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  1. Plans for Paige's return?

    I'm so happy that it seems like she really will be coming back but she needs to be on Raw.
  2. Women's TLC Match??

    I surely hope you don't mean a set-up standing chair because...
  3. and on the seventh day, not a lie was detected.
  4. Post Your Pictures

    good morning IΒ want @Wilifred.Β and @puppiesΒ in my pussy at the same time. Β  also thanks to @Travis RouckaΒ I never let my hair grow back and actually switched it up serving you brown/blonde in my Emmalina era. Β 
  5. Kairi Sane Guaranteed an NXT Women's Title Shot

    I was a little pressed at first but I'm glad to here it's going to be a fatal 4-way (although 6 pack would have been better) and I would rather this be part of Kairi's prize rather than just being handed the title right away. I stg Billie better be a part of this match tho!
  6. @RahgemeΒ when he can't search 'Sasha Banks is...'Β for the 15438603980453Β time. Β 
  7. Alexa Bliss Talks Appearance, Anorexia, and Future Goals in WWE

    A woman who struggled to look after her disabled brother? Oh honey, Sasha is that positive role model also. It's so sad that you had to bring her up in this and compare two women who have both dealt with such strong struggles throughout their lives, for the sake of saying one is better than the other.
  8. Wrestlers drag Sasha Banks

    I stepped into this thread and now I'm about to step out because neither of these men have jobs.
  9. Excerpts from Ric and Charlotte Flair’s new book

    lol i'm back to hating this forum. Sasha really bothers you loves so much that now we're bringing her up in threads that are nothing to do with her? you some stans for real.
  10. Ivelisse is a homophobe

    I stan ha but all the gays in this thread justifying what she said are embarrassing.
  11. Not this Taylor Swift victim ass statement.
  12. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    bitch someone send me the Tyler video I have been PERCHED since that tournament aired.Β 
  13. Smackdown Women's Champion Natalya debuts new T-Shirt

    That is fucking ugly.
  14. Mae Young Classic | Official Chat Thread

    Shayna is literally the worst one. This isn't MMA hen, she needs to get a moveset. Β 
  15. Mae Young Classic | Official Chat Thread

    I was SHOOK by that! She did so good, the models are coming thru!Β