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  1. I was gonna do a YT Channel based on interviews, as I DM some female wrestlers on Instagram etc, i think HB doing it in a You shoot style, but not as trashy sksk, like people send questions and a host conducts the interviews, plays a few games etc, it'd be a cute conceptΒ 
  2. Naomi suffers injury?

    Yikes, Suddenly Smackdown got worse, didn't think that was a possibilityΒ 
  3. The creative team are painfully retardedΒ 
  4. I'm back! Give me hugs! I'm a survivor!

    Don't know you at all but hearing your story is heart touching! Welcome back x
  5. As you may know, IMPACT have been taping in Canada, and Hania the Huntress made her debut, attacking rosemary, as it seems, photo in the link belowΒ  Β 
  6. Help me

    I found one 😍😍 watchwrestling24
  7. Help me

    If you have a bound for glory link or something link it below as I'm really excited for the show but can't find a stream and I don't wanna wait until tomorrow to watch it on spike uk, thanks xoxo
  8. Queen still using a 10 year old laptop, she's probably just finding a new one 😭😭😭
  9. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    ec3 X cba to provide a picture lols
  10. Ikr sis.. queen needs to comeback
  11. read the title sis Β 
  12. Try again, Rosa is a former Fcw queen and ovw women's champion, slammy award winning, plus live event w's πŸ‘€πŸ€”
  13. So GFW unleashed the queen's music and now it's downloaded and ready for.me to bop to 24/7 Β 
  14. Ikr sis I could spend a week on an mv to have it look like WWE put a video package together blindΒ