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  1. I'm happy for her. Hopefully she'll be used and not gone by the end of the year.
  2. Mike And Maria Kanellis Reportedly Re-Sign With WWE

    I'm surprised they've resigned but hope to she her wrestle more.
  3. Funny how they couldn't make these comments when she was alive, they had to wait until she passed to make these comments. Geee I wonder why.......
  4. Poor Ashley! Kinda not surprised at Vince though... can't wait for him to get his karma!
  5. NXT Spoilers

    YAWN..... Shayna and friends attack, now there's a surprise! Them attacking people is boring AF and it needs to stop.  I'm happy that Vanessa has finally picked up a win.  Mia Vs Bianca should be good.
  6. This Weeks Main Event Results

    Not even mad that the IIconics were on main event. Atleast they won.
  7. Rebellion 2019: Results

    Scarlett slayed! I'm loving how iMPACT is letting her wrestle the men what a queen. Taya Vs Jordynne was alright, loved their gears.  I honestly think that Gail/Tessa should have been the main event. Tessa and her dad moments were cute af! Handshake/hug was cute too! I love it when the females hug after a match. 
  8. Corey Graves Opens Up About Relationship with Carmella

    So they are a thing or?....
  9. I'm ready to make my debut

    Welcome to HB! (:
  10. WWE Announces New PPV Stomping Grounds For June

    Wish they would stop changing these PPV names. Keep the old ones.
  11. Shadia Bseiso released from NXT

    Didn't know they were signed....
  12. IMPORTANT: Staff Shake-Up

    Congratulations guys! 
  13. Becky Pulling Double Duty At MITB?

    PLEASE keep her away from Charlotte. There are MANY women on SmackDown who deserve a chance at the SD title. Lacey having a shot doesn't bother me because it's someone new in the picture. 
  14. Sasha To Sit Out The Rest Of Her WWE Contract?

    These reports are just getting stupid. First, they're using the excuse that she didn't want the belts to go to the IIconics because they would have no meaning (or whatever it was) and now they're saying it's because of Bayley's move to SmackDown. Can they make their mind up?  If Sasha is unhappy then why did she sign a new contract? She should know what the company is like for changing their minds.