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  1. AJ Styles Signs New Deal With WWE

  2. Charly Caruso joins Total Divas

    ugh my fave
  3. Pokemon

    Alola really didn't offer much diversity where points of interest were concerned and, with the exception of that one Eastern-styled city (the name evades me), felt a bit momentous as you progressed through. But I feel like Hoenn was much worse (especially after having played ORAS + SM concurrently). Lowkey Unova too, while I'm at it.
  4. Pokemon

    I've BEEN about Water from the jump, and that is where I will stay!
  5. Although I'd have loved to have seen the pure reaction to his return unforeseen, I'm guessing this is what's intended to administer the much-needed ratings boost. I'm with the majority that they obviously wouldn't have publicized an appearance like this if he came just to deliver bad news, but there's a small nagging doubt in the back of my mind that perhaps this could take a very Bryan-esque turn.  I'm sure he'll be plugging both Rollins at Mania and his upcoming movie, either way.
  6. HBW '19 | Online

    HBW Rumble statistics, records, and eliminations   Longest time spent in a single Rumble match Winona Petrova - 18:52 Blake Storm - 17:00 Britney Diamond - 10:01   Most eliminations in a single Rumble match 1. Winona Petrova (tie) - 5 1. Britney Diamond (tie) - 5 3. Blake Storm - 4   ---- All entrant times spent in match Winona Petrova - 18:52 (record) Blake Storm - 17:00 Britney Diamond - 10:01 Aspen - 8:07 Cynthia Chang - 7:58 Donna Kelly - 7:30 Roxanne - 7:03 Isabella - 6:33 Jasmine - 6:22 Chloe Chanel - 5:47 Selina - 5:32 Winta - 4:44 Giavanna - 4:30 Lilith - 4:23 Sara Joe - 3:45 Teresa - 3:33 Akira - 3:32 Kimberly Storm - 3:27 Charli Rose - 3:17 Gloria Marie - 2:50 Dawn - 2:27 Epiphany - 2:23 Weslee Brooks - 2:03 Holly West - 1:38 Violet Payne - 1:38 Tia Cruz - 1:28 Celestia - 0:54 Big Bad Cindy - 0:48 Kandy - 0:38 Remy London - 0:15 (record)   Full list of entrants   Blake Storm Lilith Big Bad Cindy Tia Cruz Remy London Roxanne Jasmine Isabella Weslee Brooks Chloe Chanel Holly West Aspen Britney Diamond Dawn Giavanna Sara Joe Gloria Marie Kimberly Storm Winona Petrova Donna Kelly Akira Violet Payne Celestia Teresa Selina Winta Charli Rose Cynthia Chang Epiphany Kandy     All entrant eliminations in match   Winona Petrova - 5 (record) Britney Diamond - 5 (record) Blake Storm - 4 Cynthia Chang - 2 Isabella - 2 Lilith - 2 Aspen - 2 Donna Kelly - 2 Chloe Chanel - 1 Kimberly Storm - 1 Gloria Marie - 1 Winta - 1 Selina - 1 Epiphany - 1 Akira - 1 Big Bad Cindy - 0 Tia Cruz - 0 Remy London - 0 Roxanne - 0 Jasmine - 0 Weslee Brooks - 0 Holly West - 0 Dawn - 0 Giavanna - 0 Sara Joe - 0 Violet Payne - 0 Celestia - 0 Teresa - 0 Charli Rose - 0 Kandy - 0   Miscellaneous statistics   Tallest entrant: Epiphany - 6'8" Shortest entrant: Celestia - 5'1" Heaviest entrant: Epiphany - 275 lbs. Lightest entrant: Celestia - 88 lbs. Longest-tenured entrant: Akira (? years) Total number of champions in match: 15 (1, current)      
  7. HBW '19 | Online

    HBW ROYAL RUMBLE RESULTS: Petrova on road to HBMANIA for SECOND STRAIGHT YEAR   In what many are calling one of the most engaging comeback stories in history, this past week's Royal Rumble PPV saw the unforeseen, and quite frankly unprecedented, blaze of glory for once-scorned superstar, Winona Petrova. As most of the HBW universe would recall, Winona previously suffered a perplexingly abrupt and quite mortifying defeat at last year's stage of the 'grandest show of them all', against then-HBW Champion, Britney Diamond. What was meant to be a crowning achievement for Winona, ended up an embarrassing black mark that's haunted her throughout the latter end of her career. Plunged into a crippling stint of depression as a result of the humiliating loss, Winona completely isolated herself and ultimately undertook a recluse existence, having been absent completely from television, as well as the entirety of the HBW landscape, for the better part of six months. It was not until she returned within some of the final months of the year (Oct. 2018), that she boldly proclaimed to the HBW Universe the start of her personal 'road to redemption'. However, instead of empathy and an amiable acknowledgement of her aspirations that she'd hoped for, she was served callous derision and an unfathomable amount of mockery, both by fans and her colleagues alike. Opportunities had noticeably started to dwindle for Winona, who had started to suffer an imbalanced record of wins to losses, to being absent altogether from tapings for weeks at a time. Behind the curtain, she was also being heckled by her colleagues, who felt that the laughable defeat had diminished her worth, and that she just didn't have a place in the division any longer. The repeated abuse began to tear away at Winona's psyche, and lent to her becoming increasingly erratic, before it culminated in an unhinged verbal assault aimed to towards acting General Manager, Akira (who has gone on record multiple times to establish her lack of faith in Winona), for her perceived lack of opportunities. Nonetheless, Winona proved that no one's final curtain call is concrete without a hard fight, and went on to outlast 29 other women in a grueling battle to secure her spot and right all wrongs in the main event of HBMania III for the HBW Championship, while also securing records for the longest time spent in a single Rumble match, as well as a tie for most eliminations. How will this affect Winona's standing in the HBW 'pecking order' going forward? What are Akira's thoughts on this unprecedented turn of events? What of current-HBW champion, Mercedes Benson? HIghlights of the match also included fiery upstart Blake Storm setting records in her own right, managing to outlast 11 other women in the match (after being unjustly forced into the #1 spot as per the call of the vengeful General Manager), before being unceremoniously dumped from the match. Former champions Remy London and Donna Kelly also made surprising returns in the Rumble match, to far differing feats of success. HBW superstar Aspen also made a triumphant return to the HBW fold, just four months after giving birth to her first child, and securing two eliminations in the match. Could this perhaps be a second wind for this bright star?    
  8. I mean, he called the men's Rumble match, which pretty much guaranteed that he would've had some kind of presence backstage, and was able to recount an experience he'd likely witnessed firsthand. Why wouldn't he be a credible source? Not that I care much for how the repercussions of this affects either party, but here is supportable affirmation that something to that effect occurred.
  9. Nah, Jerry Lawler already confirmed it.  
  10. Raw January 28, 2019: Live Chat

    ok fake bitches @Rainbow Heart @Jake cackle to some stale shit  
  11. 2019 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    Hmm, might as well come to pick up my dual title win that I was unjustly ROBBED of last year. Pencil me in, plsnthx.
  12. These kind of people don't respect impartiality. That was your first mistake.
  13. Willy his Tamina headass