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  1. She is just everything and totally gets it. I can't wait to purchase this when my check comes in.
  2. Layla or Eve?

    Who was the better wrestler? - they're pretty similar but I'm going with Eve because I feel like she had something from the get go whereas it took Layla some time to find her feet. Who was the better talker? - Layla, she was able to give life to Michelle. Who was the better dancer? - Layla. Who was more charismatic? - Layla for the majority of her career had something and only lacked when Michelle departed. Eve didn't flourish until she turned heel so again, pretty similar. Who was more successful? - Layla, Eve was successful in her own right but left too soon. Who made a bigger impact? - Layla, her work with Michelle is still the best of any women's tag team and will be remembered as such for a long time. Who is more memorable? - Layla, see above and also for her championship reigns. Eve has the most Divas title reigns but is often overshadowed by AJ. Who is likely to be inducted into the HOF first? - I would hope for it to be Layla but I could see Eve going in soon due to her ongoing relationship with the company.
  3. Trish Stratus lands 105th Magazine Cover

    omg she looks amazing! I suddenly have the urge to search for all covers and purchase.
  4. Maria Kanellis to WWE?

    I'm kinda perched for this. They definitely deserve to head straight to SD rather than NXT.
  5. Donate: Building a Dream Forum

    are you hens accepting donations again? I get coins next week and I'd like a Premium Pussy Membership.  
  6. Well I am truly perched for Sasha/Emma and Sasha/Bayley! I know these girls will show out regardless of the bad booking.  
  7. Charlotte Calls Out Nikki Bella

    I'm really okay thanks.
  8. Let's Rant/IRL Struggles (Ranting and venting encouraged!)

    I've been thinking about doing some kind of blog for a while that I would share across my social media's but I'm not sure how comfortable I would feel with having people that I know irl reading intimate details about me like that. So I just so happened to stumble across this thread and I have a few things I could put out there. I hope this doesn't end up too long of a post nnn. First things first, my mother's health. She was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) when I was still very young and at that time, I didn't understand how much our lives would change. The condition is not curable but there are medications that are supposed to help, she takes many and has tried a lot of others. It's a condition which affects the muscles and nerves of the body and it works progressively so at this point, my mother is now wheelchair bound but can stand up on her own. She used to be able to walk around the house (but not outside) but now it's gotten to the point where that is no longer possible. It's something that I've learned to deal with but it's hard to think of the way in which the condition has changed the entirely family dynamic. Now, my father. He is the full-time carer to my mother and does an amazing job. Late last year however, he himself was faced with a health issue that none of us were prepared for. He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. The news absolutely tore me apart and being faced with the realisation of having to care for my mother myself scared the fuck out of me. I would cry on the bathroom floor every night, practically begging to be let go from life because I just couldn't deal with it. It got so bad for me that I ended up in really bad shape (physically ill) and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I've always had a suspicion that I had an anxiety condition but it became so much more apparent when my dad's diagnosis sent me over the edge. My dad had surgery to remove his cancer earlier this year and it was successful! However, the surgery was very complicated and he's currently having problems eating through the recovery but hopefully this will be fixed soon! So now a bit more about me. As if my life wasn't already complicated enough with these two situations going on, my love life is a whole OTHER mess. I tend to fall for guys so easily and I hang on to every word that someone says to me which results in me getting attached and then the other party back tracking on what they say. It's happened to me so many times now, like a repeated cycle that I can't seem to break. I seem to get so close to finally finding a relationship and then it's taken away from me just as fast. I just don't know what the fuck is wrong with me, I'm 22 now and not only have I never managed to secure a relationship, I've never even been on a simple date. It's just ugh. At present, I really fell for this guy who told me that he wanted to take things slow with me and see where it goes but now he's stated that he doesn't want a relationship and barely replies to me when I try to talk to him. My graduation ball is coming up and due to my friends switching up and deciding they were going to bring their boyfriends, I needed a date so I asked him and he said yes! I don't think he will actually come in the long run but I was just kinda surprised and it's leading to believe feelings are there that still may not be. It's irritating as fuck I wish guys would just say what the fuck they mean. I have so much more that I still want to say but I should probably just end it here and now before no one decides to read my post nnn.
  9. Whats next for ASUKA?

    but girl, it's not over because Asuka cheated. Ember is gonna snatch in a rematch but in a perfect world the Iconic Duo would become co-holders and truly serve us as the new Laycool.
  10. Lana Joins Team Blue -- Coming Soon

    for those that think she won't be part of the division or wrestling, please note that she was drafted separately to Rusev whereas Miz/Maryse were as one.
  11. I also wouldn't say Jade and Allie are stars, certainly not at the level of the others you mentioned. but go off sis.
  12. LIVING for your set. a couple.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kara Zor-El

      Kara Zor-El

      Season 2 was a chore

    3. Qwan™


      The show definitely wasn't as exciting Season 2 as it was when it originally premiered, but it's picked up a lot since then. I suggest you get on board.


    4. Kevin Thomas

      Kevin Thomas

      I just started the first ep of the second half of this season and they're ugly for having Remy Man on it.

  13. What if Candice had never gotten injured?

    This is too emotional for me to think about ladies.
  14. Be quiet Tiffany. She's still ugly.
  15. I would understand the intimidation thing if she was called up within 3 weeks to the actual roster. But she wasn't. She was called up to sit in her little chair at ringside on the weekly. Intimidated where?