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  1. Are there plans for two women's ladder matches at MITB, or will that be co-branded as well?
  2. HBW '18 | Online Exclusive Interview: Up close w/ Holly                  sits down with superstar, Holly West, as she discusses the upcoming HBMania event, her backstage experiences, and plans for the future, as well as a impassioned retrospective on her near year-long stint that she's worked with HBW. So, we're all aware of your successes prior to your arrival in HBW. Describe the feeling of being able to perform on more of a national platform now. Did you ever consider you reaching this point in your professional career? Holly: Honestly, the concept isn't as foreign as you'd probably believe. I doubt many are aware of this, but I was actually a professional cheerleader for the Cowboys before I segued into pro wrestling. Performing live in front of a crowd of 90K+ strong isn't an unfamiliar feeling, and football fans can rally with the best of them ---- sometimes even more-so. But that doesn't make it any less daunting. When I first got started in the business, I'd say I'd be lucky if, maybe, 10 people got to see me wrestle. So there was always that lingering aspiration of wanting to climb that proverbial 'ladder' and reach the apex, continuously working to hone my skills until I did so. I'd say it was more of a matter of 'when' than 'if', but I'm no less appreciative of my opportunities. This past Monday, you faced something of an... unforeseen challenge. Judging by your candid reaction, we're assuming the confrontation was just as uncomfortable for you to experience as it was for us all to witness? Holly: *laughs* You know, over the past week, I've had a number of different people---fans, peers, even some of the ring crew---approach me and basically just ask how I felt about the exchange. In the heat of the moment, I couldn't tell if I was being punked by one of the girls in the locker room---this kind of stuff is right up Aspen's alley---or perhaps an overzealous fan ended up sneaking their way into the production area. I think, at a point, there was like a 5-second period where I just stood there, stunned to silence. In hindsight, though, the whole exchange makes it a bit more sense now. You know, Saline is a new fac-- You mean Celina... Holly: ...Right. Well, she's an upstart trying to make even a scratch in the ceiling of a rigorous industry. It's a strategy I understand completely. In fact, I can identify with it. You've gotta do what you've got to do. Nonetheless, she made some pretty reprehensible assertions, calling both your ability and standing in the company into question. Surely that has to have drawn some kind of ire. Holly: Coming from Dollar Value cabbage patch kid? Hardly. Honestly, I look at this situation like an ugly zit that springs up the morning of, like, an important school photo. It throws you off for a few hours, but you pop it once and it becomes a complete non-issue afterwards. Despite the baffling claims, however, there was one point declared by Celina that, perhaps, could be considered quite valid. Your entrance into the HBW division, alongside Jasmine Garcia and Winona Petrova is well-documented. Fast-forward nearly a year later, and these two women are both contending for championships at perhaps the grandest event in sports entertainment. As of this particular moment, you don't even have a place on the card. No offense to you and your hard work, but you think perhaps that this might convey as your in-ring career not quite measuring up to theirs, after all? Holly: *sigh* I'll admit. I've caught wind of some of the talk backstage; heard the whispers backstage ---- people thinking that I've been a bust since coming to HBW and have failed to capitalize on the hype that preceded me. And, begrudgingly, I'd have to agree to an extent. I admit, after nearly an entire year, this really isn't the path that I expected my career to be on. I came into HBW with a high ceiling above my head and some pretty big ambitions. And I'm not going to give any flimsy excuses as to why things are the way are. Debuting alongside Jasmine and Winona was kind of a powerful moment. It was symbolic of a new generation in HBW and a promise of a wealth of distinct characters and in-ring styles. I'm so proud of what they've been able to accomplish, mainly because it's paving a way for a wider-scale shift in the division's structure, which I feel is long overdue. Jasmine, in particular, I'm so incredibly proud of because, when she'd first started out, everyone already had her written off as vapid and useless fodder before she'd even been given a chance to grow and prove herself. Look at how far she's come --- without a doubt a dynamic asset to the roster, all while staying true to her character and who she is. I know she and I haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but it's quite inspiring to see, if I'm being honest. They're both deserving of their respective success. You were pretty expressive after Akira's in-ring segment this past Monday. You seemed visibly perturbed and also spoke of a previous unsavory encounter with her at one point. Can you tell us what happened? Holly: Akira was a performer I grew up watching, and even admiring, because she always seemed wholly independent and with a strong sense of character. Even now, I look at her as a pillar of strength --- I mean, it can't be easy abiding among a roster of much younger women. You'd think she'd be diffident and maybe even threatened over the amount of gorgeous faces in comparison, but it doesn't appear so. But to the topic du jour, a few days prior to making my HBW debut, I'll admit I was pretty nervous heading in. I thought maybe I could've used some coaching and a bit of a confidence boost from someone that dealt with this kind of fanfare on a near-daily basis. I'd heard from a few people how approachable and congenial Akira could be, and how she always seemed willing to help younger talent find their comfort and techniques that work well for them. So, naturally, she was the first person I'd sought out. I went in expecting maybe a few points on how I could keep the crowd on my side, and instead got told not to make myself comfortable, that I had a 'dime a dozen' face, and that she'd seen girls like me break all the time. Then she just walked off and left me standing there, gobsmacked. I'd be lying to you if I told you I took that encounter well. It was something that kept lingering and lingering within me until it had reached a fever pitch. That night I ambushed Jasmine in the locker room had been my breaking point. I'd figured I'd been approaching my career all wrong, and that it was about time I grabbed the brass ring and started making my own opportunities. That was also the night Akira finally approached me first, and told me that that was the kind of fire she'd been expecting of me. What was supposed to be a major shift, instead inevitably led to an attitude caused a huge lull in my career. I'd begun putting myself on this pedestal that was just beyond reach, and thought my skills to be beyond where they should've been. One arrogant move or one needless taunt lead to my defeat one too many times and I felt as if I was losing my mind. It began planting seeds for a depression that kept me out of action for a months and had me searching for happiness within myself. I never heard from Akira once during that time, but I couldn't let that faze me. I was excited to be working towards my return to action, which ended up being at the past Fastlane PPV, in a match against---as irony would have it---Akira. Props where they're due, Akira and I worked well together. There was a chemistry that I hadn't anticipated and I assumed there would be good sportsmanship, regardless of who picked up the win. All of those thoughts of camaraderie were dashed completely when she'd raked my eyes in the last second and hit me with my own finisher, in what is perhaps the most disrespectful act an opponent can commit in pro wrestling. My eyes had finally been opened to the master manipulator and opportunist that Akira truly was, and I'd had enough of it. Was that the catalyst behind the pending challenge you pitched to Akira this past week? Holly: If Akira plays as good a game as she talks, she'll have no problem stepping in the ring with me again, while I'm at my best. ...and what of the threat of Celina? Holly: There is none. After the beating I'll put on her in our upcoming match this week, she'll come to realize just how in over her head she is, and go scurrying back to whatever skid row stripper joint she crawled out from.   @William. @Captain Fox
  3. Royal Rumble 2018: Live Chat

      This is only applicable in the event that the winner of the match is a 'free agent' (previously unassigned to a brand or a returning guest for the match), I believe. At least, this is an established factor of the men's match and, supposedly, the same rules carry over to the females.
  4. 2018 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    Let me in, too.
  5. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Nah, they're filming Main Event.
  6. Confirmed divas that will show up next week

    They're filming from two separate locations, but it'll be a cross-broadcast.

    Nonsense. I can always find time to call out your bullshit. Seems they've made a load of modifications since the last time I fucked with it, when it was cool. So I opened up a new one. Humor me.
  8. What is this, 2012?  
  9. Paige - 10 (+) Becky Lynch - 16 Billie Kay - 7
  10. Paige - Finalist Becky Lynch - 21 Naomi - 1 Nikki Bella - 11 (-) Billie Kay - Finalist
  11. Paige - Finalist Becky Lynch - 19 Naomi - 14 Nikki Bella - 12 (-2) Billie Kay - Finalist
  12. Paige - Finalist Becky Lynch - 13 Carmella - 19 Charlotte Flair - 8  Naomi - 23 (+) Natalya - 21 Nikki Bella - 19 (-) Tamina - 20 Bianca Belair - 14 Billie Kay - 18  Kairi Sane - 11 Peyton Royce - 24 Zelina Vega - 22 
  13. Paige - Finalist Becky Lynch - 12 Carmella - 14 Charlotte Flair - 11 Naomi - 19 (+) Natalya - 20 Nikki Bella - 17 Tamina - 20 Bianca Belair - 14 Billie Kay - 17 Kairi Sane - 15 Peyton Royce - 17 Zelina Vega - 26