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  1. I'm so upset I wanted to see someone flop with 0.
  2. I do agree with the sentiment that it's pretty much applauding straight males for just being decent people but to have a straight male peer not only accept, but stand up for you, is a big deal when so many of us only encounter hate from those species.
  3. You're so humble. These f**s did all that whining in the preliminaries they better send lists in!
  4. I know she was that bitch of her time but she has a nerve when she was never in shape herself and could never 'hang'.
  5. Ronda is really coming isn't she? Back to square one we go!
  6. I always saw this for them from the moment Kairi pinned Becky in that tag so idk why they randomly inserted Natalya in the first place.
  7. A GAG! But I'm really scared that you'll post everyone's lists once the countdown has ended and the girls are gonna eat me for breakfast.
  8. Knockout legend gave birth

    Legend? But love that for her.
  9. There's girls who aren't talented who are still legendary even if they're still relatively early on in their Blissful careers.
  10. I had to take the majority of my faves out in order to be as objective as possible and include girls I don't even like. I hate it here.
  11. I'm really struggling to narrow this down to 15. This is the hardest HB countdown ever.
  12. Maybe the part sarcasm didn't come across all too well. I don't care just don't sleep on the big gworl.
  13. Maybe unpredictable for this forum given the other votes but there's really very little competition in this round when it comes to impact. Y'all can shit on TNA now but don't act like you weren't gagging earlier on this decade. Eva did nothing but make us kii with an entrance and a titty slip. We love it but pls.
  14. WHEW we getting started early!