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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    DIY performed individually for the CWC, and even met in-ring (which pretty much set the precedent for the inevitable Ciampa heel turn, anyway). I'll go out on a limb and say that Billie and/or Peyton have likely secured involvement in the upcoming tourney, if only for the fact that Australia has very fickle representation amongst female pro wrestlers.
  2. Post Your Pictures

    Ayo @Shoaib., you ready or nah?
  3. Also, 👌 @ their taste in women's tourney logo designs.  
  4. Kairi has higher probability, as she's already announced her departure from Stardom. Io is still up in the air, and pretty unlikely, as she still holds the belt and timing issues will definitely make it a challenge. Hopefully we get some names pretty soon. Kay Lee Ray and Toni Storm are probably locks, along with Kairi, but I have no idea who else will be free to able to be involved in this. July might be a funny window. EDIT: Wait, Taryn clocked already.
  5. I think, above all, I feel most for the parents of any young child that ended up being a victim in this ordeal. Likely having thought them to be in somewhat of a safe domain and having to receive such news would be especially mortifying, I'd imagine. It's a bit reminiscent of the Birmingham, AL bombing over 50 years ago. Have any more details been released to this point (revised number of fatalities, missing attendees etc.)? I think I just heard they recently I.D.'d the bomber?
  6. Raw May 22, 2017: Live Chat

    Ugh, I think you're right. A baptism may be in order.
  7. Backlash 2017: Live Chat

    The APA were losing tag matches on Heat literally months before Bradshaw's big title win, and lol @ Hardcore title. He was just barely scraping midcard up to the time 'JBL' came into fruition. It's easy to look at the reign in retrospect and consider it a good move because you kind of bought into JBL main-eventing ultimately. He was a good talker, superlative on the stick (at least I'd say so), and Eddie carried him well. But it was a harder sell at the time because he was hotshotted to the main event scene practically overnight, without warning. He literally debuted the character and jumped into the world title feud the same night, which preceded a freight train-like push to the main event. It was kind of inexplicable and came across as forced, initially, and it seemed like a rushed compensatory measure for SD's lack of main event heels at the time (Angle was injured, Lesnar + Show out). Nonetheless, the feud worked and shaped JBL into a serious contender, legitimate enough for Cena to dethrone and solidify his ascent to main-event status. I'm not sure Mahal's reign will be as purposeful or effective --- his character is clichéd and one-dimensional, and he has about an eighth of the personality JBL has. But I'm silently in his corner, hoping he can pull a rabbit from a hat. His win has definitely brought about a breath of fresh air and, if nothing, has people talking.
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    *raises hand*
  9. Backlash 2017: Live Chat

    Good analogy, but Swagger was a former WWECW Champion and Money in the Bank winner at that point. The reaction to his major title win stemmed more from the feeling that he was being overpushed, and far too quickly at that. This is probably a bit more comparable to Bradshaw winning the title a few weeks after adopting the JBL gimmick. Jinder's basically come in cold turkey, and with zero worth. Like I said, if they're planning to go all in on him, then it is what it is. He'll certainly be no worse of a champion than Ambrose and Owens have been over the past year.
  10. Backlash 2017: Live Chat

    The fact that people are so up-in-arms over a guy that has done absolutely nothing of worth throughout his career, finally cracking his own glass ceiling of sorts, makes this so much more gratifying. That was a totally serviceable match, more so than most of the card tonight (perhaps the third best). It also made for a good 'OMG' moment, which I'm always incredibly grateful for to get from pro wrestling at any time, and I loved it. Yet, these are likely the same viewers that constantly complain about WWE being safe + predictable.  Granted, I only wish Jinder's YTD booking had been more logical. Would've been easier to get behind. You can't go from being folded (twice) by an injured reserve with absolutely no competitive fighting experience in Gronk to being a serious world title contender, and getting a clean win over one of the most decorated world champions, in less than two months time. Not sure what about Jinder suddenly enticed them to go all the way with him this time around, but more power to them. He's done an adequate job in his role and given his character so far, and I say go for it. Also, I really have no fucks to give for Orton, so by all means.
  11. How did you become a wrestling fan?

    I like how Torrie is the common link in everyone's stories, though. Little legend.
  12. How did you become a wrestling fan?

    So I first got exposed during the AE period because my dad was a big fan, but my mom would almost never let me watch because she thought the material was too intense + crass (I was like 5 or 6 at the time, I believe?). Not that I was all that interested in watching anything that wasn't a cartoon at the time, anyway. Over the next few years, I'd catch bits and pieces of programming (Invasion, Evolution, Guerrero's death), but I could never be bothered to play attention for more than about 30 mins. Meanwhile, all of my buds are quoting Austin, Rock, and DX as often as they breathed and I just thought wrestling was the lamest thing ever (life is so funny, man), though over time I was able to pick up the names of a few of the characters (Hardyz, Umaga, Rey, Cena), just through word-of-mouth and how avidly my folks watched. I think it all came to a head when I got my 360, and SvR '08 was one of the first games I'd gotten. To be honest, I expected to have thrown it aside to catch dust on the shelf after about three weeks, but it actually ended up becoming one of my favorites. Having remembered a few of the wrestlers' names, as I said before, kind of gave me a good leg up and it wasn't all completely lost on me. There was one scenario I can remember vividly, with me going through the roster and seeing Torrie, and going "Oh, I didn't know Torrie Wilson was in this one" (back then, everyone at school used to go on and on about how Torrie was the hottest chick alive, so I recognized her). My dad must've overheard and said something like "Oh, I didn't know you knew these guys", and I was like "pssh, you think you know me bruh".  To be honest, I hadn't even known women's wrestling was a thing, and seeing all these hot women kick ass was kind of cool. In a way, I think the Divas were a part of the reason I became interested in professional wrestling as a whole, admittedly. But the game grew to being one of my favorites, as aforementioned, and I was pretty much familiar with every available wrestler on it. It pretty much came full-circle when RAW was on one day and I spared it a passing glance. Seeing all these in-game characters that I was familiar with come to life on TV was just completely next-level and I found myself gradually becoming captivated by the different angles and the character progression was so interesting (Edge being heel at the time of the game, so it was a new experience seeing him as a 'hero' on TV. So, I started watching actively and even found myself searching up everything wrestling-related online, soaking up and learning as much as I can. Around that time, my dad started taking me to a few house shows and I was hooked. I even remember downloading full episodes of past RAW, SD, and Nitro editions on those P2P sharing programs and bought a lot of old ECW + WCW DVDs I was able to find, usually in bargain bins at like Walmart and some vintage video stores, to try to catch up a bit. I pretty much watched every episode of WWE programming from the time I started in '08 until about 2013 (when I paid minimal attention to WWE until, like, late-2015). --- My gateway to the indies and puro would be, like, another wall of text.  
  13. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I mean, @Jacqulee does have a point. Vintage photography is still admired in modern times. Marilyn Monroe has been dead for upwards to about 50 years, and people still lust over her glamour + centerfold photos and consider her one of the most sexually attractive women in spite of it. It really wasn't a big issue, and they even had the decency to put them in spoiler tags, anyway.