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  1. Alicia Fox was Nearly a Member of New Day

    He could have kept that to himself because now I'm depressed.
  2. What she means is that no crowd works for her because she was getting 'boring' chants a week after her main roster debut.
  3. During a pandemic at that.  
  4. This eloquent read which isn't even meaning to be a read sent me over the edge. 
  5. I LIVE for a battle royal. Seduction coming for her things on Billboard!     
  6. Your Fave's Best Album?

    Let me give it another listen.
  7. Your Fave's Best Album?

    I can listen to it and enjoy it but I guess none of the album tracks really stand out enough for me? However, I stan Close to Me and Sixteen. Halcyon Days is another really great album and I definitely considered listing that here. I slept on Delirium when it was released but it's kinda full of bops so maybe Brightest Blue will grow on me the same way. What about your thoughts, Legend? 
  8. Your Fave's Best Album?

  9. Tegan Nox Injured Again

    As sad as the situation is, I would hope not. She's not that qualified. Maybe in some other capacity? I believe Paige still gets a check and I don't know what it is she does these days. It definitely doesn't look good for her and she may want to rethink her career choice before she does irreparable damage to herself before she's even hit 30. She's torn both her ACL's and now one of them twice in 3 years. It's so sad that she would have to give up on this dream but her health needs to come first.
  10. This isn't news. Anyone with a brain could see she's been desperate to come back.
  11. They would eat that right on up and you're lying to yourself if you say otherwise.
  12. Tea! The gays want to drag my sister for coming out of retirement every 6 months but she's only doing the charity that has been requested!
  13. No one said she wasn't filler. It's the fact she's getting pushed at all is the news since aside from a few mixed tag matches, she's never been booked as an active competitor. Cheer up Charlie.