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  1. Dead or Alive

    Just watched the entire DOA6 story and... a fucking mess!!!!!!! First, the pros: they're finally doing RIGHT by miss Lisa Hamilton. From her character model being the BEST in the game to her being an independent bad bitch in the story (gfdh; I have nightmares about how they did her in DOA5). She TOLD Hellena off and actually had chapters while getting to whoop ASS!!! I was worried she would have been dead, but luckily she "stole all of DOATEC data at the risk of her life". Queen stays fucking up Victor Donovan's bag The story was a huge improvement from DOA5, even though the DOA6 story suffers from being rushed and... ending on a cliffhanger. Like fuck off, that's literally a tell-tale sign that they're going to be releasing 3 versions of the same game again. Scam queens. Now the cons... the story focused way too much on Honoka and Marie Rose, not that they were doing anything but being given Hitomi's and Leifang's story from last year. Also, A lot of really ugly fanservice too, like Hitomi and Leifang being attacked by a tentacle. Jesus, fix it. The new character NiCO never really got developed, she was just... evil for no reason and Christie was super lapdoggy which was just ugly. If you're bored, give it a watch.
  2. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    JURY VOTES! @Twisted Bliss and @Seductress have both made their cases for why they should win. It is now time to read out the Jury Votes! [ Jake is seen walking to the Jury podium with a key in his hand. He is wearing a #Justice4Kelly shirt. ] Jake › "Big Brother is about more than just winning competitions, you need a strong social game. Twisted Bliss is the only one out of the Finalists that wasn't agg." [ Al is seen walking to the Jury podium with a key in his hand. He's fidgety and has white residue around his nostrils. ] Al › "I'm voting for Twisted Bliss to win." [ Gavin is seen walking to the Jury podium with a key in his hand. He's dressed in his fursona. ] Gavin › "I vote for Seductress to win. He has played the game very smart and he has won a good amount of competitions, so he deserves it! TB can choke for eliminating me." [ CJ is seen walking to the Jury podium with a key in his hand while stuffing a donut in his gaping maw. ] CJ › "Seductress. To be honest, I'm pretty sure my vote wont count because there will be a jury voting block, but I want my vote to at least acknowledge how well you played this game. While some may think you were my bitch throughout this game, you held it on your own when it came to competitions and I believe you were more level-headed then I ever was in this game. I do hope, if you make it to the final 2, that you do get enough votes to pull out the victory because you really deserve the win. I'm praying that some of the Jury aren't bitter because if anything, they should be bitter at me, not at you. I hope my aggressive gameplay did not have a negative affect on you potentially winning this game." The Jury Votes are now tied at 2-2, let's see how the other votes fall! [ Dante is seen walking to the Jury podium with a key in his hand. He stops and performs Sasha Banks' theatrics. ] Dante › "Twisted Bliss. I wasn't going to vote for you to win, because I remembered you saying “It’s his time to go”, but Dani's reasoning for putting me up for elimination was bullshit and not factual. He pulled it straight from his ass, and I would have respected a real answer! Plus, he was the closest to CJ in their alliance, and it is still #FuckMandyRose." [ Mariah graces the stage last. She's wearing a "FULL SAIL: NEW SEASON PREMIERES THIS SPRING!" dress. ] Mariah › "To be completely honest, this is a disappointing final three. I feel like everyone here predominantly played Mandy Rose's nut ass game and once he was gone, it became a matter of saving your own ass. This much is made evident in the fact that both Gavin and yourself, Twisted Bliss, went rogue and became my individual allies when all mine got the chop. But I'm still voting for you, Twisted Bliss, over Dani because at least you're sticking to your guns and that shows balls. Plus, from what you've expressed to me, it seems like you were actually trying to make moves that benefit your own game, and that you valued the game's integrity by wanting floaters gone. You just were barely in a position of power to act on your motive, so you come out looking like a floater yourself. I don't think you are one though and like I said, you're taking the heat for siding with me like a champ, which I respect." Which means, with a vote of 4-2... Congratulations, @Twisted Bliss!! You have WON Big Brother!!!!!!!! CHART COURTESY OF MY FABULOUS CO-HOST @Kiki I can't believe this game is over. First going into the hosting, I was scared that you guys were going to play predictable, BOY was I wrong! This has been a whole rollercoaster ride and every HouseGuest truly pushed themselves to the fullest extent of their respective gameplay. Even in the beginning when I thought things would move at a slow pace because it was hunting season for the inactive players, it never got boring for me, and I could not be more happy with the cast I chose. The rivalries, the schemes, and the interaction with the viewers honestly made this experience come alive in a way. I'm very satisfied with how this game closed out, and I'm looking forward to hosting more games for you guys. I wanna give a big thank you to @Gavin and @Wiccan Venus for always being hilarious and keeping me laughing through the stressful situations I often found myself in as a host. @Jake and @Dante., you guys PLAYED the damn game! It's always great as a host to see players respect the game, so thank you for that! @Mariah. and @Mandy Rose - you guys had such an exciting RIVALRY. It brought a new, fresh element to this game, and seeing how the game began revolving around the power moves that you two were making made me root for both of you. @Seductress, you truly are always the bridesmaid and never the bride. First third place and now second you played an amazing game though and never faltered from your agenda. Clearly that works for you, because it got you in the finals again! @Twisted Bliss your social game was impeccable! I really loved you as a player because you never missed an episode or moaned over a competition. Congratulations on the well-earned win and your 100 likes! I would also like to thank @Kiki for providing me with his co-hosting services! This game wouldn't have started off so strong without you. Also, your drawings in the guess the drawing competition were LEGENDARY. Lastly, I'd like to thank the viewers! Some names that come to the top of my head right now are @Jeigz, @Michael Psyches, @Puggle, @WWFoverWWE (the Ursula stan) and @Travis Roucka - thank you for providing commentary filtered through a non-players perspective, and just overall supporting the thread. See you guys for SURVIVOR!
  3. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    it's true that the BB lot is being demolished to extend Full Sail's set, but that's because we're going to the jungle for Survivor
  4. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    yet you were posted up in this thread weekly to get easy likes #nofrauds plus there were embarrassing photos of mandy too!
  5. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    Alright, Finalists! We're going to sit on these for a while and let the Jury read through your Final Statements to see if they wish to change their vote! Please contact me in private and let me know if you want your vote to stay the same or if you wish to switch! @Jake @Dante. @Wiccan Venus @Mariah. @Samier. @Mandy Rose
  6. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    Alright, our Jury and the Feedsters - @Seductress and @Twisted Bliss will now plead their case as to why they should win Big Brother! Finalists, your plea (ex: summary of your gameplay, why you made certain moves, you may address Jurors individually and explain your point of view to them one last time, etc) may be as long as you like it to be. Please begin writing it up now and post it here ASAP for our Jury to read! @Jake @Samier. @Mariah. @Dante. @Wiccan Venus @Mandy Rose @Gavin
  7. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    @Gavin, you are the Final person to be eliminated from Big Brother! Please PM me your Jury Vote between @Seductress and @Twisted Bliss. You may include a paragraph about why you're voting for your pick to win instead of the other.
  8. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    Finale Night! @Gavin, @Seductress, and @Twisted Bliss have just finished competing in the Three Part Head of Household competition! Here's what went down: Part 1 Rules: Within a few moments, @Twisted Bliss submitted the correct order of eliminations, leaving @Gavin and @Seductress to battle it out in Part Two! Part 2 Rules: The two were clearly frustrated and could not produce the correct order, so both of their submitted lists were matched to the actual order, and the more accurate list won. @Seductress had the more accurate list, so he got to advance to Part Three! In Part Three, the Finalists had to name the order of the Power of Veto winners! However, neither submitted a 100% correct list, so we matched it to the actual order again. @Seductress scored 3 points out of 9, and @Twisted Bliss scored 4 points out of 9, making him our Final Head of Household!!! Now @Twisted Bliss will pick who he brings to the Final Two with him, and after that, we are going to read out the Jury Votes! @Dante. @Samier. @Mariah. @Wiccan Venus @Mandy Rose @Jake
  9. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    bitch you don't watch the super bowl
  10. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    Don't bring your Full Sail angles that didn't make the cut here
  11. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    Are you all available today? @Gavin @Seductress @Twisted Bliss
  12. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    FINALE TIME! @Gavin, @Seductress, and @Twisted Bliss battle for victory! Our Jury looks on, eager to vote for the rightful winner out of the three! @Jake @Samier. @Mandy Rose @Dante. @Mariah. @Wiccan Venus
  13. Royal Rumble 2019: Live Chat

    Very curious how comedy is all of a sudden unwelcome in women's wrestling, but hey.