dirty that much. A cash in on Becky or Natalya would be such a kii, but more so on Becky since if she did it against Natalya then that would mean her needing to revert back to a face and no one wants that. Honestly tho give me anything but Lana.
  9. Booking: RAW or Smackdown Live?

    I feel like we've had this same thread about 10x over. Why is this still a question? 
  10. Emma celebrates 5 years with the WWE

    I'm pretty sure that promo's would have to be approved ahead of time if requested, and most of the time are just handed out to who WWE deems relevant enough to speak. It's whatever tho, the sis is constantly disrespected. Agree and keep it moving.
  11. Taylor Wilde Originally Considered for Mae Young Classic

    I don't understand why. She's hardly a big name when I think of talent in women's wrestling but cute.
  12. WWE rumored to clear out Women's roster

    They best the fuck not touch Emma or Mandy! I can't say I couldn't see it coming for Summer or Aliyah tho, referring to the latter something is really up when even Full Sail can't get behind you because they cheer anything. I don't see why Renee is mentioned when she isn't part of the women's roster but her getting the slip would not surprise me either with the way things have been going for her lately, which is a shame since I think she's the best at her job regardless of gender. As for Natalya, if this were any other year I would see it coming for her but she's at the best point in her career since she won the title. Can't say I would care if she did go but she is a valuable part of SD tbh. And this report shouldn't be so hard to believe considering the already signed girls of the MYC are presumably going to be more featured on NXT now, AND the fact that they're most likely going to sign a few of the girls from the tournament that don't already have contracts.
  13. What we are not gonna do is act like we didn't see that jacket and think the same thing. 
  14. Sasha Hinting at Leaving WWE in 2 More Years?

    Not my fave being Alicia Fox if this were to come true...
  15. Can Mickie make this run successful?

    I don't believe it to be any fault of her own when none of the Raw women are popping right now.