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  1. Well that feud sounds awful and I actually find this to be pretty insulting given there's a whole lot of girls in NXT, they just don't wanna use them in fear of fucking up the quality of TakeOver matches (which they already have by using Shayna but somehow she gets a pass).
  2. Naomi Responds to Racism

    Say her name. 
  3. The IIconics on Chasing Glory

    They're so cute, I love them so much. I knew they were wrestling friends for years but I had no idea it stems all the way back to them going to the same school together! A kii that they hated each other but that's so cute that they were able to work through that and remain friends for all of these years. Lilian is a gag for looking deeply into things but the story about Billie being a bully and being bullied herself previously immediately made me think maybe that's why she's had a generous amount of work done to herself. Maybe she still feels insecure about that and she shouldn't because she's so stunning. That's not a knock to her surgery either, I think she looks better now more than ever.
  4. I'm just trying to make SmackDown great again. Send the trash to RAW.  But for real, Sarah just needs to go back to NXT or get released. It's been months and she still just doesn't fit.
  5. Ideally I would want Becky, Lana, Natalya, Ruby and Sarah to RAW with Alicia, Dana, Mandy, Sasha, Sonya to SD. However it's probably not realistic to assume that 10 women would be switching brands so I'd narrow it down to, Natalya and Sarah to RAW. Alicia/Mandy and Sasha to SD. 
  6. WWE Announces 2nd Annual Mae Young Classic

    I agree. They had alternates in Deonna Purrazzo, Nicole Matthews and Lei'D Tapa which they should have put to use to represent their respective countries.
  7. WWE Announces 2nd Annual Mae Young Classic

  8. WWE Female Superstars reveal WrestleMania 34 set

    I really like the set, it's cute and fits with the theme! I'm also here for Sasha and Charlotte serving bff's again.
  9. Batman: Arkham

    I still haven't managed to complete it. I abandoned it for Dragon Age. 
  10. This would mean Asuka losing to either Charlotte or Carmella cashing in... I'm shook.
  11. I'm glad this doesn't have anything to do with the battle royal. I was fuming about her snub but keep Billie away from this shit lol.
  12. Stan Swap Day 2018

    This gave me so much anxiety when randomly popping in to read threads but @Dante. and @Crystal were my faves. I'm still crying at @Crystal punching @Mariah. slightly in the Stephanie Revolution thread fsdjfsd.
  13. This is actually so cute and I normally wouldn't but since it's for Pride I might get it! Gay storyline confirmed? 
  14. No Women's Matches Scheduled for WWE's Huge Saudi Arabia Show

    I get that. WWE being out there may eventually lead to the women being able to participate, and might transcend over into not just other sports but may cause changes in this 'culture'. What I'm pretty much getting at is that I don't agree with these kind of views being labelled as a 'culture' for countries like Saudi. Regardless of how long shit like this has been going on, it's morally wrong and shouldn't be excused as some kind of sacred tradition. It's trash. Personally, if my performers weren't permitted to participate simply because of their gender, then I wouldn't go ahead with doing a show out there just for the sake of a coin. Not until things changed, but I understand that you're saying this show may eventually lead to a change. I think.