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  1. Can sister Jazz make amends with Vince and come collect her daughter Bianca? My wig.
  2. WWE Superstars get engaged

  3. "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" Season Three Official Trailer

    I want Ambrose to live a full gay fantasy.
  4. Right! Like I do understand the negative connotations that 'Diva' can have to certain people but now we can't even say 'Women' so like... what division are we stanning for here? I am confusion. 
  5. I try to see the positive in every situation and I tried so hard with the erasure of 'Diva' but this situation is just very confusing.
  6. I suppose Becky isn't thinking about it this way but has anyone thought this will maybe benefit our non-binary folks in the future? I'm just trying to find some sort of silver lining.
  7. Predicting the Royal Rumble

    After last year, I'll take anything I can get. But this is going to be more of the same.
  8. Predicting the Royal Rumble

    Another year with no legends so I don't care.
  9. She continues to dig herself a deeper hole. Trash.
  10. Mercedes Martinez Signs with WWE?

    I've wanted her signed for years so I'm so happy for her. I hope she will be an active wrestler but if not, she'd be a perfect fit as a trainer for the girls.
  11. Where did that happen?
  12. Heartbreakers Royal Rumble 2020 | Io Shirai wins!

    @Qwan™  and huge thank you to @Charlie for hosting as usual!
  13. streets are saying the girls are going to war.

  14. Father God please let this come true!