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  1. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19 Roster Reveal

    In an ideal world I'd like Aliyah, Lacey, Nikki and Vanessa in a DLC pack with Kelly, Michelle, Molly and Torrie in a Legends pack but they'll never give us all of that. I'd take the Legends over NXT girls but I can see them just giving us NXT minus Aliyah.
  2. Princess Victoria Post Life Lawsuit Against WWE

    On the real, I don't care and I said what I said and I'm not changing it.
  3. Princess Victoria Post Life Lawsuit Against WWE

    She wouldn't get either of those things anyway. She's nobody and should have just sat there and ate her retirement home food.
  4. Did Charlotte Earn Her Accolades?

    No one but you thinks that.  
  5. Epic Match Rumored for Evolution PPV

    I'm so here for this! 
  6. Tomb Raider

    I'm mad because it's being released the week all my bills need to be paid nnn, and I want the Croft Edition for the extra shit which is mad expensive so I might need to wait like a week extra for it. 
  7. First NXT UK Women's Champion crowned (SPOILERS)

    I hate to sound like the UK version of Trump but the show is called NXT UK and claims to offer the best from the UK and Ireland... yet the finals of the women's tournament were two women from Australia? Make it make sense.
  8. Renee Young interviews Natalya on her father's passing

    She's one of the sweetest people there is out there and I think the world could do with more people like her. Her finding the positives even in a situation like this is very commendable, and a great thing for her mental health. A Queen.
  9. NXT UK Women's Championship Belt Unveiled

    I mean I guess.
  10. Bella Twins Advertised For Live Events

    Never doubt legends ladies! I've fully turned into a stan omg, I freaked out seeing them at SummerSlam and hearing BRIE MODEEEEE on SmackDown gave me so much life. Super excited to see them both back in the ring, but I would much prefer to have them as a team at Evolution.
  11. Advertisement leaks Women's Title match for Hell in a Cell

    This can be a normal singles and SmackDown can have the Cell match, ok thank you.

    This looks interesting, I think I'm gonna apply! Is a face claim like your character and does it need to be wrestling related? I'd actually prefer if it was!
  13. Charlotte officially ties Trish with 7 title reigns

    My depressed ass coming in here to see a 1, 2 punch to Sasha as well. LEAVE MY FAVES ALONE!
  14. Truly. She was talking about how she turned water into wine ctfu.
  15. Becky Lynch SNAPS

    Some of you need to understand this is a storyline.