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  1. Omg I think I fucked up my rankings yikes.
  2. Someone has to be eliminated first and it is going to be her
  3.  me when Becky lynch is mysteriously eliminated 
  4. Perched for this, this is my first year participating whew   
  5. HBW '19 | Online

    All air shall be ridden from the planet, All attributes which are considered so sacrocent shall be ridden from eternity, and the blonde bimbos and Barbie's of HBW shall be extinct, because nobody, not even god can prepare for such a cacophany of unbearable tenacious mindgames and moves, she shall control what she wants and when she wants... All in a day's work... Raven.. arriving soon on HBW  
  6. HBW '19 | Online

    K I M O R A
  7. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    E @Kikiignore my hoh nom's was unaware of my replacement! Sorry for the misunderstanding y'all 
  8. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    @Ursula @JakeIGNORE THIS
  9. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    Me being replaced whilst catching 5 hours of sleep fmfm
  10. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    thank y'all!