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  1. Aliyah's future in WWE

    she's a racist so I hope she doesn't prosper 
  2. New girl

  3. Elias is top 10 for sure, without a doubt
  4. I hope he's okay. I heard he had a seizure. 
  5. Smackdown Not Playing With Necki?

    wrong Necki I was thinking about  but yeah it makes no sense for her to debut now. What a waste..
  6. evolution sales doing that bad huh
  7. Eva Marie is ready to return to WWE

    I second this gif 
  8. WWE Wants the True Diva Back

    I'd give my first born for this omg. 
  9. Shelly Martinez Claims Umaga Sexually Assaulted Her

    Jesus...... I hope she's okay and has handled it in a professional and productive way. Men are so nasty, trying to see who can get with her first. There's no hope for men.
  10. didn't Austin use to beat Zelina?? Or was that just a rumor? Either way he's utter trash. Austin's got short man syndrome and he can't reach top shelves. Tragic.....
  11. short shaming?give it up deelishis 
  12. Fabulous Truth outsold 
  13. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

     oooo where?
  14. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    where's this interesting Tumblr?