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  1. These kind of people don't respect impartiality. That was your first mistake.
  2. Willy his Tamina headass
  3. I deadass don't remember this match ever happening.
  4. oh, oop. bitches actually coming through.  this is pretty cute, whose dick am i sucking?         
  5. Stfu and mind your own business, troglodyte
  6. 1. Name (first name or whatever you are comfortable being referred to as): Max 2. Fave Superstar(s), wrestler(s): Katsuyori Shibata, Matt Riddle, Jay Briscoe, Okada, Asuka, Charlotte, Io Shirai 3. Fave artist(s): (atm) Jamiroquai, Pet Shop Boys, The Knife, Santigold, Outkast, Jonghyun, Beyoncé 4. Fave TV show(s): Titans 5. Fave movie(s): Desperado, Speed, Gilda, Indiana Jones, The Royal Tenenbaums 6. Fave color(s): Purple 7. Celeb crush(es): Minka Kelly, Cody Garbrandt, Gronk, Hwasa, Leigh-Anne 8. Fave book(s): As of right now, Red Dragon 9. What do you normally do on HB?: Look around for 3 seconds, then leave  10. If Santa was on HB, what would you ask him for?: Santa can slip me Photoshop again, 'cos imma need it on my new laptop.  11. Any additional info (favorite video games, sports/sport teams, comics, decade, etc.)?: Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs, 90's
  7. At what point did Corbin get relegated to comedy fodder that I ended up missing?
  8. 1. Mariah. 2. Gavin 3. Eric 4. ChrisMC 5. Rainbow Heart 6. Willy ( Prince. ) 7. IIconicAussieGals 8. Erin 9. Max
  9. HBW '19 | Roster

  10. HBW '19 | Roster

  11. HBW '19 | Roster

  12. HBW '19 | Roster

  13. That's cute, you fishing for a bite.  
  14. Don't quote me unless I address you directly.
  15. For such a profound talker, Alexa sucks ass on commentary.