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  1. The Bella Twins

    I completely agree on sending them to separate brands.
  2. The Bella Twins

    I'm more a Brie fan so it's hard for me to support both when Nikki gets all the opportunities. JMO
  3. She is taking care of her child. Which is why she isn't on twitter hardly at all. And who is Briesus Christ? Who has a stick up their ass? I was just saying Brie doesn't need to get caught up in the drama Nikki is starting.
  4. Nah, Brie has more important things to do than complain about something she can't change.
  5. As long as my girl Brie stays classy AF I'm good.
  6. The Bella Twins

    Robbed? If anyone was robbed it was Brie. Nikki is hurt so she needs to become background manager wallpaper for Brie's singles push that she has never gotten. The only Bella who should be getting a title reign is my girl who never got a chance to get a real title reign for over 10 years. I am so sick of Brie getting pushed aside and that is exactly what happened at the rumble once again. This is another reason why Nikki needs to go to Raw and Brie should stay at SDL as long as Nikki is near her Brie is always going to get overshadowed.
  7. The Bella Twins

  8. The Bella Twins

    Brie on Total Divas last night had me crying when she broke down seeing twin babies in a incubator.
  9. The Bella Twins

    No, this isn't Nikki, but Brie.  everyone thinks its Nikki. lol
  10. The Bella Twins

  11. The Bella Twins

  12. The Bella Twins

    She made a big dance mistake IMO, but hopefully she'll get it next time. 
  13. The Bella Twins

    Really? Because I remember it last all of three episodes and it was about Nikki and Daniel not Brie herself, unlike Nikki, who came back and have a feud with Carmella, Nattie and Maryse, those were real feuds. I mean lets look at Brie's feud she wasn't even allow to get the win again Stephanie because Nikki attacked her and it once gain became about Nikki. I think had Nikki not been there it would have been a great feud because it would have focused on Brie not her sister. I, again disagree. I actually heard they won't put the title on Nikki because of her neck problems and if anything those problems have gotten worse and it's the same with Sasha, who has back problems which is why she doesn't keep the title for long. I actually think Brie has a better chance at getting the SDL title, though not for a while, which is why I want her to go on Team Blue. The only thing that would keep her from keeping the title for a while is her lack of wanting to be away from her child and not go on week long tours unless like the Scotland tour she takes the baby with her. I don't see Brie or Daniel want to be apart for two weeks, so I'm guessing all three are going to go on the Japan and the Uk tour.   Nikki's partner is not Val 
  14. The Bella Twins

    I disagree. 2007, Brie debuted first and was really good in the ring and they were even, but once they came back it was all about Nikki as Brie held the title or cheered her sister on and I'm not here for that at all. I want to see Brie as a Heel on SDL and have the sisters fight her a while and have different feuds. Brie can even go for the title while Nikki can't because of her neck. There is a reason when Brie was on her own (The last two months?) she got more matches than she had in four years because with Nikki she is just background noise. I was rewatching wwenetwork and out of 4 years Brie had two feuds that just isn't right. Nikki had more in ring performance, more feuds ect ... which is why she is always said to be the better one and it's true because if you're not performing in the ring how can you possibly get better? I don't see Brie ending her career as long as Daniel is going back to the ring, nope. I think she's going to be right along side him, ala Naomi/Jimmy. where as Nicole is on borrowed time because of her neck and John seems like he's about to retire with the way he talks. I just want my favorite since 2007 to get her time to shine and maybe have Nicole switch to being the almost manager unless they have tag team matches.
  15. The Bella Twins

    That's not what I'm hearing where Brie is concerned. Anyway, I want her to have a real push without playing Nikki's manager as she has been since 2013 when they returned to the wwe.