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  1. She's already signed with the company, isn't she? I'd say the wheels have already been set in motion.
  2. PSN Usernames

    maxturbation- (dash is important)
  3. Kelly Kelly and Sheldon Souray Split

    They'd been together for like 5 years up to that point.
  4. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    Even if they are indeed forgoing a Showcase Mode this year, including Beth in the game still seems practical, considering she's the most recent HOF inductee --- and seeing as Alundra Blayze has unwittingly overstayed her welcome over three cycles, it's only fair that Beth gets the same due recognition.
  5. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    Ruby's window is a bit small, having made her in-ring debut during WM weekend (generally the cut-off point for any major additions + modifications to programming), but seeing that they've gone out of their way to interpolate the revised NXT titles that made debuts the very same day, she could have a fair shot. Then again, they aren't necessarily of equal worth, and I'm sure if the need to free up reserved space arose and one had to be sacrificed, Riot wouldn't win the battle. Also, rush-producing a belt design and rush-producing a playable character that'd be reliant on additional key components to exist (ie. entrance, moveset, customizable options) are two different extremities.
  6. SummerSlam 2017: Live Chat

    Ambrose really about to heel up, huh?
  7. Talk is Jericho with Naomi

    Yet, everyone takes it for a joke whenever I maintain that Naomi peaked in FCW developmental. I'm glad even she can acknowledge that she's only just barely begun finding her footing on live TV, but she's a bit far away from where she used to be ring-wise (definitely not as fluid or aggressive), and for such a long-standing promotion of being the "most exciting + dynamic women's wrestler on the roster", it's been quite some time since she's felt as such. The bit about the swimsuit spectacular being her very first foray into the world of pro wrestling was perhaps the most interesting. Anything outside of the tried + true "...but I watched and loved it as a kid!" is always refreshing.
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    With how y'all were hyping this up, I was expecting a Shooting Star DDT or anything else to that effect. K2 and Candice had both done this about a thousand times at that point.
  9. Kairi Sane Reportedly Injured During Mae Young Classic

    I'm not even sure how Kairi passed the required imPACT test for potential performers in the first place, considering she's suffered from two major concussions over the last four or so years, and one only close to a year before her employment with WWE. I already suspected Kairi's tenure with the company would be but a limited timeframe, but I can't see much of a fruitful future if she's this careless straight out the gate.
  10. Dana Calls out Lana's Ability

    So inconsequential. Mistakes happen, and it was more on part of Charlotte anyway. Lana cleaned it up well enough, nonetheless. Regardless of anything, she has better ring awareness than Dana does, and her offense is more credible. So, in essence, the talented worker is definitely getting the better opportunities?
  11. Battleground 2017: Live Chat

    On the contrary. I thought the action was crisp and well-paced. If anything, the match might've been a bit dull, if only for the fact that it was all of the same sequences that we see with each showing and the dynamic between the women having grown monotonous. But every woman looked extraordinary in their role regardless, and had a great showing. Even Lana, who's still finding her footing, and did admittedly delay the pace at times, looked fairly competent and sharp in her offense. I'd say it was perhaps the best of any multi-woman match the WWE has had all year, outside of the MITB matches, in all honesty. Easily forgettable, but still legitimizes SD's women's division.
  12. Oh, is this being streamed?
  13. Beyonce WON | Heartbreakers' 50 Favorite Artists

    No bih, I'm knocking to "Control of the Knife" as we speak. Gorls Aloud is the most critically acclaimed girl group in history for a reason. Poor DC, Spice Girls, TLC, Little Dix, Fifth Hemorrhage, Bananarama, All Saints, Eternal, Sugababes versions 1 to 18, hew?NE1, Salt n' Pepa, The Veronicas, Pointer Sisters, Supremes, that one group Adrienne Bailon was in, Wilson Phillips, *NSYNC, The Bangles, the other group Adrienne Bailon was in, SWV, En Vogue, HAIM, Dixie Chicks, The Go-Gos, Josie + the Pussycat Dolls etc.
  14. Beyonce WON | Heartbreakers' 50 Favorite Artists

    This was at least marginally better than the other rate I did. Surprised I had such a good standing in this one, though I was super flexible with one or two of my picks because I couldn't be the only cunt not charting. Beyoncé Pet Shop Boys Eminem Outkast Girls Aloud Eagles The Strokes The Killers Bob Marley Jamiroquai Michael Jackson  Childish Gambino Also, this was compiled a bit at random and no artist really has any specific standing. + @Laycoolism forced me to give him a list of fucking 50 instead of 12. So, MJ, The Killers, Pet Shop Boys and maybe Girls Aloud might not have made the top 12 in a different setting.