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  1. ladies add my psn: kevininmoscow

    1. Brandon.


      i will tonight :heart: 

    2. Captain Fox

      Captain Fox

      I'm going to rip your wig out for coming for me last week. BOOT UP!!!!

  2. Raw 25 Diva Guest Confirmed to Wrestle

    oh my god they're fucking COMING.
  3. Upcoming Sasha Banks Appearances

    We stan a mainstream queen. Mom should get over her Diva phobia, snatch that E! contract and end your faves.
  4. Sasha Banks a homophobe?

    The tea on it is ice cold since it's been stated many times the spot was previously done with Bayley so it was pre-planned, wrestling is physical and injuries happen unfortunately, and Paige herself gave Sasha so much praise for being professional and protecting her in Paige's first match back. The tea is cancelled from there. However, I've never seen anything from Sasha that could even remotely be related to homophobia. Also I've had personal interactions with her and she's only been warm and welcoming, and chose this little gay to get a pic with over the many of other fats waiting at the venue.
  5. Confirmed divas that will show up next week

    My faves are coming and I'm shook. They should have just waited and announced some of these girls for the Rumble but I'm excited nonetheless.
  6. Maria & Mike's Baby Gender Reveal

    I'm perched for these future gworls to debut when I'm 50.
  7. Don't quote using my shit for as long as you have that bed bug in your avi. Thanks. - Management
  8. I need the girly that does the notes for these things to hop on in here.
  9. Wwe finally signs Candice?

    I don't know what you ladies were watching but she was a standout for me in the MYC and my second fave of the whole tournament. I too was unsure of her since she wrestles men for the majority, but all of her tournament matches slayed me. Let's go ladies.
  10. Paige allegedly done as in-ring performer.

    It shouldn't be about placing blame on anyone. I can't imagine my faves career possibly ending and trying to place blame on others instead of sending her well wishes. You realise an accident is the fault of no one right? I hate that this is being made about Sasha when this should be Paige's moment to come to terms with the news and embrace the positive messages from her fans, since that's what she needs at this time. accident ˈaksɪd(ə)nt/ noun   1. an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.  
  11. Paige allegedly done as in-ring performer.

    I'm crying this is so so so unfair.
  12. LISTEN UP WHORES! someones needs to make me a new set because this shit is tired and through (and I don't have the heart to ask Brandon again).

    1. Don Draper

      Don Draper

      I guess ur out of luck then


    2. Kevin Thomas

      Kevin Thomas

      not when my dm just popped! try again bitch.

    3. Brandon.


      Oh my god, you did ask me for a new set a year ago :skull: Lemme whip one up bby! :heart: 

  13. Potential Spoilers: Women's Rumble Return Speculation Thread

  14. lil bitch i heard these labels tryna make another me...

  15. Post Your Pictures

    upset off.