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  1. Hello

  2. Best Non-Wrestling Role for Alexa Bliss

    I would like it if she took sometime to recover but knowing WWE that isn't going to happen. I think she would be an excellent RAW GM.
  3. Why Nicki Minaj is better than Cardi B.

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  4. Hello, I'm A Newbie

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here (:
  5. New Queen

  6. Predict the Survivor Series 2018 Teams

    RAW: Alexa (as captain), Alicia Fox (or Mickie), Nia Jax, Sasha Banks & Ember Moon SmackDown: Charlotte (as captain), Asuka, Carmella, Billie & Sonya. 
  7. Hey there!

  8. Hulk Hogan Confirmed for Crown Jewel

    Okay, but why?......
  9. Hi!

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  10. Awh yay, congrats to them! She looks great for someone who's just given birth. How does she do it?
  11. Hey y'all!

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  12. Renee Young Set to Work Crown Jewel

    All for Renee making history and going, but just hope she stays safe (as I hope with the other superstars). Although I'm sure WWE wouldn't send her/them over if they were in any danger?...
  13. WWE Diva Costume Contests and Matches

    I do miss them. It sucks that they've cancelled them. Have the superstars do it too. Its all about having some fun...
  14. Stephanie wants Serena Williams in WWE

    Obviously all Steph cares about is money. Serena doesn't even have a wrestling background. 
  15. Hi there

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay here.