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  1. Maria Kanellis to WWE?

  2. Raw March 27, 2017: Live Chat

    Damn, the 2-hour kickoff might as well just be them running down the entire fucking card.    
  3. Raw March 27, 2017: Live Chat

    They're going to have to work really hard to top this classic ending from a few years ago.   OT: Shit crowd.
  4. Eva Marie Reportedly Done With WWE

    damn @ wall of text tho wtf
  5. Eva Marie Reportedly Done With WWE

    This is essentially how I feel about any female with a 'non-archetypal' background (mostly modelling) that gets shit because of how they got their start in the business. There are so many examples of people accidentally falling into careers they hadn't initially anticipated, that ultimately find massive success with it. It parallels the real world --- no one knows how passionate they can be about something (career path, hobby, etc.) until they've been given a chance to try it. Personally, I've always seen it as beautiful, and even somewhat poetic, watching someone with little to no prior knowledge come in and develop such a strong passion for a business that definitely has its fair share of kinks and vices, with admittedly one of the most fickle and unreasonable fanbases in competitive sports. They've always been the actual 'underdogs', because they tend to be the ones with limitless barriers constantly stacked before them, especially in women's wrestling. I've always sort of silently rooted for Eva. I thought she had one of the most marketable looks I'd ever seen, when I was first introduced to her, and was interested in seeing what she could produce with time to immerse herself in the business and understand the environment around her. The interest waned when I started seeing less of her (and what I did manage to see wasn't the most stimulating), and eventually I got bored when her purpose seemed to desolve into just being a TD mainstay. She definitely had one of the best programs going on SDL for the first few weeks following its inception, though, and I legit wouldn't have minded seeing it culminate in a championship win (super serious here). She definitely has perhaps the most organic ability to draw heat that I've seen in a very long time in the WWE.
  6. Dana Brooke in the "dog house"?

    Love Big Dave and I trust WON with my life (I would have his babies if I could), but his "in the dog house" theories are always the biggest pile of horse shit. He's adamant that Sami Zayn has had 'serious' heat since late last year, yet here we are and I still can't get that roach off of my screen.
  7. Seeing as this match is doomed for pre-show, is there really much point to the 'surprise' returns (if there is any merit to the rumors)? I mean, if a tree falls and no one is around to hear it...
  8. Not about to stand for y'all disrespect.
  9. Once again, I hope it didn't come across as if I was campaigning for Becky Lynch's inclusion or that I really cared much about Nikki's.  My initial comment was more half-serious and meant in jest, so it really wasn't meant to go much further beyond that. Still, I'm the kind of person that enjoys other adverse opinions on topics and doesn't mind a debate now and again, so I wouldn't call this here an argument. The awards thing is a fun idea. But naw, I'm perhaps the biggest 'Diva-era' advocate (like, I do understand the criticisms, but I think the constant lambasting is boring af), so I also don't want to come across as too much of a smarky bigot. A lil' bit is fine. Y'all need to keep it all the way kewt on my KTT .pngs, though.  
  10. Random Thoughts

    They're really trying to make this 'super forearm' happen for Alexa, aren't they?
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Wanted to know who Stefani thought was responsible for a women's revolution, but it took too long to load and I got bored. Who'd she say?  
  12. I didn't mean for it to come off as if I was a Becky advocate or anything, lol. She was just a convenient example due to her being one of Nikki's roster contemporaries, and though I do maintain that her work over the past year was overall better than Nikki's, she lacked a performance noteworthy enough for her to be a serious consideration (although, she was the highlight in the WM triple-threat). Realistically, I can name about eight female wrestlers, in + out of the WWE scope, that are far better contenders than any of the other women nominated not named Charlotte (Sasha regressing since 2015, her only great matches having been with Charlotte; Asuka with the exception perhaps, because of her performances with Nia/Mickie/Bayley --- the latter of which I'm surprised wasn't a MOTY candidate), but I didn't want to come across as potentially condescending, knowing that most posters don't keep up with joshi/indies, or that I was being a whiny bitch about the nominees (which I'm definitely not). But with everything already set in stone, a liddo debate is pretty harmless eh?
  13. Ride Along is always a nice watch, especially for the little backstage anecdotes they like to share en route. The announcers' ep. is still the best one. Interested to see the dynamic between Carmella and Alexa (wouldn't have pegged them as road buddies, but it makes sense) and if Miz is badass enough to stay in character the entire ride.