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  1. Ashley Massaro passes away

    It's been a week and I still am not able to process this information fully. I was only ten years old when I tuned into the 2005 Diva Search and immediately chose Ashley as my favourite. I supported her through every week in the competition and was so happy when she won! Her reaction was so genuine and beautiful. They can say whatever they want about Ashley and her career but she truly paved a way for the girls, was in her own lane and I think we need to acknowledge the fact that without the success of herself and many other women of the Diva Search, that the show would not be making such a grand return in 2019 on a worldwide network. A Queen.
  2. This was such a tough read. It is so sad that she was battling all of these demons behind closed doors. It really hits home that not everything is as it appears. She didn't deserve any of this. It's just so sad all around.
  3. I've kind of been quietly rooting for her since the Royal Rumble return. It's always a great thing anytime someone is able to come back from being hurt, and I think Alexa has been shining so much with A Moment of Bliss. I just wasn't a fan of the original Becky/Alexa feud and hope that this card isn't a sign of things to come creatively, but as long as she's healthy that's all that matters in the long run!
  4. Ruby Riott undergoes shoulder surgery

    First Nia and both of her knees and now Ruby and both of her shoulders? These girls are going through it.
  5. Oh no. I sure do hope sis is okay though.
  6. Sasha: knowing her worth to a fault, and appearing slightly ungrateful in the process. Trish: claiming retirement but returning every damn year consistently. Her tag with Cena and 2018 returns were moments. The rest... keep it.
  7. Nia Jax DRAGS Becky Lynch on Twitter

    Y'all are GAYS and consider this a drag? Oh wow, and I'm pretty sure this is all in character on everyone's part. Becky isn't a problematic girl and has always appeared to be well liked amongst her peers.
  8. I guess I'm going ✈️ stanning superhero movies now. 
  9. Alexa Bliss Removed from MITB Match

    I'm convinced this is just a work to get Nikki in the match and she'll win and either give it to Alexa, or Alexa will expect her to and Nikki will run away instead. 
  10. Kairi Sane & Asuka tag team name revealed

    Why would they not just draft Io and keep the Sky Pirates together? I'm so tired.
  11. They're a cute couple and I wish them all the best.
  12. "It: Chapter Two" Teaser Trailer and Poster

    I honestly didn't care too much for the first one. It didn't really scare me that much and was almost comical in places that weren't supposed to be. However, I'm reading the book atm and it's SO much better.
  13. I repeat, can they give Nikki Cross a home first!?