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  1. The Bella Twins

  2. I think the whole Paige incident could be the cause of it, it's sad when people believe the abuser over the victim when it comes to Domestic Violence. I read one tweet that tweeted her back "He was in a bad place at the time" When has that become the number one excuse as to why it's ok to beat the crap out of a women? Hey, I beat her up, but I was in such a bad place I didn't mean it. This world just keeps getting worse.   
  3. The Bella Twins

    I love brie as a heel and always wanted her to go against Nikki's "baby face" not to fight so much as just to not go by her ways. I think Brie turning again Daniel/Nikki would be a good thing and it would also keep the twins in the same place while still giving Brie her own solo career at the same time. The booking for Brie the first go around was good, she was the first to debut and the first to win the Divas champ but the second time the Bella Twins came back it was all about Nikki and Brie served as more of a manager. I also can't see Nikki getting the title because of her neck while Brie is in perfect health condition, never got hurt during her whole career and that could give her the edge along with her not being in the ring for two years no one would really think of her as a threat. Imagine, Brie makes her comeback during WM34, like the hardy's did this year and winning the title from Naomi, who she won against at her last WM. I also would love to see Brie in gear like the one she was in copying AJ's look but to her style. I just thought she looked amazing in that get up. I don't know, so many ideas I have about Brie's return now that we have confirmation from Brie herself.
  4. The Bella Twins

    Daniel and Brie are so hilarious I can't ...  
  5. The Bella Twins

    Smackdown! It's the brand Brie debuted and before she had her baby she was already 100% sure she was going to the blue brand. It makes sense with Daniel Bryan being the GM so when she is on my guess is he'll be caring for the baby and vice versa. Also, how awesome would it be for Brie to be a heel and turn against Daniel Bryan. I just love the idea of heel Brie when Daniel is her boss. As far as her getting a push haters have been saying that since they started dating back when he was just a wrestler so nothing would had change.
  6. The Bella Twins

    2018. I'm thinking she semi retired at wrestlemania so what bigger stage to come back at then WM34, There is an article that says Brie is eying the championship once she is back but I don't know if that is a direct quote from SDCC
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  8. The Bella Twins

  9. The Bella Twins

    Same! I love your icon by the way. I hope Brie has new gear like that sort of badass.
  10. The Bella Twins

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  12. The Bella Twins

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  14. The Bella Twins

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