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    2. totalheel


      shut the fuck up, i dont wanna fantasize about wrestlers cocks and stan stupid ditzy blonde bitches like you do all the got damn time on the forum, and if i call it boring you wont do SHIT about it. so you might as well sit over and stay pressed. dont come for me again miss/mister. miss me with the bullshit i aint the one

    3. Joseph


      thanks boo!

    4. Curvaceous



  2. #UnbanJosephOnHB

  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    sweetie i liked this but then i saw your post about sasha... do we have beef?
  4. I'M BACK.... BITCH!

    i'm being jumped by @StephenFoxMonster and an overweight tranny in my status updates jump in sis!
  5. Is Nia Jax a lesbo?

    I did a search on her and she's never had a boyfriend before like ever.  I think she likes vagina + she kind of looks like a dyke IDK... What do you guys think? Also I can't help but notice her point nipples while she wrestles other girls which means she's aroused. Exhibit A: Opinions?  
  6. I'M BACK.... BITCH!

    where was my @ sweetie. i'm the only important bytch on hb
  7. Eden Stiles

  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    who are the last 4 girls in your sig? just wondering, not to be shady.
  9. Eden Stiles

  10. Eden Stiles

    Love is bigger than stanning.
  11. Eden Stiles

    All of your threads require effort, I'd never. Signature area or not I have love for all pretty blaque divas.
  12. Eden Stiles

    i made the topic because no one else was going to do it. where were you? i don't type in ER i have class.  
  13. Eden Stiles

    you stan 20+ and she's at the bottom of your list therefore you're not needed for the garden of eden!
  14. Eden Stiles

    sweetie there wasn't enough room but eden's always my 3rd priority.
  15. Eden Stiles

    sorry f**, taken!   you can be secretary theaux <3