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  1. Crazy Vince McMahon Stories

    maybe he has some kind of mental disorder. No normal sane human being would behave like him wtf. 
  2. Rhea Ripley Says Homophobic Slur in 2019

    and the fact that allegedly she was paid (by paid I mean she or whoever running the livestream was given money) to insult people and that's the insult she came up with? Tragic.
  3. IMPORTANT: Staff Shake-Up

    congrats to the new staff! 
  4. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    poor Asuka nnnnnnnnn 
  5. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    so it's true that the SDLive ladies have been cuT?
  6. Sonny Kiss signs to AEW!

    Congrats! Ugh, I'm so happy, I was hoping he'd give AEW the time of day. 
  7. Aliyah's future in WWE

    she's a racist so I hope she doesn't prosper 
  8. New girl

  9. Elias is top 10 for sure, without a doubt
  10. I hope he's okay. I heard he had a seizure. 
  11. Smackdown Not Playing With Necki?

    wrong Necki I was thinking about  but yeah it makes no sense for her to debut now. What a waste..
  12. evolution sales doing that bad huh