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  1. Sasha Banks Says She's Better Than Half Of WWE's Male Stars

    ICONIC. I used to watch that on REPEAT ugh I need it in my life again. They all really snapped that night. 
  2. Sarah fired the shot and Torrie took it like a champ.
  3. YAS! So much so that she risked her health and ended up with her back injury, I think that needed to be taken into account but I know Gail didn't mean any harm with her comment. I also think Torrie was so much better than most give her credit for. If she ever wanted to come back for a full-time programme, I think she would still be able to fit in nicely with the girls of today.
  4. She's right but her including Torrie within that 'other' category kinda rubbed me the wrong way.
  5. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    I'm happy to know they aren't leaving but I find it so disgusting that there is questioning of Mike's struggles. Shame on whoever published such a report.
  6. First Ever Tag Team Champions!!

    There is only one correct answer and it's The Bella Twins. However, after really thinking about it... I don't think they're going to come back for this. It would suck because these titles should have been created for them a long time ago, but without including them as active members of the roster then there's already six active teams who would be in the Elimination Chamber. I just... don't know. If they won't be participating, then I'm going with the IIconics. They've been together the longest of all the active teams and deserve the push so much. Their debut was amazing and then they just faded into the background with nothing to do, as seems to be the recurring theme with the NXT call ups.
  7. They at least need to be in a qualifying match for the Chamber, if that's the format they're going with. Let the Queens return to SD!
  9. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19

    They SNAPPED on Lacey's moveset. 
  10. Sasha Banks Says She's Better Than Half Of WWE's Male Stars

    She's better than all of them.  I also don't really understand the comments about her having an ego or being arrogant. You're supposed to think you're the best, or at least aspire to be so. I have so much more respect for someone who can be confident in their abilities and own it, than someone who is reserved and hesitant about saying such things. Granted, it has to be warranted to make such claims but her resume speaks for itself.
  11. Dakota Kai possibly injured at NXT Live Event

    I hope she gets to have a big comeback after this. She deserves it.
  12. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    I'm so disappointed but this return was kinda doomed from the start. It would have been cute to see her at the Rumble too. 
  13. Mandy Rose continues her feud with the Black Community

    No beef but had someone else started this thread they would be dragged. Why isn't this locked yet?
  14. Bianca Belair Reveals How Her Hair Whip Move Was Developed

    She's a lie saying the idea for that braid didn't come from Beyoncé and that perfect whip around to her shoulder. But Queen nonetheless.
  15. Mandy Rose continues her feud with the Black Community

    Y'all bored again?