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  1. Post Your Pictures

    The face behind some of HB's most controversial posts! (i'm getting a haircut on tuesday so don't drag me )
  2. Sadly, I think the most that will come out of this is a spot between the two at the Rumble. They deserve a match! You WANT the McCool cheat code...you gotta BEAT the McCool!
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    ma’am it is a joke...a funny...a gag
  4. Our very own @Katy is giving Trump-voter Michelle McCool ideas. Despite her legacy being erased (commentary will not give credit to McCool for inventing fellow Trump-voter AJ Styles' signature maneuver) and most of the WWE GP knowing her as nothing more than The Undertaker's wife who joined the Women's Royal Rumble with a bleached blonde mullet, Mrs. Calaway WANTS that match against Charlotte. And it seems like the former RAW and SmackDown! Women's Champion, Charlotte--who was arrested in September of 2008 for assaulting law enforcement officers--is game and has been game to face her muse. Would you be here for a big bout between the big-footed blonde women, and who do you think would come out on top? Do you think the one-time winner of SmackDown!'s 2008 Diva Competition, Michelle McCool would come out on top? Or do you think the boob-injured former arrestee Charlotte Flair would win? Sound off in the comments below & vote in the poll!
  5. Dana Brooke Makeup Line Coming Soon

    Her hustle, her mind, her VISION
  6. Happy Birthday, Mariah!

    Mariah, I can't imagine the excitement you must be feeling upon entering your forties. This is such a huge accomplishment for you! The irony of you being born on 6/9 is not lost on anyone, but hey. Happy birthday!
  7. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Lunch deciding to have her glo-up when Charlotte loses her teeth and breaks her titty, WOOH, I see you! Get that push!
  8. Nikki returns to the Bella Twins channel

    OMGGG, her break-up glow. She looks so good
  9. Why are WWE ashamed of the Divas title era?

    a WWE Diva was SMART, SEXY, AND POWERFUL until people like Sasha Banks decided to warp the connotation of ''WWE Diva'' into a negative one
  10. Why are WWE ashamed of the Divas title era?

    because there's people like sasha banks who perpetuate the demonizing of the divas division by saying ''we're not divas we're women's wrestlers''
  11. Full Sail | Premise and Casting

    billie kay FULL NAME: Billie Kay AGE: 28 INCOME: Upper Echelon SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight OCCUPATION: Photographer NICKNAMES/ALIASES: Willow McKay MARITAL STATUS: Committed HOBBIES: Painting, vintage music FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS: Peyton Royce (best friend), Corey Graves (friend/confidante) CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: Shrouded in mystery BACKSTORY/FLASHBACK: Billie was inconsolable at the sight of her once brawny beau, Buddy Murphy, being nothing but skin and bones, lying on his deathbed. The bubonic plague had bedeviled him for days, siphoning life from him at a rapid pace. Billie couldn't bear to see the sight of the tumors using his body as a breeding ground. The last thing on him disguising the symptoms of the fatal plague was his visage. His gorgeous face seemed to be immune to the toxicities that infested his body, the beauty in his physiognomy still prevalent, even in his detrimental state. Billie lamented the fate her lover had been subjected to– if only there was something she could do to remedy this in its entirety... Like wishing upon a star, her despair called upon the darkest of spirits in her moment of complete desperation, invoking the host of darkness himself: Satan. By capitalizing on Billie's anguish, he managed to cajole Billie into selling her soul in exchange to keep Buddy alive. However, Satan double-crossed her, and Billie ended up soured by the outcome of the exchange... Today, Billie ambulates around town looking exactly the same she did a hundred years ago. Some days she wishes she'd have aged, and that her aging had culminated into a cathartic passing on to the afterlife. Other days, she's using her spellbinding beauty to beguile men for her own gain. Her need to sate her yearning for love has prompted her to concoct a plan to bring Buddy back, but in order for it to be executed to perfection, she's going to have to use more than her immortal beauty. Everything Billie does is somehow intertwined into the web she's weaving to achieve her endgame. APPEARANCE: A walking mannequin; tall with mile long legs; bone straight, jet black hair and thick brows; cat-like hazel eyes; ample bosom; provocative and edgy, but minimalistic fashion style
  12. She really wants them kids, huh?
  13. Naomi Responds to Racism

    Good for her