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  1. Snatch that title shot, Charlotte. 
  2. How did you become a wrestling fan?

    I don't think anyone got me started watching wrestling, it was me on my own who found out about wrestling. I remember being reaaallly young maybe like 5 or 7 watching one of Stone Cold promos talking about him being an alcoholic and I cried nnnnnnnnnn, not knowing it was obviously scripted.  Being a girl, it was so odd watching wrestling because no one else in my family did and well when I started watching I got other people into it (mom, dad, cousins). I've been to about 4-5 wrestling shows...still have one of my tickets stapled on my wall from like 7 years ago sjdfkds. But I remember a lot; the debut of Mordecai, Molly getting her head shaved, Kurt getting his head shaved, Chris/Eddie's death (rip), Cena getting kayfabe stabbed, Cena's album which is a fucking banger....also remember Jackie winning the CW title from Chavo, Torrie/Al Wilson/Dawn Marie/Sable storyline...shit so many GOOD storylines back in the day.  I had a good childhood, lool.
  3. RuPaul's Drag Race

    VALENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the HELL!  I'm still waiting for my gyal Nina to serve what she usually serves in her youtube tutorials. I know she can bring more. Her face, sick. Her body, eh. Valentina fans have no one to be mad at but their fave. I feel she thought she was untouchable and was over confident that she had it in the bag (AND SHE DID) But she didn't know the word to the lip sync....LIKE HOWWWWWWW. And she did serve more matador/editorial on the runway than club kid. 
  4. 1. Cooksie 2. Foxy 3. Rita
  5. I'm surprised they still let Big E do the B2B lmao. 
  6. She shouldn't have to change it. She does it 100x better than Bayley. Better than anyone I've seen do it but hey. 
  7. #BL2017 - Block Lana?

    Sasha, Summer, and Stella are so annoying. I can only imagine that locker room being like high school all over again with Sasha/Summer. I don't go up for Lana but like are you seriously that childish and immature (if they were actually tweeting about Lana)....and Stella who in the hell are you? Someone help the good sis Sasha and teach her the differences between too, to, and two. We know grammar isn't her forte. Girl, there's a lot I could say about those two gals but   
  8. I love Summer but I feel wherever they put her, she'll be underused idk why I see it. The only thing I see would be another Lana/Summer feud but just those two....idk.
  9. I feel like her in ring work could be SOOOOOOOOOO much better but it'd be interesting to see her as champ.
  10. Sexy Star

    I am interested. 
  11. and eye can't wait. Jonathan the messy Kween.
  12. I mean I'd take Emma/Summer/Alicia because they honestly don't have shit to do  Sasha thinks her husband is ugly so that's a no dskfjljflskd. but the only one I could see is Carmella but I mean she seems very blah, her and Cass. But they can make her up a storyline so we'll see. Bye Eva.  they're casting Charlotte and eye can't wait.
  13. Aw I always loved her especially in TNA with LAX.....but I didn't even know she still wrestled. 
  14. Io Shirai signs with WWE

    so happy we're getting some more Asian representation....woo hoo.