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  1. Rhea Ripley Says Homophobic Slur in 2019

    and the fact that allegedly she was paid (by paid I mean she or whoever running the livestream was given money) to insult people and that's the insult she came up with? Tragic.
  2. IMPORTANT: Staff Shake-Up

    congrats to the new staff! 
  3. Smackdown March 26, 2019: Live Chat

    poor Asuka nnnnnnnnn 
  4. Smackdown March 26, 2019: Live Chat

    so it's true that the SDLive ladies have been cuT?
  5. Sonny Kiss signs to AEW!

    Congrats! Ugh, I'm so happy, I was hoping he'd give AEW the time of day. 
  6. Aliyah's future in WWE

    she's a racist so I hope she doesn't prosper 
  7. New girl

  8. Elias is top 10 for sure, without a doubt
  9. I hope he's okay. I heard he had a seizure. 
  10. Smackdown Not Playing With Necki?

    wrong Necki I was thinking about  but yeah it makes no sense for her to debut now. What a waste..
  11. evolution sales doing that bad huh
  12. Eva Marie is ready to return to WWE

    I second this gif 
  13. WWE Wants the True Diva Back

    I'd give my first born for this omg.