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    MARIAH. 12th PLACE The crowd goes WILD for Juleo Chen. Her hair is donned in a Kim Kardashian-wet hair moment and the red dress is high fashion enough to make you forget that this bitch is a CROOK. Her career is ending- and Janet Jackson is somewhere, softly cooing to herself ''karma is a bitch''. Her CBS contract isn't up though, so they still have her host the show. What transpired in the Heartbreakers Big Brother house REVOLTED viewers, and many are dubbing it as ''the worst premiere EVER!''. Heartbreakers @Mariah. legend not only found herself on the chopping block, but as the first person to be evicted on a vote of 5-3. Online conspiracy theorists believe that Kiki Grodner kept @Ursula locked in the storage room so she could not cast her vote--ruining the integrity of the game--even though there was no saving Mariah. She had been BETRAYED by the LGBT community amidst accusations of her herself being a homophobe. Shortly after the arrival of a morally bankrupt host, @Mariah. emerges through the double doors. The crowd wastes no time on expressing their blind adoration towards the first boot. The brunette beauty is smiling devilishly and muttering to herself. Something about her demeanor lets you know that this bitch has HAD it and she's ready to blow the lid on all the underhanded politics that served towards the purpose of having her eliminated. Mariah assumes her position on a seat next to the pimpette posing as a television host, ready to kick the interview off. Juleo Chen: Mariah, you were just eliminated on a vote of 5-3. As the founder and lifeblood of this forum, I would have expected more people to try and keep you. WHAT happened? Mariah opens her mouth and you can tell she's about to come UNGLUED, but she hesitates. Mariah: Well what had happened was I realized how easy this game would be made for me due to my pull the moment Mandy Rose RAN to my PMs asking for an alliance, but the problem was my heart wasn't entirely in it. So following mine and Mandy Rose's plan to help each other win the HoH competition, I requested he put me up immediately, aware of the risk of my elimination because I figured the game could use some controversy straight out the gate and in the event the other roaches didn't evict me, I could spin this into a big arc and serve RATINGS as promised. Either I read the others right and they played into my self-eviction, with Mandy proving to be a loyal ally, or what happened is Mandy Rose is a fucking GENIUS and didn't put me on the block right away as I requested because he wanted to backdoor me and ensure he gets rid of me as the biggest threat. Guess his intent is for y'all to find out! Either way, I'm sad I didn't get to deliver more moments as I was easily the highlight of the thread so far, but I have so many things to focus my energy on that it is what it is! Don't drag me for not giving you the vicious Mariah that the fans expected me to deliver! The crowd CHEERS and showers Mariah with gratitude. Her one-day stint had graced the Big Brother house in ways unimaginable. Juleo Chen: What is next for you? Mariah: I hope now with me out the way, bitches step up and watch their backs. May the best roach win. With that said, Full Sail is back full time for the Halloween season with a twist I'll elaborate on with the interested parties soon. Besos! 💋 Fans of the show got many hashtags trending on Twitter, like: #SaveMariah, #WhereIsUrsula, and #FuckMandyRose. BIG BROTHER CONTINUES TUESDAY the 25th at 6 PM EST! Be there for another full cycle! @Samier. @Mariah. @Wiccan Venus @Dante. @Ursula @Tyler @Jake @Twisted Bliss @Seductress @JJ. @Gavin @Mandy Rose  BROUGHT TO YOU by KMF QUEENS ©  

    I'M IN TEARS!!!!!!!!

    Reminder: A full cycle happens TONIGHT at 6 PM EST! Be there for the first HoH and POV competition and the first ELIMINATION!

    @Twisted Bliss I changed your faceclaim to Alexa because I couldn't find a cute one of Rachel. I hope this is ok if not, I'll... try to make it happen
  5. Welcome to Big Brother, contestants! Use this thread for general discussion of the Big Brother game! We are going to have separate threads for competitions. Let's have fun- and expect the unexpected! memory wall, @Samier. @Mariah. @Wiccan Venus @Dante. @Ursula @Tyler @Jake @Twisted Bliss @Seductress @JJ. @Gavin @Mandy Rose BROUGHT TO YOU by KMF QUEENS ©  

    BIG BROTHER WILL BEGIN TUESDAY 18th AT 6 PM EST! THE FIRST FOUR OUT OF A 12 PERSON CAST HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED! DANTE @Dante. Hey! It's Dante, future winner of HB's Big Brother, and current moderator on the heartbreakers forum. What I look to accomplish from the game is of course winning, but also have fun and win competitions! MARIAH @Mariah. Hay, I'm Mariah, but you already know that. I'm that bitch, but you already know that. I'm here to have some fun. x SAMIER @Samier. I'm Samier, i'm a bad bitch. I'm most known for making gifs, being messy, and shannade'ing my way to my mod spot. Cross me and I'll do it to you, and I won't get indicted. AL @Wiccan Venus I am the sweetest bitch you will ever meet. I'm a lot more approachable now that I am under the influence of other things...but I won't let this affect me in the game. If anything it has made me a more self-aware and persistent bitch!  
  7. Some of y'all are taking your sweet time applying for my BB. What's up with that?


    I want to expedite the start of this shit, so HURRY THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Leo


      the twist of this season must be that the game never begins


    3. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      How many people have you gotten so far?

    4. Christon


      Have you advertised in Discord? I know most of them played when it was under different rule.

      I, however, haven’t been a fan of this concept for years but I wish your spin-off well.


  8. YOU! Have you been yearning for a longterm on Heartbreakers? Well, now's your chance to participate in one hosted by one of the most acclaimed longterm hosts EVER! The name of the game is BIG BROTHER, and it will be hosted under the U.S. version rules. There will be a HUGE twist, so expect the unexpected should you get chosen to play! You will have to make a difficult decision between what matters more: your online friendships or eternal bragging rights of winning this once in a lifetime event! Which will it be? WELCOME TO BIG BROTHER! But first, before you apply... here are the requirements! You HAVE to be efficient in using an image editing software (Paint, Gimp, Photoshop) This simply means having the ability to draw on top of/add text to an image, save the edited image and sending it back to me. You HAVE to be active on Heartbreakers You HAVE to know the rules of Big Brother. You HAVE to be respectful to the host. I'm not going to tolerate hissy fits. Understood? WONDERFUL! Apply here! BROUGHT TO YOU by KMF QUEENS ©
  9. SummerSlam 2018: Live Chat

    i'm SICK I hope they don't let ronda go out there with this fucking eye look.
  10. this isnt the summerslam chat please delete !